Author Topic: Kris Kangas workouts!!  (Read 30507 times)

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Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
« Reply #30 on: April 07, 2018, 09:47:50 AM »

After lunch decided on a little experiment with wrist curls. Have been doing them Scott/Pearl style with a block of wood and towel on bench to keep them strict. Trying Sipes style, on legs, angled down, shoulders toward knees at less then 90 degree angle to keep tension on forearms.

Wrist curl
130x30, 152x20, 20, 20, last five reps last set I used a little leg action to get bar moving, nice pump!
Reverse wrist curl
62x20, lowering weight for more top contraction, 52x20, 20, 20, again, nice pump, will feel these tomorrow.

10 min.


Me neither Willie. He was most impressive in relaxed poses, made Arnold look thin next to him in the shot of him and Arnld in Vinces' gym.

BWx8, 25x8, 50x5(every rep started from floor) 60x3, 3 (last 2 sets last rep neg.)
BWx10, 25x6, BWx8

142x5, 175x5, 210x2, 222x2, 210x3
CG bench
166x8, 8, 8

Reverse curl
100x15, 130x8, 152x5, 5, 5, 130x8+8 x-reps

Wrist curl
130x20, 152x15, 15, 15, 15, 15+15 hang wrist curls

62 min. Overall good workout, shoulder popping a lot on chins, hincky on bench, but no pain.


Thurs. 19th. Couldn't post yesterday, internet problems. A very lite workout. Little sleep nite before, Shoulder and tweaked back kept waking me úp. Bitch and moan.

86x5, 108x5, 130x5 (used to be my warmup weight, bummer, lol)
Cajin row
130x10, 10
166x5, 210x5, 298x5
R deads
Reverse wrist curls, arms straight out, over back of chair,
50x40, 30, 25
Hanging wrist curl
130x40, 25, 20

36 min. Not feeling the love today


Got up early today, not enough energy for full blown workout, but always enough for forearms, so.....swig some killer ice tea...

Wrist curls
130x15, 160x5, 196x5, 226x5....that's it on weight for today, on to some reps, 175x15, 150x20,15, 140x15, 130x20.

Around 15 min. or so.


130x5, 175x5, 210x3, 240x1, 1,(PR) 210x3, 175x5, 5, 5, 5, 5

BWx5, 25x5, 58x3, 75x2, 2,(PR) 42x5, 25x5, 5, 5, 5, BWx10

40 min. Felt a little love today! 


Got my killer ice tea all ready, chug a lug!

Skullcrushers ss/CG bench
86x10+10, 108x10+10, 130x8+8, 8+8, 6+6, (up 2 reps)

35x8, 8, 8, 8, BWx20

Curls ss/CG rows
86x10, 108x8+8, 130x5+5, 5+5, 5+5

Reverse curls
130x10, 150x5, 160x5, 130x10, 10, 10 x-reps

Hanging wrist curls
130x25, 160x20, 15, 10, 130x20

45 min. Good workout, weights up overall, nice pump


Press+Cajin row, compound

Skullcrushers+press, compound
100x5x10/10, last set x-reps

Preacher curls
78x8, 70x4x10, last set x-reps

Reverse curl preacher, E-Z
70x5x10, last set x-reps

Wrist curl, on bench
152x30 (PR) 175x20 (maybe PR) 15, 15, 152x20

52 min. all reps strict. Yep, I'm done!


SL Deads
165x8, 210x8, 298x8, breathing really hard here, pant pant.

165x10, 210x4, 4, pathetic, tri's fried from last workout I guess, 188x6, 6

165x10, 210x6, 232x4, 4

Standing French press
85x8, 100x8, 8, 7

100x8. 8. 8

40 min. Shoulda just rested today, slap, slap!!


Bench Wrist curls
130x20, 152x20, 174x15, 200x8, 174x10, 152x15, 130x15

Reverse wrist curl
42x40, 64x15, 10, 50x20, 20

20 min. Something to do today, sore as heck from yesterdays workout, hams and upper back.

