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The impossible way of growing in weightraining?


After several years of training I have see what works for me and what not, because the individualist way in weightraining seems as important or more as in the others activities of the human being. In the fact of the importance of diet, I am no better than anyone, but I am sure what doesn't work for me.  Eating more and more.  It's a bad habit to me and cause me acid stomach and progressive injurie to the esophagus. Specially if I eat great protein and fats quantities.  I have a limiting factor there. Today, with 10 kgs less and an smaller calories intake I don't need any kind of stomach protector like omeoprazol or something like that. And more: i don't need any help to my bile to flow, as i needed in the past.  So now i want to practice a new kind of dieting: bodybuilding with an standart diet. Does it work? Who knows!


I think it can go a long way if you can get to a calorie surplus. I remember this right you just have to reach about 200 cal above maintenance to build muscle.
When I get stomach probs due to eating much I take HCL tabs (and enzymes when I can afford them) and thet works for me! But we're all different. :)

This is big bowl of milk and cereals!!


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