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Posted by: Sergio
« on: February 22, 2015, 08:46:00 PM »

After this good memories, i train two weeks in september, but an injurie in my job take me away until november, where i could train 3 weeks with no pain, altough light weights. After two months running again like i did from the end of 2013, I have came back again, knowing that this training is not a problem now for me. I weight only 65-66 kg, but i have 12-14% fat. My purpose is train several months. Pain is not in my mind now.
i have seen that from the last six months i have made more training than in the two years before. Maybe this is a clue for the changing of times and the rising of weightraining again. God help me in this way.
Posted by: Sergio
« on: August 17, 2014, 10:20:47 AM »

Comeback to the 2008!!

I am re reading my log and it' great seeing all the enjoying, hard work and passion i put in those days. The 2008 was the year. I train at seven o'clock. Later i went to job and at night make love to my girl friend one o two hours! It had all.
Maybe i am looking back because i have a new job that, altought it's harder than the one i had in that time , makes me think in those great days. It's a silly thing, but i feel like i have no injurie, no gastrix reflux at all, like these past 3 years don' t exist. It' s like a real comeback to those sacred times!
At the end of 2008 i think i had my know injurie of the lower left abs zone bt continue training becayse i felr well soon and i think it was only a minor injurie.
I put no post in 2009. In march my mother pass awsy and altough i continue training from time to time put it in the forum that now it's gone. In those time i gain weight, size and got my max in ghe bench press with one lift of 59 kg and a hak rep with 60 kg.
In 2010 i peaked in near all my strenght exercises till now and the summer was a golden time again with my over head press record of 47 kg.
In march of 2011 i began to feel that my golden and silver days were ending because my injuriecame bigger and reach my left lower back too. But two months before, after seeing many times the reg park documentary, i reach the highest levels of volume with near 50 sets in 90 mins. That was the glory but dhort days of the full squat, where i did 3 reps X 55 kg and near 60 kg in the rows, on where i increase the eficience of the exercice.
The end of the serius training came in fthe autum of 2011 where the gastrointestinal problems were sobig that i stop for thr first time in 4 years.
Then i try srveral times to comeback, but were two or three weeks only because when i put more weight i had to stop training for more than a week. The only good thing there was my research of information and new images for the forum and for this forum the long thread of my equation about the strenght of arms. Thanks to all for your interest!!
In the beggining of 2013, after six month of no training at all my nephews came to home and we did a power training session like the year before. They overcame me in all the exercises except the squat and suprisingly, the biceps curl, where i win with a strict curl of 34 kg.
The last real hardwork i did was in the summer of that yeat, but my training there was too sporadic like one year before. Two young guys come to home for doing a work. I helped them and i felt like Reg with Arnold when teach thrm how to do a full squat. I did several sets and ended with 8 reps with 42 kgs with full form.The bad simptoms i had put me in the way away from hard weightraing...i think forever.
Now i got the iron deamon inside me again. But it's more sporadic training than before and only with light weights. I know what would happend if i decided again to train with the pure intense and honest way i had in 2008.
Oh that sacred Iron deamon!! Those were glory days.