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Yesterday, a power competition was made between a friend and I, in bench press.
I not train the heavy bench press since months, but we ended in the same position, lifting both 47 kg (100 lb)  This is not my best record (I can press in bench 55 kg) but since my injury in the hinguinal region I not train hard (even not train!!  What a hard life for a man of only 34 years old!!)
Hope I would be able to start here a new log, for all that want to come here, to the forum of 

Maybe I can train another time!

Squats: 20 X 20
Db pullover across bench: 10 X 7,5
Bench press: 16 X 20 ; 4 X 20
Chins:  (jump chins, untill I had the right strenght) 6 sets of 3

Yes, may be!!

Squats: 20 X 20
One db pullovers across the bench: 20 X 7,5
Bench press: 20 X 20
Jumping chins reverse grip: 20 reps. Done them took several sets  (10 or more)
Hunging on the chin bar (for grip streght): 17 secs
Jumping chins normal grip wide width: 4+4+4+4+4  (I not reach the BB, but I'll arrive, sure)

Good workout.

If the next week I can train without pain I 'll begin to think that the injurie is healthed

Today a new training day (one day before I wanted) because my nephews came to home for dinner.  I have teached them the basics of weightraining,  and they enjoy a lot all the things we did, except the squats.  They don't like squation, but they don't know the usefullnes of squating.  It's incredible, but my 18 years old nephew had pressed two kg more than me in the bench press  (50 and 52 kg)  altought I gave them a lesson in other exercises, like the squats.  Good, my body goes well!

Too busy, and a little soreness after the second power sesion with my nephews after one week.  Maybe a little hard, but goes well.   The only thing bvad is that I can not do any work bending forward my upper body.  Bad for the lession: nausea and a little pain.   The power workout is a thing that I know I don't have to do, but leaching my teen nephews was a thing I must do.

In these days  I did two jumping chins workouts, like this:

jumping chins reverse grip: 3-3-3-3-3-3-3
jumping chins normal grip: 3-3  too hard now, quite impossible to do a full rep
grip training: 12-12 secs BW


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