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I will use a conjugate method for a year, five days a week using some traditional and some untraditional exercises.

WO 1:
Warm up: Scarecrow snatch

Squat ramping up to 1RM
60 kg, 80 kg, 100 kg, 115 kg, 125 kg 132,5 kg fail but sooo close.

Deads 3x3 160 kg

Band pull through 3x30 green rubber band

Power clean + squat clean 5x1 71 kg

Band pull through 100 reps

OL-technique tomorrow!  :smile:  :)

Yesterdays WO:

Power snatch + snatch 6x1 55 kg

Snatch balance 5x3 50 kg

Power clean +2 jerks 5x1 55 kg

Snatches felt better than in a long time!   
I have like a mental block when I go over 50 kg on the snatch balance and my jerks are still really slow...

Todays WO:

Bench press ramping up:
1x5 60 kg
1x3 80 kg
1x2 90 kg
1x1 100 kg
1x1 105 kg

OHP one min RI
3x10 40 kg

BB rev row
3x10 50 kg

One arm KB sit-ups
1x8 8 kg
2x8 4 kg

70° laterals
3x8 8 kg

DB curl
3x8 12,5 kg

Warm up:
Scarecrow snatch 10 kg Bar
Snatch and snatch pulls ramping up to 50 kg

Squat EMOM 2 reps 12 min 90 kg

Explosive deadlift 10x1 80 kg, 30 sec RI

Back extensions 3x8 20 kg
Hip thrusters 3x8 50 kg

Band leg curl, red rubber band 1x100

Snatch EMOM 2 reps 10 min 50 kg

Good WO! I will probably get some DOMS in my glutes.

Warm up:
Scarecrow snatch 10 kg Bar
Snatch pulls ramping up to 70 kg

Bench press EMOM 3 reps, 9 min, 52,5 kg

Floor press 1x10 60 kg 2x10 80 kg (never done this one before, hard to find the right weight)

Superset BW:
Pull ups 1x12 1x9 1x10 (did these very strict)
Push ups 3x20

Tricep pushdowns red rubber band 100 reps

Power cleans EMOM 1 rep, 10 min, 71 kg

Oblique sit ups 3x20

Fairly easy WO. Feels weird to have a lot of energy left afterwards... :o

Warm up:
Scarecrow snatch 10 kg Bar
Snatch pulls ramping up to 60 kg

Front squat ramping up to 1 RM
1x5 60 kg, 1x2 80 kg, 1x1 90 kg, 1x1 100 kg, 1x1 107,5 kg.

Deadlift 3x5 150 kg

Bulgarian split squat 3x8 14 kg (started off easy on these)
Back ext 3x8 20 kg
Good mornings 3x8 40 kg (misread... should have been 20 reps at 15-20 kg)

2 cleans + 1 hang clean, 8 sets

BB side bends 100/side


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