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Tweaked 5x5-ish routine!

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*Main press movement is OHP
*I doubled the volume on back as I usually do using chins and BB row (pull ups and HBR on light day).
*No BLDL this time but next time I use this routine.
*I added split squats on the light day and I do not elevate both my feet this time around.
*Front squat for the 5x5
*Back squat ramping up from my last routine will be continued.

First WO tomorrow.  ;D

Good luck and enjoy this new workouts, Steff!


--- Quote from: Sergio on October 19, 2014, 10:14:26 PM ---Good luck and enjoy this new workouts, Steff!

--- End quote ---

I will, trust me I will! :) But I will probably ache a bit towards the end of it. 8)

Snatch: 1x3 35 kg 1x3 40 kg 3x3 50 kg 2x3 55 kg
Kloklov complex 1x2: 35 kg, 40 kg, 50 kg, 55 kg

Snatch pulls 1x3 70 kg 2x3 80 1x3 70 kg (last set pulled to chin on the 2 first reps)

Explosive Split squat 5x4 BW (did them elevated even though I said I wouldn't... got a little sore above my right knee, will pull back on volume on these)
Leg ext 1x10 45 kg (explosive)

Leg curl 3x8 30 kg

Bench press 5x5 74 kg ( I'll try to keep these explosive for as long as possible)

Pull ups to chest 2x8 2x5 BW (were supposed to do 5x5 but forgot)

HBR 5x5 12,5 kg DB:s

70┬░DB laterals 3x8 8 kg

BB curl 5x5 31 kg

Snatch grip BNP ramping up 1x5: 20 kg, 22,5 kg, 25kg, 26 kg, 28 kg

DB french press 3x8 22,5 kg

Klokov complex? It seem a multivitamine!! ;D What is it?


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