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Posted by: Sergio
« on: October 26, 2012, 05:49:57 PM »

One can imagine the vast amount of dates and lifes, of coustoms and ways of living the game  from the end of the XIX century till today?  Get over the saddest thing that is for this an other sports the use anabolic steroids and grow hormone we can see a true and consistent way of living, showing that time consumed in weight training is, when done seriously, a genesis of new energies and happiness, for us, for the family and for the rest of the society.
Posted by: Sergio
« on: October 26, 2012, 05:43:40 PM »

Here you can visit the link of the Iron Game history numbers, a magazine about the history of the golden ages of the weight lifting and bodybulding.  The number IGH 0504 is dedicated to the memory of JC Grimek, after his pass away in 1998.    A Statement of Purpose Terry and Jan Todd pg.37258    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    Profile: John Y. Smith Tom Ryan pg.3    The Iron Grapevine pg.37351    The European Corner Dave Webster pg.37414    Where Are They Now: John Curd Edmonds: Master of the Pull-up Al Thomas pg.37446    Books and Magazines Terry Todd pg.9    The Todd-McLean Collection pg.10    The Roark Report -The Value of Accuracy Joe Roark pg.11    The President's Message Vic Boff pg.37603    Steroids and Monkey Glands John Hoberman pg.14    Reader Survey pg.16    Steroids: An Historical Perspective Terry Todd pg.37259    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    A Message From the President Vic Boff pg.3    The Legend of Louis Cyr David Norwood pg.37351    The Iron Grapevine pg.37416    European Corner: Giovanni Belzoni: Strongman Archaeologist Dave Webster pg.37540    Books and Magazines Terry Todd pg.11    Where Are They Now: Gene Jantzen Al Thomas pg.37603    The Mystery of Minerva Jan Todd pg.14-17    The Roark Report: The Iron Man Hand Grippers Joe Roark pg.18-19    Looking Back and Moving Forward Terry Todd pg.1    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    Where Are They Now? John Grimek Terry Todd pg.37290    The President's Report: Growing Old Strong Al Thomas pg.37351    Books and Magazines Terry Todd pg.5    The Iron Grapevine pg.37417    Notices pg.37540    European Corner: How I Met Dr. Krajewsky George Hackenschmidt pg.37603    The Roark Report: The Need for References Joe Roark pg.14-15    Love to the Outermost Farthing Al Leroux Terry and Jan Todd pg.37258    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    Bernarr MacFadden: Reformer of Feminine Form Jan Todd pg.37323    Where Are They Now? Jack Long: Physical Culturist - Physician Al Thomas pg.37510    Charles A. Smith Terry Todd pg.37603    Tribute to a Strength Athlete - Bert Assirati Charles A. Smith pg.14    Remembered Pleasures Of Another World And Time: The Great Strength & Health Picnics Al Thomas pg.15-17    The Iron Grapevine pg.18-20    Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle and the "Iron Pills" Harold Weiss pg.21    European Corner: Captain Barclay Extraordinary Exerciser of the Nineteenth Century Scott A.G.M. Crawford pg.22-24    Bibliography Jan Todd, Joe Roark and Terry Todd pg.25-40    The Roark Report Joe Roark pg.41-43    A Pioneer of Physical Training: C. H. McCloy Terry Todd pg.37258    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    Notices pg.18-19    Talking With The: World's Strongest Woman pg.3    George Hackenschmidt on George Lurich George Hackenschmidt pg.37353    Where Are They Now? Sam Loprinzi Al Thomas pg.37478    The President's Report: The Golden Grimeks Vic Boff pg.11    The Roark Report: The Rolandow Dumbell Joe Roark pg.37603    European Corner: Oscar Heidenstam Dave Webster pg.14-15    The Iron Grapevine pg.16-18    Peary Rader (1909-1991) Our Best Man Gone Terry Todd pg.37260    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    