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Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
« Reply #31 on: April 07, 2018, 04:47:02 PM »

Will have room for anybody that stops on down, no problem.

What I did with my Sunday

Press, n push press
108x5, 130x5, 152x5, 170x3, 152x5, 130x5

BWx5, 33x5, 55x5 (2+3neg) 5 (2+3neg) 25x5, BWx10, think I'm too fat to add more weight, lol.

French press, E-Z bar
100x4x10, forgot how much I like these, felt great.

Reverse curl, E-Z bar
100x10, 130x10, 150x6, straight bar, 140x10, 130x10, 108x25, smoke'n. Think I will start doing higher reps for a while, put on some size (ego)

Bench wrist curls
140x30, 170x25, 185x15, 160x20, 140x20, 20, barely got last few reps, can barely close my hands, lol. Forearms feeling good today.

70 min. a little long, but great workout, 1 liter of ice tea.


152x5, 210x3, 232x2, 254x1, 210x3, 175x10, 10

BWx5, 40x3, 80x1+2neg., 102x3 neg. stuff creaking and popping, and not just my body, 40x5, BWx10, 25x5, BWx8

Reverse wrist curl
50x40, 25

Hanging wrist curl
130x40, 25

37 min of sheer pleasure...not.


Front Squat
100x5, 142x5, 188x5, right knee feels "out of joint", switch to speed box squats
Box Squat
210x2, that's it, knees gone, barely bend it, switching to SL Deads

SL Deads
210x15, 15

15 min. Call it good today, drink ice tea, go to my happy place,


OH Press for speed reps, coulda gone with 115-120
100x3, 125x 8x3

Seated French press
95x 6x8
60x20, 75x10, 10

95x 5x8

Reverse curl
125x 4x8, 100x20

Wrist curl, bench
130x50, 160x25, 15, 140x20, 130x20

60 min. Felt good, didn't push too hard, but feel it


Should'a worked out, but had a certificate presentation for a private security company and students, with the obligatory beer, so decided to hit forearms, because......because I can......

Wrist curls, bench
150x50, (PR) 175x25, (maybe PR?) 198x10, 175x15, 150x25

Reverse wrist curls
50x50 (PR) 25, 20, 15

14 min of pleasure.


152x5, 196x5, 218x2, 238x1, 260x1 (PR) 200x5,
Close grip bench, 176x10, 10, need to up weight here.

BWx5, 40x5, 5, BWx10

200x8, 8, 8,

40x40, got tired of rowing, so just picked up a 40 lb'r and went at it, lats really pumped!

35 min. Pretty fair workout.


Front squat, 130x10, switch to back squats, knee is hincky
Back squat, 175x5, 230x5, 5, 5, 5, knee popped on last rep, that's all she wrote, but better than nothing.

13 min. come back tomorrow, too much going on today


Close grip bench
130x5, 160x5, 200x5, 5, 5, seated DB French press 40x15, bothers shoulder, screw these, CGB175x10

BWx20, 20

BWx8, 8, 25x6, 6, 6

Hammer curls
50x10, 10, 10, 10, 10

Wrist curl, DB
55x55, 65x25, 75x20, killing my shoulder, stopping here, kicked my own butt today. For some reason, didn't feel like much isolation work today.

48 min. Ice tea time.


Wrist curls, bench
140x20, 165x15, 190x10, 210x10, 232x5, 242x0, couldn't budge it, MIGHT get it with OLY bar, my bar is thicker, and no knurling, 210x10, 188x10, 165x25, actually got a pump on last set, lol.

Reverse wrist curl
50x30, 30, 20, 20

24 min

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Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
« Reply #32 on: April 07, 2018, 04:58:51 PM »

Got up early, kinda tired, but must train, so a light day.

