Author Topic: Kris Kangas workouts!!  (Read 9244 times)

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Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
« Reply #40 on: April 12, 2018, 09:16:06 AM »

Puker turtle, yup!

Arm day. For grins switched to DB's, good, bad, don't know. 20 sec rests on all exercises.

OH press, non lockout
37x6, 50x 6x6, cut 8 lb total, cut 5 sec.

Lateral raise
37's x 6x6, cut 6 lb total, cut 5 sec.

Lying tri ext. DB's
37x15, 45x 6x6, grunt'n hard, had to press up last 3 reps. cut 10 lbs total, cut 5 sec

Seated tri ext. DB's
35x 6x6, pressed up last 2 reps. Cut 5 sec.

Curls, DB's, seated with backstop, strict
35x6, 40x 6x6, cut 15 lbs total off BB, cut 5 sec. but these are much stricter.

Reverse/hammer curl, DB's
40x 6x6, awesome pump

DB wrist curl, alternate, approx. 20 secs sets.
70x 6x15, lost count did extra set maybe for 7x15. Piece of cake, up weight next workout or cut to 15 sec!

39 min. long I know, but a lot of plate changing, :) Arms pumped


Switched to DB's today, all exercises

DB bench
75x 6x6, 20 sec. rests, cut 5 sec off

55x 6x6, 15 sec! cut 5 lb and cut 5 sec off.

Row, DB's
75x 6x6, 20 sec rests, cut 5 sec off

Pullover, DB
75x 6x6, 20 sec rests, cut 5 sec off

19 min flat. Didn't take hands off bells for bench, flys or pullover, no time to wipe sweat, and was in a pool of water when I finished, happy Cajin? lol.


Arthritis in knees, especialy right knee give'n me fits. Got up early and lower back feels hincky, in other words, fell like crap. Limit to squats today.

175x 6x6, 15 sec rests between sets, (cut 5 sec off) breath'n rather hard I must say!

About 4 min. but who's counting? :)


Shoulders & Arms. May change shoulders to chest back day, arms are enough by themselves.

DB press
37x15, 50x 6x6, 15 sec rests, cut 5 sec, same weight.

Cajin row, DB one arm seated (lat raise bothering me)
50x 6x6, alternate non stop, pumped!!!

Lying tri. press DB's
35x15, 45x 6x6, 15 sec rests, cut 5 sec, same weight. Had to bench press up last couple reps.

Seated DB tri. ext, 2 DB
30x 6x6, 15 sec rests, cut 5 sec and 5 lbs, really pumped here!

Seated DB curls, backstop
35x 6x6, 15 sec rests, cut 5 sec and 5 lbs, about right, last set partials.

Hammer curls
45x 6x6, 15 sec rests, cut 5 sec, same weight, last set partials, very tuff.

Wrist curl, DB's, alternate non stop.
75x15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 10, ran outa juice, up 5 lbs.

38 min. Kinda long, kinda tucker'd, kinda pumped, :)

I just kept cutting time with weight cuts where needed to get the time down. DB's seem a better fit for some of the stuff. I rest the DB's on the legs while waiting for the next set, really no time to take hands of the bars. It's different. A lot of time today was changing the bells. Coulda done a 25 min workout with more bells setup. Vince knew his stuff.


Chest & Back

One arm DB row. (With 2 arms, big plates nailing legs), 12-15 sec rests per arm.
75x 8x6, for last set 30 sec rest.

DB bench
75x 8x6, 15 sec rests, last 2 sets 30 sec rests.

Pullover, DB
75x 8x6, 15 sec rests, last 2 sets, 30 sec. Upper chest as well a lats hurt'n last 2 sets.

Approx 12 min. up 2 sets each exercise. Pant, pant, time for ice tea!


OK, squat day, my favorite.......not. Today George Thorogood, after first set, didn't hear a thing. :)

175x 8x6, first 6 sets 15 sec rests, last 2, 60 sec each. Trying to work my way to 8x8, 15 sec.

5 min. Huffy puffy!


Word up!

Armed and dangerous

Seated DB curls, with backstop
35x 8x6, 15 sec, last 2 sets 30 sec restx.

Seated DB tri. extensios
35x 8x6, 15 sec, last 2 sets 30 sec rests.