The Legacy of Pudgy Stockton Jan Todd pg.37383    The Roark Report: Backlifting Joe Roark pg.37477    Where Are They Now? Mike Mungioli Al Thomas pg.37540    Al Roy: Mythbreaker Terry Todd pg.37606    The European Corner: Monte Saldo David P. Webster pg.17-19    The Iron Grapevine pg.20-23    Reflections on Musclebinding Al Thomas pg.37259    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    The Origins of Weight Training for Female Athletes in North America Jan Todd pg.37360    The Roark Report: Requiescat in Pace - Alyce Yarick, Bert Goodrich and Bill Joe Roark pg.15-17    Where Are They Now? Police Chief Joe Peters: Lawman as Strongman Al Thomas pg.18-19    European Corner: Grigori Novak David Webster pg.20-21    The Iron Grapevine pg.22-23    Passings Terry Todd pg.37258    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    William Blaikie and Physical Fitness in Late Nineteenth Century America Doug Bryant pg.37321    Where Are They Now? Terry Robinson - The Legend Behind The Man Behind The Legend Al Thomas pg.37446    Muscles, Memory: and George Hackenschmidt Terry Todd and Spencer Maxcy pg.37543    The Roark Report: Gyms of the Past Joe Roark pg.16-18    The Iron Grapevine pg.19    The Need For A Hall Of Fame Terry and Jan Todd pg.37258    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    Bob Peoples: Deadlift Champion, Strength Theorist, Civic Leader Al Thomas pg.37320    The Classical Ideal and Its Impact on The Search for Suitable Exercise: 1774-1830 Jan Todd pg.37423    John Terpak's 80th Birthday: A York Reunion John Fair pg.16    The European Corner: A Chronology of Significant Events in the Life of Eugen Sandow David Webster pg.17-18    The Roark Report: The Mr. America Contest: A Brief History Joe Roark pg.19-20    The Iron Grapevine pg.21-23    Some Thoughts on the Body: "How it Means" and What it Means Al Thomas pg.37261    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    Notices pg.21    The History of Strength Training for Athletes at the University of Texas Terry Todd pg.37420    The European Corner: Launceston Elliot Dave Webster pg.14-15    Where Are They Now? Joe Assirati: Reminiscences of Britain's Renaissance of Strength Al Thomas pg.16-19    The Iron Grapevine pg.20-21    The Roark Report: Some Memorable Iron Game Events in Chronological Order Joe Roark pg.22-23    Jim Witt: A Life With Two Loves Terry Todd pg.37258    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    George Jowett, Ottley Coulter, David Willoughby and the Organization of American Weightlifting, 1911-1924 John D. Fair pg.37330    Where Are They Now? Bill Curry and the Gospel of Physical Fitness Al Thomas pg.16-19    The Roark Report: Chuck Sipes Joe Roark pg.20-21    The Iron Grapevine pg.22-23    Gregg Ernst: Bringing Back the Backlift Terry Todd pg.37258    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    "Strength is Health": George Barker Windship and the First American Weight Training Boom Jan Todd pg.37329    Where Are They Now? George Redpath: A Life in the Balance Al Thomas pg.15-17    Remembering Bob Hoffman Terry Todd pg.18-23    The Roark Report - John Terpak: 1912-1993 Joe Roark pg.24-25    The Iron Grapevine pg.26-27    Ed Jubinville - A Memorial Joe Roark pg.37260    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    Notices pg.23    More Memories of Bob Hoffman Jim Murray pg.37383    Thomas Jefferson "Stout" Jackson: Texas Strongman Kimberly Ayn Beckwith pg.37483    Where Are They Now? Bob Samuels Allen Smith pg.16-18    The Iron Grapevine pg.19-23    Another Big Man Gone Terry Todd pg.37258    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    Sandow's First Triumph David Chapman pg.37324    John Carrol Grimek: The Nonpareil Jim Murray pg.37542    The PGA Tour's Traveling Gym - How It Began Terry Todd pg.14-19    The Iron Grapevine