140x10, 180x8, 210x6, 6

90x10+10, 115x10+10, 10+10

140x10, 188x8, 210x6, 6

90x10, 110x10, 10

Reverse curl
110x15, 125x15, 15

Hang wrist curl
125x50, didn't feel it till around rep 30, then ouch

40x45, forgot to do these earlier, forearms were wasted, had to regrip twice, but up 5 reps. Need larger plate, or go to bar.

38 min, need some more ice tea!!


Yes Ty, beer, breakfast of champions!

OH Press
115x5, 136x5, 160x3,3, lockouts really sucky today, 130x5, 5

Cajin rows
108x10, 130x10, 150x5, 5, 5, 108x15, don't think my elbows are forward enough.

152x10, killing both knees today, maybe bout of athritis, I don't know, hurt just sitting down as well. Switch to SL Deads.

SL Deads
152x15, 218x15, smoked ham, hang it up here today. Maybe hit a gym for some leg press for a change up.

32 min


Put some Robert Cray on the jukebox.

BWx10, 40x5, 65x5, 40x5, BWx10, 10

85x10, 110x10, 100x10, 10

145x10, 195x5, 225x5, 195x5, 170x10

Skullcrushers+CG bench
100x10+10, 120x10+10. 10+10, slow, strict, 85x10+10, 10+10, tri's smoked!!

Reverse curl
85x20, 108x15, 130x8, 140x5, 120x10, 10

Wrist curls
120x25, 150x25, 25, that's it, don't want no more.

70 min. long workout for me, great overall pump!


DB's, 50x20, 60x10
Bar, 150x3, 140x3, 130x5, shoulders still wasted from bench, could'a just skipped these!

130x5, 175x5, 210x5, 275x5, 5, 210x10. Knee felt better today. All squats ATG

Cajin (bent up/row)
85x25, 25, decided shoulders needed only something light on backside after crappy presses.

Reverse wrist curl
65x20, 15, 10

Hanging wrist curl
150x25, 15, 15

36 min.


Joined a gym today where I also teach Aikido. 200 pesos a month, about 18 bucks. Remember why I lift at home, lol. Looking forward to some different apparatus. Didn't see anyone use the squat rack for more than tricep dips, so I used it for reverse curls, screw it,

132x10, 198x10, 220x5, 5

Pulley rows, I think each plate is 5 kilo or 11lbs?
6 platesx10, 11 platesx10, 16 (stack)x6, 6

132x10, 176x8, 220x4, 198x6

48x15, 57x10, 10

Seated curls w/backstop (reversed scott bench)
22x10, 31x8, 40x8, 8

Incline skullcrushers
52x10, 84x10, flat bench skull+CGB, 101x8+8, 8+8
Thick bar pressdaown
55x10, 10

Reverse curls (in squat rack,
88x10, 99x10, 110x10, 132x10

Wrist curl, bench
132x15, 154x15, 176x10, 154x10, long bar not as stable as my short one, different feel for sure.

1hour 15 min, I'm wasted, overall pretty good workout.

 Visited Mexico many times, gave some seminars down here, liked the weather. The illegals are almost always the poorest, uneducated. However there are the middle class which you never hear about. Also Mexico is country number 4 in the world with billionairs. I have an unusual niche here as I train bodyguards and police, and trust me they need the training, as well as a martial arts school.


Couldn't get to gym today, not much sleep last nite, and am dropping calories, so decided a little wrist culs were in order. Jukebox says Sam Cook, and a little chain gang music to start the show.

Wrist curls, thick bar
130x40. 150x20, 175x10, 150x15, 15, 130x20, reps really down, but awsome pump, go figure

Reverse wrist curl, thick bar
62x20, 20, 20, on last set did 40 more reps of reg wrist curl, ouch, veins popping!

Around 18 min


All weights kilos

40x8, 50x6, 60x5, 70x5, 80x3, 70x5, Oly bar really feels good after thick short bar. Good for more weight, but in a bit of a hurry today.

Cajin row(bent upright)
60x10, 70x8, 80x5, 5, 70x8, forgot to do lateral raise, get'm next time.