Seated hammer wrist curl (DB's held hammer grip, wrist curled up)
35x 8x15, 15 sec rests, last 2 sets really tuff.

DB wrist curl, one arm alternate non-stop
75x 8x15, 15 sec. rests, last 2 sets, 30 sec rests, last set all forced reps, hehe, ouch, best forearm pump all year!

23 min. Ice tea is calling my name!


OK; chest, back, and shoulders

One arm DB row, alternate non-stop,
75x 8x6, straight through

DB bench
75x 8x6, 15 sec rests, last 2 sets, 25 sec rests, cut 5 sec last 2 sets, breath'n so hard chest hurts, :)

Standing flys, or as Al prefers, lateral raises, giddyup!
35x 8x6, 15 sec, straight through, whoa Nelly!

15 min, includes plate changing, 2 min rest between exercises. Gotta rename my log, Sweat'n and hurt'n!


Leg day, hate it. Todays selection, CCR, got through one song, :)

175x 8x6, 15 sec. all sets, rest pause 3-4 breaths last 3 reps of last set. Hurt me, in fact could feel my calves after.

4 min. of unadultrated pain.


OK, arm day
Adding 1 rep to each set, 8x7

Curls, DB's
35x 8x7, 15 sec rests, last set a killer, was curling very slooooowly

Seated tri ext, DB's
35x 8x7, 15 sec rests, pressed up last 4 reps, may go to lying tri ext as this is straining shoulders...wimp

Hammer grip wrist curls
35x 8x15, 15 sec rests, felt a little better this workout

DB wrist curl
75x 8x15, 15 sec rests first 6 sets, then 30 sec rest, then 1 minute before last set, forearms really fatigued today!

24 min.

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Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
« Reply #41 on: April 14, 2018, 10:18:12 PM »

Almost did legs again, forgot to log last leg workout in logbook, whew!

DB rows
75x 8x6, alternate non-stop, 15 sec rests per arm.

DB bench
75x 8x6, 15 sec, all sets this trip.

Standing flys
35x 8x7, 15 sec rests, up one rep per set, shoulders really fried!

15 min.


Leg day. My favorite.

Squats, couple deep breaths, and....
175x 8x6, 15 sec rests all sets, legs really started pumping up at set 6, tired at 7, fried on 8.

About 4 min. :)


Freaking arm day! Except for wrist curls, upping time 5 sec. and upping 1 rep per set to 8x8.

DB curls
35x 8x8, 20 sec. rests, estra 5 sec. really makes a difference!

Lying tri. ext. DB's
35x 8x8, 20 sec rests, helped shoulder lying down.

Hammer wrist curl, DB's
35's x 8x20, 20 sec rests, up 5 reps per set.

DB wrist curl
75x 8x15, alternate non-stop

24 min.


Chest, back, shoulders, going for 8x8 today.

DB Rows, 15 sec rests all sets
75x8,8,8,8,8,8,6,6, up 2 reps first 6 sets, took 3 minute break, feels like wind sprints, and you know hate running!

DB bench
75x8,8,8,8,8,8,6,6, up 2 reps first 6 sets, 2 minute break, breathing so hard started coughing and hacking up lung cheese, :)

Standing flys
35x8x8, up 1 rep all 8 sets, that's it, done, crawling into a chair now.

20 minutes of running in place, fun, fun, fun!


175x8,8,8,8,6,6,6,6, 15 sec rests. Up 2 reps first 4 sets, going for 8x8.

Don't try this on a full meal, unless your barfing for distance.

Around 4 minutes, and that's all I have to say about that


Arm day

DB curl
35x 8x8, 15 sec, last set partials, ouch!

DB lying tri press
35x 8x8, last set very tuff

Reverse DB wrist curl
27x 8x15, 15 sec rests, more pronated grip, less weight, not really feeling the love on these, so adding...

Reverse DB preacher curls
27x 8x8, 15 sec rests,pretty much an ouch! And just to really do in upper arms....

Pulley pushdowns
50x 8x8, 15 sec rests, need to up to 60 lbs.

DB wrist curls
85x 8x15, Up 10 lbs, alternate non-stop, rested 20 sec after set 7, got all reps! Not expecting to.

