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We have reached this nigh the 200 post!!!   

Thanks to all, the members and the readers!


I have bought two issues of the Reg Park Journal, so new articles of the old times will appear soon.   I want to buy more in  several months, and make of this web a unique place of information, altought every new piece will be copy in short time for others, that is alright for me, but bad for google's robots.  Well, it's not a bad thing, it's the essencial of Internet, but we have suffered two banners for copy articles of another web.  It's a attitude that isn't bad, but google insist to be original, what would be a bad thing.  But there are techniques for avoid them.  The most simple:  writting: no indexes for a page where you put all the copy articles, but this would mean that also no information about it will appear on net.  The other technique: put all the copy articles in image files.  The google robots can not read the images. 8)

One month later, 300 post!!!  ;D

Thank you to everybody.  Thanks, Steff. ;D

Hope we get 100 new posts every month.  The 1000 post wall is near!

400 posts in three weeks.   The forum continue growing at good rate.  In the last few days I have not entered due to the illness of my father.  He is finishing his life but he is also very strong and is living exeding the medical prediction in several months.

I could not add many post to this forum this weeks after the pas away of my father the last 22th of febreuary.   The rank in google is better and we are into the top 20 looking after "reg park" words. Looking after 500 posts!!!


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