80x6, 100x6, 120x6, 140x3, forgot to hang from chin bar for back stretch, next workout

Leg press
120x10, 10, lit weight, decided to ease into this, will be sore tomorrow, up the weight next workout

Reverse curl, funky aluminum e-z bar, just wanted to try it.
30x10, 50x10, looks cool, feels bad, Oly bar is better

38 min.


A little Rolling Stones to crank me up.
All weights kilos

BWx10, 10, 15x6, 6

Low pulley row
12 platesx8, 8, 8, 8

60x8, 80x8, 100x5, 5

26x10, 10, 10, 10

Curls, machine preacher
25x10, 30x10, 35x10, don't care for these
Oly bar curls
40x10, 50x8, 8

Skullcrushers+CG bench
40x10+10, 50x8+8, 60x6+3, 6+3

Japanese tri pushups
BWx10, 10, 10, tri's smoked

Reverse curl, Oly bar
50x10, 60x8, 8, 50x10

Wrist curls
60x25, 80x10, oops thought I had on 70, 70x20, 15

Wow, 1 hour 20 min. I'm a whipped puppy!


Jimi Hendrix to get the mojo work'n.

Decided to go back to shoulder/arm combo, still like it best. All weight in kilos.

Lateral raises, giving pressing a day off.
10x10, 14x10, 16x10, Drop set---16x10--14x5--12x5-- 10x5

Seated DB curl with backstop, did these in preacher curl with back to preacher, worked out well
12x10, 14x8, 16x6, 18x6, 22x6, 18x6

Lying tri ext. DB's
10x15, 14x12, 16x10, 18x10, Ext,+press 22x6+6, 6+6, 18x6+6, great having whole rack of DB's!

Seated hammer curls, with backstop
16x10,18x10, 22x10, 10, 18x10

Wrist curl DB
18x25, 26x25, 30x25, hanging wrist curl, 30x20, 15

45 min. Bitch'n workout! great pump, love the dumbell rack, too bad they don't go heavier. And for Ty, a cool 78 degrees, with a liter of ice tea!

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Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
« Reply #33 on: April 07, 2018, 05:06:14 PM »

All weights in kilos

Squats, bar high, close stance
60x5, 90x5, 110x5, 130x5, 150x2, 160x1, 130x5, 110x5, 100x5

Rows, bench lever bar
50x8, 70x6, 80x5, 5, 70x5, 60x6, like reg. rows better, but nice change of pace

Low pulley rows
10 platesx10, 12 platesx8

60x8, 80x8, 100x3, 110x1, 115x1, (PR I think)

Flys, flat bench
26x20, 30x15, nice pump for the secret bodybuilder in me

Reverse wrist curl
20x30, 25x25, 20

Hanging wrist curl
55x25, 75x12, 10, non revolving bar, very strict, but awsome pump,

About 65 min. Overall nice workout


Rain really came down today. No electricity nor anyone in the gym for the first half hour. Had the place to myself. All weights in kilos. To figure lbs just take the number and multiply 2.2, or double the number and add 10 percent. Example, 30 kilos doubled=60 + 6 (10%)=66 lbs. or real close.

DB press
10x10, 16x10, 22x6, 26x6, 30x6, 26x6, 22x6

Cajin rows (bent upright rows, about 30 degree angle bent forward, pulled to chest)
22x10, 26x10, 30x6, 6, 6

Incline tri extension
10x10, 14x10, 16x8, 18x8, 22x8, 6

Lying crossover tri ext.
12x10, 14x8, 16x8, 8, felt really good, nice pump

Seated DB curl, with backstop
14x10, 16x8, 18x8, 8, 8

Hammer curl, backstop
18x8, 22x10, 10, 10, 18x10, 10, 10

Barbell wrist curl
60x20, 15, didn't feel the love, going to DB's

DB wrist curl
30x20, 15, 15, 15, 15, felt pretty good today, that's as high as the DB's go, pathetic I know.