36 min. A little long, but heck of a pump!!


DB bench
75x8,8,8,8,8,6,6,6, 15 sec rests except last set, 25 sec. Left shoulder wanted to give out on set 5, but I said no,no,no,no...

DB rows
75x8,8,8,8,8,8,6,6, 15 sec rests, except last set, 25 sec. Pulled the bells off a bench today, a lot better than off the floor, great pump, I think I can get it into position better somehow.

Standing flys
35x 8x8, 15 sec rests all sets

can't...rise...arms...must drink..must sit...

20 min


And Happy New Year. :)

Decide to mix it up today on squats.

165x5, 210x5, 255x5, 290x5, 210x10,10

9 min. Still pretty quick for "long" rests.


Arm day.

Lying tri. ext. DB's
40x 8x8, maybe tad lite, 30 sec rests.

65x 8x8, maybe trade for DB seated ext. 30 sec rests. awesome pump.

DB curls
40x 8x8, last set only partials and felt very heavy, 30 sec rests. Pumped..can you hear me?PUMPED I SAID!

Reverse curls, DB's, pronated about 40 degrees
40x 8x8, tad lite, 30 sec rests.

DB wrist curls, alternate, little to no resting.
1x85x15, 5x91x15, 2x80x15, jumped weight up, killer.
Bought some non-slip stair tape and wrapped around DB's, what a difference, grab a bell, and your good to go, like sandpaper, :)

43 min.

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Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
« Reply #42 on: June 10, 2018, 10:37:48 PM »

I think I'm starting to burn out on this routine. HAve been on it 6-7 weeks. Went pretty fast on getting to 15 sec rests I think, and nailed everything but DB bench. Last 2 sets (on bench) starting to bother shoulder. Have seen a nice change in muscles though. Will play around a little, and give myself a little more time on rests between sets. Good stuff Cajin!

DB bench
75x8,8,8,8,8,8,6,6. All with 15 sec rests.
DB rows
75x8x8, all with 15 sec rests.
Standing flys
35x8x8, all 15 sec rests

16 min.

 Can flex the chest now, due probably in part to DB bench as opposed to bar. Shoulders have a little meat on medial deslt. Have added a bit to forearms, 13" unflexed, arm straight,14" flexed. Have gained a 1/2" since last year. Upper arm, 17 inches cold, no gain, (actually larger last year) but look more defined. Chest 49" flexed, seemed to have gained a bit there. Have no idea what these numbers mean, but will see what happens as I change the routine. Will do a bit more warmup pyramiding the weight. That's all I got man, hope it makes sense.


OK, changing up a little

DB press
40x10, 62x8,8,8, felt heavy, not pushing today.

Cajin rows, seated, DB
62x8,8,8,8, felt light, but that's ok.

130x5, 210x5, 252x5,5, arthritis acting up in right knee, and right hip creak'

18 min.


One arm DB row
62x10, 85x10, 102x8, 128x5 (used strap this set) 102x8,8
Curls, DB's

DB bench
62x10, 85x10, 95x7,6,(left shoulder give'n out) 85x10, chest pumped though.
Lying tri. ext. DB's
40x15, (Tri + partial CG bench) 50x8+8, 8+8, 8+8, tris deep fried!

DB reverse/hammer curls
50x10, 55x10,10, 50x10,10,stair step grip tape really helps!
DB wrist curl
78x25, 100x15, 90x15, 78x15, 25, put the hammer down on it last set, was gett'n lazy.

60 min. Arms smoked.


BB press
100x8, 120x8, 135x5, 150x5, 135x8

135x5, 210x5, 245x5,5, One legged lunge(other foot on bench behind)x10, arthritis in right knee kill'n me, right leg wanted to buckle on these.

One arm (DB) Cajin row

30 min. of fun and pain.


Good call. Have a Costco here, will look. Thanks Cajin.

Todays fun and games....

DB rows
62x20, 84x15, 106x6,6, two arm rows, ROM not as good as one arm for me.
BWx10, 8
DB curl
40x10, 8, 8

DB bench
62x20, 84x10, 10, left shoulder protesting, finish with.....
BWx15, 10, 10, full dips, none of that half dip sissy crap, ;)
Lying tri. ext. DB's
40x15, 15, 10, tri's pretty smoked.

