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Modified 3-phase training

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First phase is volume.

The goal of Phase 1 is to increase the volume (number of sets) each week. In addition to adding sets each week, you should always strive to lift a greater load each workout.

Week 1 = 3 sets per exercise. Week 2 = 4 sets per exercise. Week 3 = 5 sets per exercise.
Rest time = 90 seconds between sets.

Workout 1
(Light chest, moderate legs, light triceps and laterals)

Workout 2
(light legs, light back, light biceps,)

Workout 3
(Moderate chest, back and laterals, light triceps,)

The original has 4 workouts with a separate day for arms and calfs and I've added some lighter work in parenthesis.


Back, traps and biceps:
BB row
Pull ups
Long pull 30-40°
Snatch pulls
BB curl

Chest, shoulders and triceps
Incline Neck press
DB Laterals
Lying tri ext
Rope French press

Legs and calfs
Front squat
Leg ext/sissy squats
Leg curl
SL toe raise
Seated toe raise

I deviate a lot when it comes to the leg WO and the original back and traps had 2 traps exercises which I felt was unnecessary. It's enough with one.

BB row 2x10 1x8 55 kg

Pull ups 1x10 1x8 1x6 BW

Long pull 30-40° 1x10 75 kg 1x10 80 kg 1x10 85 kg

HBR 3x9 12,5 kg DB:s

Snatch pulls 3x6 65 kg

Squats 3x5 85 kg

Deadlift 3x8 120 kg (took it easy on this one)

Neck press 1x10 46 kg sloow eccentrics
DBBP 2x8 25 kg (explosive)

BB curl 1x10 1x8 1x7 30 kg

HBC 3x8 8 kg

70° laterals 3x8 8 kg

DB FP 2x8 25 kg 1x8 20 kg

Fat text=main exercises

Easy WO but it'll get harder!  ;)

DBBP 1x8 2x6 35 kg DB:s

20° incline Neckpress 1x10 48,5 kg 1x10 1x9 51 kg

Dips 3x10 BW +10 kg

Laterals 1x7 12,5 kg 2x10 10 kg

DB OHP 3x8 15 kg DB:s

Lying tri ext 2x8 1x9 30 kg

Rope FP 2x8 35 kg 1x8 30 kg

Cable row 1x8 75 kg 1x8 65 kg 1x8 60 kg

Concentration curls 3x9 10 kg

Leg ext 3x10 40 kg

Snatch 2x3 30 kg 2x3 40 kg 1x3 45 kg 1x3 50 kg 1x4 40 kg

good wellcome!! and strong!! 8)

Thanks!  :)

And here is todays WO:

BB row cambered bar 1x3 70 kg 1x3 60 kg 1x4 50 kg
DBBP 1x3 30 kg 1x3 35 kg 1x3 40 kg

Squats 1x4 80 kg 1x3 100 kg 1x1 107,5 kg 1x3 112,5 kg

Front squats 3x8 70 kg

Leg ext 3x10 40 kg

SLDL 3x8 60 kg (focused on pulling fast from mid thigh)

Leg curl 3x8 35 kg

Calf raise 3x8 110 kg 1x20 BW 1x7 110 kg 1x20 BW

Bent over Laterals 3x10 8 kg
DB curl 3x8 12,5 kg
Rope FP 3x8 27,5 kg

90 sec rest on main exercises.
112,5 kg squat felt relatively easy. The front squats was more purgatorian and I managed to hit the vastus medials in the leg extension in a way I never managed before! Good WO but I feel like I could do more which I will have to next week.


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