72 min. Spent to much time getting interrupted from other members, but good overall workout.


SL Dead, all weights kilos
100x5, 140x5, 170x5, 3, lower back pretty much fried here, PR at 170x5(about 375 lbs)

CG bench
60x10, 80x5, 100x5, 5, 80x8, 8

Reverse grip rows
60x10, 80x5, 100x5, 5, 80x8

Reverse curls
50x10, 55x8, 42x15, 50x10, was experimenting with diff. bars

Wrist curl
50x20, 66x8, 50x15, hanging wrist curl, 50x20

1 hour flat


Press, oly bar, all weights kilos
50x5, 60x5, 70x5, 80x3, 60x10, shoulder acting up a little.
Cajin rows
60x5, 70x5, 80x5, 5, 70x5

Squats, 1 foot between heels, bar high
60x5, 80x5, 100x5, 120x5, 5, front squat 60x10

Hammer curls, seated with backstop
18x15, 22x10, 26x5, 5, E-Z Oly bar 40x15

DB wrist curls, thumbless grip
22x25, 32x20, 20, 20, 20, these felt pretty good today.

65 min. 75 degrees 


Partial deads, about 7" off safety rack, all wieghts in kilos
100x5, 140x3, 180x3, 210x3, 240x2, 260x1, wrist strap busted here, 2 years in the jungle doesn't work well for leather straps I guess, well whada want for 3 dollars? I think I coulda done around 280.

Reverse grip rows
60x5, 80x5, 100x5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 80x15, I think the bi's got hit today, will know later.

CG bench
60x5, 80x5, 100x5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 80x15, rest pause last 5 reps

Crossover DB tri ext.
16's x10, 10, fried tri's here!

Hammer curls, seated with backstop, I lean against the backside of preacher curl
18x20, 22x10, 10, 10, Drop set-22x10-18x10

DB wrist curl
26x25. 32x25 (up 5 reps) 20, 20

75 min. Felt pretty good, and worked, both rows and bench up in sets.


If you guy's don't hear from me for three weeks, it's because I'll be without internet and phone service as I am in the middle of moving to the new house this weekend. I'll try to get some photos of the work in progress.
All weights kilos.
OH press
50x3, 60x3, 70x3, 80x3, 60x10, 4 hours sleep last nite not helping,

Cajin rows
60x10, 80x5, 5, 5, 60x10, felt good

Leg press, just to tired to squat, these are better than nothing
120x10, 160x10, 10

Pushdown+pushouts (tri's)
20x10+10, 30x8+6

E-Z reverse curl
42x10, 52x10, 10

DB wrist curl
30x40, 30, Hanging wrist curl 30x20


Too much reading about Sipes, gotta do forearms, been slacking.

Wrist curls on bench
142x30, 164x20, 186x10, 164x10, 142x20

Behind back wrist curls
142x15, 127x30, 15, 15, 15

Reverse wrist curl+standing wrist curl(like behind back, but in front)
50x30+20, 20+20, 20+15, flexors very pumped and tired here.

R wrist curl+wrist curl+standing wrist curl
50x20+20+20, can barely close hands, puuuuuuummmmp!

24 wonderful minutes...............not.


Moving furniture and large plants all day, decided to skip deads, as I had already done my share!
All weights Kilos

RG rows
60x6, 80x6, 100x6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 80x10

CG bench
60x6, 80x6, 100x6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 80x10, rest pause last few reps of 100 kilos

Crossover lying tri ext.
14's x15, 15

Hammer curls seated
22x10, 10, 10, 10,
Spider reverse curls, E-Z bar
30x8, 8, standing 30x15

BB wrist curls
50x20, 70x15, 10, 10,

DB wrist curls
30x20, 20, 24x20, 15

80 min. Not sure about this 3xweek stuff, brutal, and you can,color me dead, lol.

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Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
« Reply #34 on: April 07, 2018, 05:16:55 PM »

Don't post for a day and can't find my thread, darn 3xweek workouts, lol.