Reverse DB curl
40x20, 15, 15, 12
DB wrist curl
90x15, 15, 15, 75x30, no warmup, just got to it.

55 min. Overall good workout


2 too many tequila shots last nite, cats woke me twice, not motivated, and knees hurt, but can still kick my own ass ;)

SL deads
165x5, 210x5, 255x5, 290x5, 310x5

One arm DB rows
65x5, 84x5, 107x5, 128x5, 5

Bench flys
62x 3x15

25 min.


Rolling Stones, for a little voltage to the ticker.

DB press
40x20, 50x15, 62x10, 55x10, may have done a 5th set, but didn't write it down if I did. :)

Hammer curl, one arm alternate
40x20, 50x15, 55x10, 50x15, 15

DB tri. ext. seated
30x35, 40x12,12,12,12, might save 30lb as a final set next time.

DB curl

DB wrist curl
80x40(PR?) 91x25(PR?)15, 80x25

40 min. Awsome pump, but aren't they all? :)


OK, who's work'n out today? Raise your hands...that's what I thought....slackers!

BB rows
135x15, 180x10
DB rows
90x10, 98x10, 108x8,8,8
180x15, 215x15, 250x11
135x15, 180x8,8, shoulder no like, switch to...

30 min. Felt like a real puker, :) now back to Xmas.


Good on you Gary!
Yes Wed. it is Cajin.

Ate some pecan chocolate fudge I made to start this workout off right!

DB press
40x10, 50x10, 62x8, 75x5,5, (push pressed these)
62x8, 50x10

Lying tri. ext. DB's
40x20, 50x10,10, 40x10
Seated one arm ext.
Lying one arm crossovers

DB curls
40x10, 50x8,8, 40x10

Reverse DB curls
50x10, 60x10,10, 55x10, 50x10, 50x10 x-reps

DB wrist curls
84x10, 100x10, 117x6, 123.8 x3, PR! (It was the fudge) 80x40,25,25, didn't get a pump till I hit 80x40.

1 hr.

12-29-07 05:46 PM - Post#389931     

Took yesterday off and then hafta search for the dang log!

135x10, 165x10,10,10, 145x15,15. Shoulder bothers me a bit, go back to DB's, better pump also.

145x15, 165x10,10, 190x10,10, 145x15. Not as good a stretch as with DB's.

SL Deads
145x3, 210x3. 290x3, 325x5. All the iron I could get on the 1" bar.

BB wrist curl, for fun. On special forearm bench, also used as a chopping board, ;)
145x20, 180x15,12, 165x15,12. Haven't done these in months, and shows.
DB wrist curl
80x20. Better pump, and hits flexors more. BB seems more wrist than flexors. Starting to think DB's are my future, doh!

40 min. of fun and games. Going for ice tea, must have drink!
What we've got here is... failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach.


OK. I guess this is the last workout of the year, as I'm taking tomorrow off.
Shoulders and arms fried from yesterday, so light weight blood pumping workout.

DB press
40x40, 30

Lying tri. ext, DB's
40x20, 20, 15, 15, could actually feel cross striations in tri's.

DB curls
40x20, 15, 10, 10, surprised myself on first set.

Reverse/hammer curls, DB's
40x20, 20, 15, 15, that's it, I'm fried.

Will rest flexors today, maybe try for new PR DB wrist curl in Jan. Goal, 125x3-5.

36 min.


Decided to make a wrist curl PR.
85x20, 100x15, 127.6x5! PR! 90x25! Heavy sucker, but exceeded goal of 125. What to do for next year? Hmmm.

10 min.

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Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
« Reply #43 on: June 10, 2018, 10:48:50 PM »

Off and running, pump day!

SL Deads
130x15, 210x15,15

DB bench
62x15, 85x15,15

DB row
85x15, 107x15,15, that's it, cardio done for the day!

19 min.


Thought about shoulder/arm workout, but a kinda cold here. Hit the forearms a little instead, and "save" myself for tomorrow, :)

DB wrist curl
80x50, 100x25,15, 80x25,20. Pumped!

Around 12 min.

01-03-08 06:23 PM - Post#391660     

Armed and dangerous day.

