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Hi, the page rank is zero, but the page is in the top 30 in google around the world.  I hope that with the future remodelation we will be in the top 10.

Sergio.  :D

After the update of Reg's biography and more members in the forum (Steff, thank you very much) the page went down to 266 that made me think in a penalization.   But then go up till position 15 for several days.   The top ten is near.

We'll get it to top ten! ;D
I'll try to contribute some more.

Thanks Steff.  With one or two members more that post regulary, I am sure we will be in the top ten.

We have around 50 visits / day, that is nor bad.  It's difficult to say when an statistical date include the robots of google or yahoo, but I thinks this is not, because in the stats of the server we have more than 100 visits/d, so the half number are robots.
Sadly, www.regpark.net forum still is over, and his visit has going down from 400 /d to 100 /d in some months. If this continue, this web will surprass it.


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