DB press All weights kilos
18x10, 22x10, 26x7, 30x5, 5, 26x7

Cajin row(bent/upright row, elbows forward)
26x10, 30x8, 8, 8, 8, these felt great!

Squat, high bar, heels 1' apart, ATG
80x5, 100x5, 120x5, 140x5, 120x5

Reverse/hammer curls, DB's standing
22x8, 26x8, 30x8, 8, 26x8

DB wrist curl,(thumbles grip, Sipes style)
24x30, 28x25, 34x20, 20, 28x20

55 min. This workout was a keeper! Color me pumped.


Metamucil,ummmm, can that be mixed with whisky?

Ok, workout today, light, not pushing it. Weights, kilos.

SL deads
60x15, 80x15

CG bench
60x15, 80x15, 15

Crossover tri ext.
14x15, 15, 15, 15

Reverse grip row
60x15, 80x15, 15

Hammer curl, seated w/backstop, strict
18x15, 16x15, 14x15

Wrist curls Sipes style, thumbless grip
28x40, 30, 25

40 min.


Got pretty much moved into the new house, will be shutting down the computer, for how many days, not sure. Too tired to go to the gym, so hit some forearm work with DB's at home.

DB wrist curl
55x50, 62x50, 65x50, ouch!

Seated hammer(like reverse)wrist curls
27x50, 50, 50, smok'n

Tic tocs
27x30 (both sides) forearms are fried! Crazy workout.


Short on time, long on tired, so shoulders, arms.

DB press, weights in kilos
22x10, 26x5, 30x5
Cajin row, DB
30x10, 10
Seated bent lat raise
8x20, 20

DB curls seated
12x10, 16x10, 18x8, 8, 8

Lying tri ext, DB
16x20, 18x15, 22x10, drop set, 22x8-18x6-16x4

Seated hammer curls, backstop
18x10, 22x8, drop set, 22x8-18x8

Wrist rockers, hold 2 DB arms hanging down, inside of kness, bells touching, curling up together
22x20, 20, forearms fried from last nite.

32 min. Beer time (it's late!)


Last 2 workouts, kilos

DB press
16x10, 18x6, 22x6,6, 22x10

Lateral raise
14x10, 16x10, 18x10, 10, 10

Machine row
60x10, 75x10, 90x10, 100x10, 10

50x10, 60x8, 8

Machine bench
40x15, 50x10, 60x10, 70x10

14x20, 18x20, 20

Hammer preacher curl
10x10, 14x10, 16x8, 8

Standing wrist curl
50x20, 70x20, 80x15

1 hour

Tues, 21

100x10, 120x10, 140x6

DB tri ext plus CG bench
16x15/8, 18x10/5, 22x10/5, 26x5/5, 22x8/4, 6/6

Incline tri ext. DB
14x10, 10, 10

Preacher DB Curl
14x10, 16x10, 8, 8, 8

Reverse/Hammercurl Preacher
16x8, 8, 8, Seated hammer curl, 16x15, 15

Wrist curl, DB
22x50, 30x30, 25, 20, Hang wist curl, BB, 60x15

60 min.


Standing press, all weight kilos,just multiply x 2.2 for pounds.
60x10, 70x5, 60x10

Cajin row
60x10, 70x10

Lateral raise
16x10, 18x10, 10

60x10, 70x8, 8, 8, 8

60x10, 70x8, 8, 8, 8

Reverse curl
35x10, 40x10, 45x10, 10

Wrist curl
60x30, 70x15, 15, 60x20

47 min, dinking around, giver hell next time.


Betsy,just a little rain from Dean. I live 6000 ft up, no huricane here.
Yep Al, I now belong to the old fart club!!

