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Reg Park's diet and nutrition

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One more example of Reg Diet, also with an example of Sandow diet.

Also kook at: 

An everyday diet for the bodybuilder, by Reg Park (1954)
Hints for proper eating and reducing, by Reg Park (1974)

What magazine can I find the article where it compares Reg parks diet to sandows diet ??

Hope to hear from the person that posted the picture of the comparison of reg parks diet and sandows

Thanks again

Hello Jarret. Thank for posting.
The magazine is one of the the Reg park journals. I don't remember which one, but I try to find it again and tell you.
And also, if you send me your email to I can email you the full article.

Thanks I’d really appreciate it hope to hear from you

 also I sent you email message aswell

Hey there haven’t heard back from you yet have you been able to find the article that I’ve been looking for the last few days? On reg park’s diet and sandows diet ?

Hope to hear from you thanks


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