DB press
40x10, 62x5, 70x5,5, 65x5,5, 55x5,5

Lying tri ext. DB's
40x10, 50x8, 55x6, 60x5,5, 50x8, 45x10,10, 40x10

Curls, DB's
40x10, 45x8, 50x6, 55x6,6, 45x8,8

Hammer curls, DB's
50x10, 55x10, 60x8,8, 55x8, 50x10,10,10, 40x25

58 min. Armed and dead.


A little flexor work.

DB wrist curl
90x45, PR this weight on reps
80x50, last ten reps...killer!

Around 6 min.


210x10,10,10,10,10,10, set no.6 made me wish I didn't!

DB bench

DB rows

30 min.

 I've been thinking of doing an experiment with flys for chest development, as my shoulder always bothers me with any kind of weight for presses. Should see some kinda results with a heavier weight, huh? I wanna see a nice split, cleavage, digg, lol.


OK, more usual goings on. a workout.

One arm press
40x10, 50x10,10,10,10,10

One arm curl

One arm tri. ext.
40x15,10,10,10,10, two DB'sx15. What a difference pressing 2 bells at the same time makes.

Reverse DB curls, 2 arms

Wrist curl, DB
91x30, 98x20,20, 80x25

45 min.


Worst head cold I've ever had. Feels like brokken ribs been coughing so hard.

BWx8,8,8, actually didn't think I'd get one rep the way I feel.
DB curls

BWx15,15,15, surprised myself here too.
Tri ext. DB's

Tic tocs

21 min, got to go fall down now, :)

01-16-08 06:45 PM - Post#397356     

Arthritis so-so today, so decided to do a few squats, my legs are shriiiinnnking!

85x5, 130x5, 175x5, 210x5,5, ATG, only hurts at midpoint.

40x40, 35, 30

Cajin Rows, one arm DB seated
65x15,15,15, coughing has made back sore, so opted out of reg rows.

Wrist curls, DB
65x50, 80x30, 98x20, 108x20, surprised myself on last set. Pumped.

43 min. A bit long, still very tired from cold, but a little here, a little there, :)


DB press
40x40, 55x15, 10

DB curl
40x15, 15, 15

Lying DB tri.
45x15, 15, 12, 40x15

Reverse DB curl
45x25, 20, 20

31 min. Hacking and coughing real bad, had to have been a good workout, not sure, 


Didn't have juice to do a reg workout, so forearms will do till tomorrow.

Reverse wrist curl

DB wrist curl
75x30, 95x20, 113x10, 124x8 (opposite hand helped last 2 reps each side) 95x25, 90x20, 80x25

About 18 min.


175x15,15,15, had to rest pause last set of 10 reps! Hack n cough!

DB rows
85x15,15,15, felt pretty easy.

Bench flys
50's x25,25,25, had to rest pause last set of 5.
Bench press, what bench press, we don't need no stinking bench press. My tiny pecs are fried, fried, fried!

20 min, unadulterated..or!


Seems like a lot of people here are having seconds on this "cold".
Thumbless shrugs. Yep, tried those, but can do so much more with those freak'n straps. ;)

DB press
50x15,15,12,10,8,8, shoulders wiped!

DB curls
40x15,12,10,10,8,6, even did a few sets that a vein I see through my sweatshirt?

Lying tri. ext. DB's
45x15,12,10,8,6,6, really felt these by set 4
Bench dips
BWx20,20, beaten, battered and dip fried tri's!!

Reverse DB curl
45x30,20,15,12, look, wisps of smoke coming off the ole Popeyes!

DB wrist curl
91x30,20,15,15, uh huh, that's right!

48 min. Rate this workout an A- awesome pump!! I think my meds are workiiiiiiiiiinnnnggg!


Still coughing, WTH? Didn't "feel" like a workout, but screw it.

DB rows
68x25, 90x15, 112x8, 123.5x6,6, used straps last set.

40x50, 62x20, 15, 15, 50x20,
"And how do we arrive at cleavage Mr. Starbuck?"
"Flys Captain Blye, flys."
"Very good, carry on Mr. Starbuck."

Squats, box
130x10, 210x5, 5, 5, 5, working on the sea legs, arrgh.

36 min. of suckage and hurt me.

