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Great pics of Reg Park

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The first:

Sure the mr universe of 1951 is the best Reg Park in volume and definition of old times.  I know that there are people that prefer the mr universe 1965, but Reg himself prefer his first victory.  This was a break with the suppouse limits of a men.  The last year he was great and had a terrible back and incredible definition, but the next year his muscular mass reach his peak.

The second:

The so acclamed 3th comeback.  It's 1965 and Reg has an arm of 19,5 inches de night of the show, near or above 230 lb of BW.
Maybe the magic of this title's images was the combination of a body with one of his best shape ever and the signs of a mature Reg.
Why I used this simple photo? Because with this simple pose that I named the golf swing pose, Reg show a phantastic combination of shape and volume for that night.

and for ending this first set of photos of this night, I want to show, of course, the title of 1958.  What happens to Reg's life in 1950?  It was the last years in his belowed England due to his wife's lung problems, Mareon Park (she came from ZA)  One year before he used a pure bodybuiding workout (with no power training exercises) and this gives the best shape for him in his life: The Mr USA 1957. An another day I am going to talk about the Mr USA, but for now only we need to know that he was going to go to another country and he need a recent victory in the mr universe to promote his arrived in ZA.  So he prepares 5 weeks (The boy doesn't need anot rhing more  8) ) and win again with a pver good form, yf you see the pic. God, the lats and the rib cage are inmese here!

And let's go back to his begginigs.  what about a young Reggie in his tender teen years when he tauch for the first time the weights. You can observe the small waist that let him in the future do his impossibles rib cage expansions from a lateral biceps pose.  It's athletic (he coud do 100 push up every day) but who could image those times the enourms changes he would do in the future?

This photo is from 1962-1963.  The popularity of Reg Park reach one of his peaks with the Hercules films he made.  Compare it with the last pic.  Is the same person? Amazing!!


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