pg.20-23    Paul Anderson 1932-1994 Terry Todd pg.37259    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    Bodybuilding in Germany in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries Bernd Wedemeyer pg.37353    Roy Hilligenn - the Smiling Superman Jim Murray pg.37478    The Expansion of Resistance Training in U.S. Higher Education Through the Mid-1960's Terry Todd pg.37576    The Iron Grapevine pg.17-19    The Roark Report - A History of the Mr. Universe and Mr. World Competitions Before 1950 - Part One: Mr. Universe 1947 Joe Roark pg.20-21    An Evening to Remember: The 1994 Heidenstam Memorial Trust and Hall of Fame Awards Ken "Leo" Rosa pg.22-23    Some Observations on Iron Game History as Revolutionary Manifesto and Evangel Al Thomas pg.37265    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    Paul Anderson: Superman From the South Jim Murray pg.37541    Father-Figure or Phony? George Jowett, the ACWLA and the Milo Barbell Company John D. Fair pg.13-25    The Roark Report - A History of the Mr. Universe Contest, Part Two: 1948-London, England Joe Roark pg.26    Reflections on The Twelfth Annual Oldetime Barbell and Strongmen's Association Reunion Ken "Leo" Rosa pg.27    More On The Nature of Bodybuilding Mike Graham and Al Thomas pg.37259    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    From Milo to Milo: A History of Barbells, Dumbells, and Indian Clubs Jan Todd pg.37362    Mac and Jan Terry Todd pg.17-19    A Tale of Two Trainers - John Fritshe and Sig Klein Jim Murray pg.20-21    The Iron Grapevine pg.22-23    Siegmund Rejoins the Professor Terry Todd pg.37258    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    Hippolyte Triat From: Edmond Desbonnet's Les Rois de la Force Edmond Desbonnet and David Chapman pg.37325    The European Corner William Pagel: Circus Strongman David P. Webster pg.11    Oasis in Manhattan - Excerpts from an Account of the "Golden Years" of Bodybuilding Tom Minichiello pg.37607    The Roark Report - Measuring the Arm of Manfred Hoebert Joe Roark pg.18-20    The Iron Grapevine pg.20-23    Honoring Al Thomas Jan Todd pg.37258    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    GAMA THE WORLD CHAMPION: WRESTLING AND PHYSICAL CULTURE IN COLONIAL INDIA Joseph S. Alter pg.37324    Jack Walsh- World's Strongest Man? Jim Murray pg.37540    Excerpt from: Pour Devenir Fort et le Rester (How to Get Strong and Stay So) Chapter XXVI: "How Triat's Memory was Saved from Oblivion" Edmond Desbonnet and David Chapman pg.37603    Some Thoughts on Spirit: Its Source and "Uses" in the Best of Games Al Thomas pg.14-19    The Iron Grapevine pg.20    Paul Anderson's Moscow Triumph Arkady Vorobyov pg.21    The Heidenstam Dinner Ken Rosa pg.22-23    Relocation Blues Terry Todd pg.37258    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    From Philadelphia to York: George Jowett, Mark Berry, Bob Hoffman, and the Rebirth of American Weightlifting, 1927-1936 pg.37332    The Strange Saga of Galen Gough Greg Travis pg.18-26    The Iron Grapevine pg.27    A Gala Evening: The 1996 Heidenstam Dinner Ken "Leo" Rosa pg.37258    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    The 97-Pound Weakling who became "The World's Most Perfectly Developed Man" Sam Danna pg.37321    Oasis in Manhattan Part Two Excerpts from an Account of the "Golden Years" of Bodybuilding Tom Minichiello pg.37448    The Superior Physique Grover L. Porter pg.37610    The Iron Grapevine pg.21-23    An Explanation Terry Todd pg.37258    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    Weightlifting's Non-Lifting Patron Saint Jim Murray pg.37320    The All-Inclusive Body Excerpted from: Kenneth Dutton's The Perfectible Body: The Western Ideal of Physical Development. Kenneth Dutton pg.37419    Too Many Cookes? David P. Webster pg.13-15    The Iron Grapevine pg.16-19    Apollon From Edmond