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12 weeks of a workout with a fancy name!

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Bike 10 min

Compound giant set:
Feet elevated Push up to higher boxes(40-50 cm) 3x3BW
SG OHP 3x3 10 kg
OHP 3x3 20 kg
SG OHP 3x3 30 kg
Tri ext 3x3 25 kg
KB 3x3 5 kg DB:s
Pushdowns 3x3 30 kg
OHP 3x2 50 kg
SG OHP 3x2 30 kg (seated slightly leaning forward)

5x3 40 kg DB:s

Tri ext 3x3 50 kg
KB 3x3 10 kg DB:s
Pushdowns 3x3 40 kg

HBR  2x8 30 kg DB:s
Long pull 2x8 95 kg
HBR wide 2x8 20 kg DB:s
NGPD 2x8 40 kg

DB Curls
3x10 8 kg DB:s

3x8 10 kg DB:s

Bike 10 min

Warm up squats(OH,FS,BSQ)
6x5 10-30 kg(ramping weights)
3x5 30-60 kg (ramping weights)

Snatch high pull
2x3 30 kg
2x3 40 kg
2x3 50 kg,
1x3 60 kg, 62,5 kg, 65 kg

Third pull from blocks 3x5 25 kg
Muscle snatch  3x3 30 kg
Tall snatch 30 kg

Snatch, pulling just to 10 cm above the bellybutton
1x3 40 kg
2x3 50 kg
5x3 55 kg (two failed reps)

1 Clean and 3 drop squat jerks
2x1 30 kg
1x1 40 kg
4x1 45 kg

Clean high pull
1x3 80 kg,
2x3 90 kg
1x3 100 kg

Squat to box
3x3 85 kg

Not my day even though the snatch high pulls (I pulled 65 kg to my chin) and snatches were really good.
The squat drop jerks was off and  felt like I was out of fuel so I skipped the cleans and some of the snatch pulls.
Started feeling sick when I got home. Hopefully I'll be able to dodge this. Going to buy Kan Jang it usually does the trick.


Managed to overtrain... surprise...
Rested from Sunday til Wednesday.

Thursday: Less volume than earlier concentrating on snatch and pulling under.
Friday: Speed work, mostly upper body + 3x3 Lunges and lower box jumps @BW
Saturday: Snatch, concentrating on pulling under. Pulling just to 10 cm above the bellybutton Slept poorly so I stopped 1x3 60 kg. My head wasn't there and for the first time in my life I was relieved to quit/not finishing the planned workout.

Bike 10 min

Power snatches
4x3 40 kg
2x3 50 kg, 55 kg
1x3 60 kg

Snatch high pull 4x3 70 kg
Tall snatch 4x3 30 kg

1 Clean 3 Drop squat jerks
3x1 40 kg

1 Clean 2 Squat Jerks
2x2 50 kg

1 Clean 3 Squat Jerks
3x1 60 kg

Clean High Pulls 3x3 100 kg
Box jumps 3x3 BW (height around 90 cm)

Front Squat
1x3 40,50,60 kg
3x3 70 kg

Push up to boxes 3x3 BW
OHP 3x3 20 kg
SG OHP 3x3 10 kg (squatting)

back ext 3x8 BW
Seated GM 30 kg

Box jumps 3x3 BW



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