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Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
« Reply #44 on: June 10, 2018, 11:20:52 PM »

I'll try those Cajin. I actually use an inverted 5 gallon paint bucket without the lid.

Todays workout. Went with a bar just for a change.

BN press
65x20, 100x10,10,10, Front press, 100x10,10

85x10, 100x10,10,10,10

Bench dips

65x10, 100x10, 90x10,10

Reverse curls

Wrist curl on bench
143x20, 165x15, 187x10, 165x10, 142x15, haven't done these in months, it shows.
DB wrist curl
80x20, as you can see, flexors aren't hammered as much with bar wist curls, as still had some juice left for DB's.

50 min.


Switching shoulder to chest/back day. Hit a couple sets today even though I hit them last workout. DB press is so much kinder to me.

DB rows
80x10, 92x5x10, pretty nice pump.

DB press
50x20, 20, had to take couple deep breaths for the last 5 reps.

Bench flys
50x25,20,20,20, don't want floppies as Dan Martin would say, I want cleavage!

25 min.


OK Ty, lol.

Skipped squats, right knee bothering me, try to hit them tomorrow.

Lying tri. ext. DB's
40x30, 50x12, 55x8+8 CGB, 6+6 CGB, 50x8+8 CGB

Lying crossovr tri. ext.
40x8, tad heavy, 30x12, 12

Standing DB curl
40x20, 50x8, 45x10, 10, 40x10

Reverse/hammer curl
50x15, 15, 15, 15 x-reps

DB wrist curl
95x25, 20, 75x30, 25

44 min.


Quick wokout, have an awards ceremony to get to.
No squats, doing deads, knee still killing me.

DB row
75x10, 95x10, 107x10

Bench flys
50's x40, 30

Romanian deads
210x10, 10, 10

15 min, I'm outa here!


Yesterday was last day for injections for this cough and cold I've had, buttcheeks feel like a pincushion, ouch. Starting to feel a bit better.

Dips, upright
BWx10, 27x10,10, BWx20,20

Lying tri. ext. DB's
50x8,8,8, 40x15,10

BWx8,8,8,8 (last set 2+6 negs) rusty on these (read, fat)

DB curls
40x10,10,10, con. curl 30x15

Reverse/hammer curl DB's
56x10,10, 50x12,12

Wrist curl
108x15, 90x25, 85x20, 68x25

50 min.


Bourbon type workout today,

DB press
40x5, 50x5, 61x5, 72x5,5, 61x5, 50x10

DB row, one arm alternate
85x5, 107x5, 120x5,5, 107x5, 85x15,15

DB flys
62x20,20,15,15, if ya can't bench, then flex I always say.

DB wrist curl

40 min.


Lookout, work'n out 2 days in a row... 

Romanian Deads
210x5, 252x5, 290x5, 325x5, 347x3, wanted 5 but set bar down to regrip and that's all she wrote.

Lying tri. ext. DB's

Crossover tri. ext.

DB curls, one arm

Reverse curls, DB's
50x20,15,15, last set of 5 reps rest paused

DB wirst curls
102x25,(PR this wieght on reps)15+5 negs. 91x20

32 min. Nice tight workout. My tri's were hammered, and my hammers were tried. Dipped, battered, and double deep fried. Giddyup!

I did mostly full body 3xweek from age 49 till around 55, that's 6 years, with an extra forearm workout here and there. Mostly squat, dead, chin, row, dip and press. Like the others said, you got to work up to it. I do on occasion workout 5-6 times a week(like when I was in my 20's) when I have the time and energy, but all in all, you can build a lot of muscle not to mention strength, on 3xweek. Stick with it a couple years, you'll see, 


Yep for performance work, it's hard to beat 3xweek. A push, pull, and a hip or quad dominate exercise. Get freaky strong.

Coughing today still. Weird. Very busy and a little tired, so will hit forarms and do a real workout tomorrow.

DB wrist curl, alternate, Sipes style.
80x45, 100x25, 110x15,(PR?) 91x25, 80x25

About 12 min. of fun.......not.


