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12 weeks of a workout with a fancy name!

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Mondays WO:
Complex 1: 4x6, RI 120 sec between sets
Power snatch 45 kg
Fsq 50 kg
Push press 40 kg
power clean 50 kg

Complex 2: 3x12, 2 min RI between sets
KB swing 24 kg
One arm unsupported DB row 15 kg
Neutral grip DB press 10 kg DB:s
Lunges 16 kg

One more set of the first complex and I would have puked... was pretty close after 4 sets.

Todays WO:
Superset 1 rest 75 sec between sets:
Pull ups 8x4 BW, 5 sec ecc
Squat 8x4 85 kg, 5 sec ecc

Superset 2 rest 75 sec between sets::
High Incline DBBP 5x5 22,5 kg DB:s, 3 sec ecc
Romanian deadlifts 4x5 110 kg, 3 sec ecc

Complex one, 6 reps 4 sets, RI 120 sec:
Hack squat elevated heels 50 kg
Push press 45 kg
BB row 60 kg
Romanian Deads 100 kg

Complex Two, 8 reps 3 sets, RI 90 sec
BB High pull 45 kg, except last set: DB High pull 15 kg DB:s
Arnold press 15 kg DB:s, except last set 12,5 kg DB:s
Front squat 35 kg
DB row 17,5 kg DB:s, except last set 15 kg DB:s
High Step ups 20 kg

Superset 1 rest 75 sec between sets:
Snatch grip deads 1x3 110 kg 9x3 105 kg
Medium grip Bench press 4x3 80 kg, 4x3 75 kg 4 sec ecc (probably even longer ecc)

Superset 2, rest 75 sec between sets:
Chin up 3x5 BW +10 kg 2x5 BW +5 kg, 4 sec ecc
Split squat elevated front leg 4x6 16 kg, 3 sec ecc (probably longer ecc here too)

AMRAP 25 min
A1) Lunge Jumps BW
A2) Inverted Row BW
A3) Barbell Back Squat (Feet together) 55 kg
A4) Renegade rows 6 kg DB:s
A5) Alternating Flat DB Bench 20 kg DB:s
A6) Rear Delt DB Raise (bent over) 8 kg DB:s

I have to increase the weight here I did 6,5 or 7,5 laps (I lost count) here and if you can do more than 4 you should increase the weight.

AMRAP 25 min
A1) Squat Jumps BW +10 kg
A2) Seated DB press 15 kg, 15 kg, 12,5 kg, 12,5 kg DB:s
A3) DB wood choppers 20 kg, 15 kg, 2x12,5 kg
A4) One arm DB row on bench 30 kg DB:s, 3x20 kg
A5) Romaninan DL 100 kg, 3x80 kg
A6) DB Laterals 10 kg DB:s, 3x8 kg

Almost 4,5 laps on this one.Had to lower the weight on some of the exercises to maintain the form.


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