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Steff's Olympic lifting log!

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Fridays WO:

OHP Ramp:
1x3 40 kg
1x1 50 kg, 55 kg
1x2 60 kg
1x1 55 kg, 50 kg

OHPSnatch grip, jerk grip, close grip
3x3 40 kg

BB row superset with DB HBR
4x3 80 kg 4x3 20 kg DB:s

Pull ups
1x5 20 kg
1x3 30 kg
1x3 25 kg

6x3 80 kg

Box jump

Tall snatch
1x3 20,30,40,40,40 kg

1 Snatch high pull-1 snatch-1hang snatch
1x1 55 kg
5x1 60 kg (1 lost hang snatch and one snatch)

Snatch high pull
3x3 75kg

1x3 60, 70 kg
1x2 80 kg,
1x1 90 kg
1x1 103 kg PR!!! and an easy one to!

Clean pull
3x3 110 kg

Front squat
6x3 60 kg

Jerks from rack
1x3 40 kg
4x3 60 kg (got one perfekt and a couple of others fair.)

Back ext
3x8 40 kg

Box jump


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