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Title: Future projects
Post by: Sergio on March 10, 2013, 09:25:21 PM
The easiest to the hardest.

-1.Add more videos as the cool short and inspiring Reg Park in the mr olympia guest poser and maybe shorts clips of all his films.
-2. I want to change the old frame scheme of the web to a more modern iframes one.  So you cbe able to see all the screen in movemment.
-3. As using the inspiration of the old look (year 2006) putting in the actual in test mode band several images that show the chornologie of Reg in images.
-4.  Rebuild all the list where you can look after the web' section with a dynamic one and erase several items that I think are not usefull now.

For the forum:   every topic I want to introduce has to be an elavorated topic in order to avoid google penalization.