Desbonnet's Les Rois de la Force (The Kings of Strength) David Chapman pg.20-23    Apollon The Emperor of Athletes Edmond Desbonnet pg.23-47    Harold Weiss - Another Friend Gone Terry Todd pg.37258    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    The Amazing Donald Dinnie: The Nineteenth Century's Greatest Athlete Frank Zarnowski pg.37326    Mark Henry's Dilemma - Reflections on Drugs at the Olympics Terry Todd pg.37605    Some Lesser Known Strongmen of the Fifties and Sixties Steve Neece pg.16-25    The Iron Grapevine pg.26-27    The Indian Club as Folk Art (Book Review) David Chapman pg.28    Sandow: No Folly With Ziegfeld's First Glorification Josh Buck pg.29-33    The Association of Oldetime Barbell and Strongmen 15th Annual Reunion/Dinner Ken "Leo" Rosa pg.34-35    A Progress Report Terry Todd pg.37260    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    The Search for Elmer Bitgood: The Paul Bunyan of New England John D. Fair pg.37393    Reconsidering Donald Dinnie A Response to Frank Zarnowski's "The Amazing Donald Dinnie" published in IGH Vol. 5, No.1 David P. Webster pg.18-21    Ironclad - The Impending Disconnect An Opinion/Prediction Joe Roark pg.22-23    The Iron Grapevine pg.24-27    Excerpts from: Strength Athletics and Swedish Gymnastics (Athl\xe9tisme et Gymnastique Su\xe9doise) Georges Le Roy and David Chapman pg.28-34    Building Bodies by Pamela L. Moore (Book Review) Nicholas Turse pg.34-35    Building The Classic Physique - The Natural Way, by Steve Reeves (Book Review) Grover L. Porter pg.35    John Grimek: 1910-1998 Joe Weider pg.37259    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    Notices pg.35    Jim Lorimer: The Iron Game's Greatest Promoter Jim Murray pg.37353    Physical Fitness Magazine: Why Did it Fail? Andy Kosar and Jan Todd pg.37479    McGwire's Secret John Hoberman pg.37606    Big Santa Terry Todd pg.17    Louis Cyr and Charles Sampson: Archetypes of Vaudevillian Strongmen Josh Buck pg.18-28    Ironclad Joe Roark pg.29-30    The Sculpture Machine (Book Review) David Chapman pg.30-31    The Iron Grapevine pg.32-35    John Grimek\x97The Man Terry Todd pg.1,3-5    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    Immortalizing Grimek David Chapman pg.37416    My Friend: John C. Grimek Vic Boff pg.37540    Our Memories of John Grimek Pudgy and Les Stockton pg.37603    Strongmen I Remember Best\x85I Meet The "Champ" Siegmund Klein pg.14-16    The King is Dead Alton Eliason pg.17-18    Life With John Angla Grimek pg.19-20    Remembering Grimek Clarence Bass pg.21-25    Experiences with John Grimek Jim Schwertley pg.21-25    Another Memory Dan Sawyer pg.25    Ironclad John Grimek's Physique Competitions Joe Roark pg.26-31    I Thought He Was Immortal Jim Murray pg.32    My Thoughts and Reflections on John C. Grimek Ken "Leo" Rosa pg.33-35    "My Visit To Desbonnet" John C. Grimek pg.36-37    "Best of Them All" Terry Robinson pg.38    The First Great Bodybuilder Jim Lorimer pg.39    Muscle Marvel M. Silianoff pg.39    Tribute to a Titan Tom Minichiello pg.40-41    The Iron Grapevine pg.42-47    How Steve Reeves Trained John Grimek pg.48-49    John Grimek Master of the Dance Al Thomas pg.50-63    The Weightlifting Exploits of John C. Grimek John Fair pg.64-71    The Jowett Scholarship A Gift That Keeps on Giving Terry Todd pg.37258    Table of Contents/Masthead pg.2    Notices pg.23    Il Duce and The Father of Physical Culture Charles Kupfer pg.37324    Arthur Dreschler's The Weightlifting Encyclopedia: A Guide to World Class Performance (Book Review) John Fair pg.37541    The Brothers Baillargeon Excerpted from Rejean Levesque and Kathy Paradis's Homage aux c\xe9l\xe8bres fr\xe8res Baillargeon David Chapman pg.13-19    The Iron Grapevine pg.20-25    The Flemish Hercules David P. Webster pg.26-30    Ironclad - Paul Anderson's 1953 Hiplift Joe Roark pg.31-35