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Vitamin C and the Testosterone control

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It's always controversial the benefiths of the high intakes of vitamins and minerals.  But one thing is true: low levels of them, like vitamin C can lead a low testosterone levels as well febleness and astenia. I am not talking here of scurvy, but a low intake that itself low the reserve levels of the vitamin.  As well as many other effects: antioxidant and cofactor enzyme, it also control to some extent the spermatogenesis and near this effect also the testosternone levels, so do you want to get the max of your natural testosternone levels?  So take al least 80-140 mg of vitamin C!

Vince Gironda recommended this: "Allergies are cured with megavitamin doses of Vitamin C (3,000 mg. per day)."
I have no idea if it works though.

High intakes ov vitamin C let a low absorve fracction (< 30%) With low doses the fraction absorved is near 90-100% so it is not a very usefull thing taking several grams a day and can lead to gastrinstinal problems due to a big fracction excrete via rectal.  But anyway there is a lot of controverse with that. Several authors advocate about the high intakes if vitamin C in the ilness. Who knows?  :-\

Vince told you to spread the intake throughout the day. That may have some impact on the absorption

mmmm!  It's a good idea.  But I think that high levels in the body reserve can lead low absorvate %.  Maybe, it's a possibility.  If he believe in it maybe had an strong experience about it. 


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