Long day, seems I do more work on my days off, huh? Got most of my plates repainted though. I have nonslip step tape on my DB's and bar, nasty stuff, so I painted the handles, smothed out the sandpaper effect, but still has a good grip! Nice.
Late start for a workout, and a little tired, so will blast it like I have no brains,

DB rows
75x10, 97x 4x10, nice pump

DB press
40x10, 55x 4x10, a bit weak on these today.

55x25, 65x15,15, last few reps were tough.

Hammer/reverse curl
65x8,8, 60x8,8, suckers strain the back a bit!

35 wonderful and fun filled minutes!(cough-not-cough)


Just me and Waylon in the garage gym,   

DB curls
40x15,15, 45x10, 50x6, 40x10

DB lying tri. ext.
40x35, 50x15, 55x8, 45x15, 40x20

DB wrist curls
102x25, 90x30,20, enough of that! 

25 min.


Check and double check!

Butt Day

165x10, 210x10, 255x10,10

10 min. Over and out.


Not much sleep last nite, and got carried away building stuff in the workshop, so kinda forced myself into this workout.

DB press
40x10, 55x8,8,8


DB rows

16 min.


Am buying a new compu soon(I think, )as this ones fading, then I can have sound, camera the whole 9 yards, until then everything is silent pictures, then I can check out that Aussie country sound.

Went a little nuts today, but that's normal.

CG bench
100x10, 178x10,10, shoulder no likie.

Lying tri. ext.
100x10, 115x10,10, 100x10

Seated French press

BB curl
65x10, 85x10, 100x10,8, 85x10

Reverse E-Z curl
90x10, 110x10,10, 90x10,10

Behind back wrist curl
135x30, 165x20,20, 150x20
Reg wrist curl

45 min.


DB decline bench rows, strict.
62x15, 76x10,10,10, 65x10, nice pump, these will keep you honest.

DB incline press
65x10,10,10,10,10, shoulder didn't protest much, :)

DB wrist curl
75x50, 91x25, ouch ouch.

Reverse wrist curl

24 min.


I'm a whiner,   

Todays workout. Not much sleep last nite, but went pretty well anyway, I think.

Romanian deads
130x3, 210x3, 254x3, 289x3, 324x3, 346x3, that's all the 1" bar will hold.

Lying tri. ext. DB's
Decline, 40x10, 50x10, 55x6, Flat, 55x6,6, 50x6, Incline, 50x6,6

Curl, DB's
40x10, 50x8,8,6,6

Reverse/hammer curl
50x15, 55x10, 60x6,6, 55x10,10

DB wrist curl
80x20, 113x10, 120x6, 98x15, 80x25

65 min. of fun, fun, and a little more fun.


DB rows, one arm alternating
80x10, 93x10, 104x10, 120x5,5, 98x10,10

DB bench
62x10, 85x10,10,10

Bench flys

25 min.


Ok gonna try to tear it up a little.

Press, cleaned off'n the floor.
108x8, 143x5,5,5, whoa, outa condition. Puff pant.

Cajin row

CG bench, E-Z bar, 5-6" grip width
125x10, 165x8,8, 185x5, 165x8,6

Reverse grip rows, E-Z bar
130x10, 165x8, 185x6,6, 165x8,6

E-Z reverse curl
90x15, 110x10,10,10

Behind back wrist curl
143x15, 175x15, 200x10, reg wrist curl, 143x25

45 min. Got the barbell bloat today, I'll have some ice tea and rest, bloat should disappear shortly, :)


Time to get the Popeye on. A little ZZ Top to kick the ticker.

BB wrist curl over bench
144x25, 166x15, 188x15, 210x10

DB wrist curl
113x10,10, 85x25

Hang wrist curl
150x20,20,20, last 5 reps were rest paused (really need phat bar on these)

Reverse BB wrist curl
42x30, 50x30, 60x15, 50x20, 42x20,15,10

30. Not a great pump, but will feel these...hmmm...soon!


CG bench
140x10, 175x5x10

E-Z reverse rows
140x10, 175x5x10

E-Z reverse curl

E-Z hang wrist curl
130x40, 25, forearms pretty fried form yesterday, hehe.

35 min. A rather E-Z day :)


100x5, 135x 5x5

SL deads
200x 4x10, pull'n quick on these.

Bench wrist curls
135x30, 175x20,15 even though I've done more per arm on DB's, the BB is suffering, different animal I guess.

25 min.