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Warm up: Scarecrow snatches 10 kg, Power snatches 30 kg, OHS 30 kg, 40 kg, 50 kg.

OHS ramping up to a 1RM:
1x1 60 kg, 70 kg, 81 kg=2 fails, 75 kg Felt very wobbly today similar to the feeling of training with too little food.

Clean high pulls 1x5 90 kg, 1x5 100 kg, 1x5 95 kg Got the legs to really kick in this time.

Back ext BW 1x21, 1x20, 1x16

Banded pull throughs 3x30 green rubberband

8x2 cleans +1 hang clean, 4 first sets 71 kg 4 last 76 kg

200 lying leg ext

The bad feeling that I had in the start disappered when I got to the clean pulls.  :D
Had a pump for 15 min after the back ext and pull throughs so I had to use a lower weight in the first half of the next exercise.
I still do have some problems getting the hang cleans to work properly, but today I had a few good once. ;)

Warm up:
Scarecrow snatches

2 Snatch +1 hang snatch(from knee) 8 sets 57,5 kg (last 4 sets was really good)

Snatch balance
1x4 40 kg
1x4 45 kg
1x4 51 kg
1x4 55 kg
1x4 60 kg PR

2 Power jerks +1 squat jerk 8 sets 63,5 kg (better than last time)

Power Jerks ramping up:
1x2 60 1x2 65 1x1 70

CG floor press 3x8 70 kg
JM press 3x8 30 kg

50 Face pulls
50 triceps push downs (25 machine 25 rubber band)

6x2 clean and jerk 60 kg

Oblique crunches 3x20

Squat EMOM 2 reps 12 min 104 kg

Explosive deadlifts 10x1 80 kg

BB step ups 1x10 20 kg, 1x10 30 kg, 1x10 40 kg, (never done the exercise before, had to find the right weight 35- 40 kg should do it)

Hip bridges 3x20 50 kg

Snatch high pulls EMOM 2 reps 7 min 67,5 kg

Clean high pull EMOM 2 reps 7 min 86 kg

Banded pull throughs 100 reps

Good WO! The pull throughs was a pain in the A** though! ;)

Box squat (lowbar) Ramping up:
1x5 50 kg
1x3 70 kg
1x2 90 kg
1x2 100 kg
1x1 110 kg
1x1 120 kg

Hip bridge 3x15
Back ext 3xmax

Banded GM 100 reps green rubber band

6 sets of 1 clean + 1 hang clean 76 kg

Toes to bar 3xmax (I really suck at these)

The box squats felt weird since I've only done OL style squats but it's in the program so...
I'm getting better at the hang cleans but I still have to reset to get it right. The pump in my lower back was sick and made the cleans more difficult.


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