Todays workout, kilos

Squats, high bar, close stance, about 1 foot.
60x5, 100x5, 140x5, 160x1, 140x5, 100x5, 5,( 11 min. total)

Curl, DB seated with backstop
14x10, 16x10, 18x8, 8, 8

Lying DB tri. ext.
14x10, 16x10, 18x10, 22x8, 8

Incline tri. ext.
14x10, 16x8, 8, 8

Seated hammer/reverse DB curl
16x8, 18x8, 22x8, 8, standing x 12, 12

DB wrist curl (Sipes style)
26x30, 36x15, 15, 32x15, 15

60 min, pretty fair workout


Everything in lbs. for people who can't do math good nor noth'n.

132x10, 220x10, 264x10, 220x10, back was feeling better.

85x10, 105x10, 118x8, 8
CG Bench
172x8, 8, 8
Incline tri. ext. 2 15 kilo plates (66 lb.s)
66x12, 12, 12, up 6 lbs. from last workout-

Curls, oly bar
85x10, 105x8, 118x8, 8, 105x10

Reverse curl, E-Z bar
80x10, 105x10, 123x8, 8, 105x10

Wrist curl, oly bar on bench
132x20, 154x20, 176x12, no love here, switching
Hang wrist curl
154x20, 20, these felt good

65 fun and exciting minutes, 


DB pr coming up, hmm, next workout, ok?

BN Press
55x10, 75x10, 105x10, now I remember why I don't do these anymore.
110x5, 132x5, 5
Lateral raise
30x15, 35x15, 40x12, 12, up 2 reps from last time.

132x8, 176x8, 220x3, 3,(wow, no love here, shoulder no likie) 176x8, 8
50x15, 15, 15
Cable flys
35x15, 45x10, enough of that crap

132x8, 176x8, 220x8, 8, 176x8
Close grip pullups
BWx10, 8
One arm pulley rows
80x10, 10, ok, fatboy's tired now, go home.

58 min of try'n to get er done. 

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Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
« Reply #35 on: April 07, 2018, 05:23:15 PM »

OK, PR coming up,

DB wrist curl, thumb under, Sipes style.
50x20, 75x20, 85x15, 101x7, each hand. PR. First 5 reps pretty easy, then got tougher. Didn't even get a pump, all tendon I guess,

5 min.


132x5, 220x5, 264x5, 308x5, 264x5, 220x5

85x10, 107x10, 128x8, 140x5+5 CG bench, 105x8
E-Z incline tri ext.
65x15, 75x10
DB inline tri. ext.
30's x10, 10

Machine preacher curls
50x10, 60x10, 70x10, 80x10, 90x8, 105x8, 115x6
Hammer curls seated
30x10, 40x10, 50x10
Machine reverse curl
90x6, 70x10

DB wrist curl, Sipes style
62x40, 71x25, 80x20, 62x20

1 hour 20 minutes


SL deads
132x5, 220x5, 308x5 374x5, last set with straps due to athritis
BWx5, 22x5, 33x5, 44x5, 5 (last 3 reps neg.) BWx5, 5
BWx5, 22x5, 44x5, 5, BWx10, 10
Incline tri. Ext. DB’s
27x20, 20, 20
Hammer curl, seated w/backstop, strict
35x8, 40x8, 49x8, 8, 58x5, 49x8
Wrist curl
53x40, 70x25, 20, 15, 53x30

75 min. Will be sore tomorrow,


Sore, uh huh.

Squats, all in lbs.
176x10, 264x8, 8, 8, up one rep or add set next workout.

VG CG bench
132x10, 176x8 (wow these are toughies)154x8, 8
Incline tri. ext.
62x10, 85x8, bothering shoulder, switch to...
Long pulley tri. ext.
90x20, 20, pumped!

Spider curls, thumbless grip
50x10, 85x6, 6, 6
Preacher curl, thumbless grip
Spider reverse curl
50x15, 72x8, 6
Preacher reverse curl
72x8, 50x15, nice pump

Behind back wrist curl
178x10, 154x15, 10, 132x15, 15

64 min. felt good


Got exactly 3 hours sleep last nite, just one of those nites. So cheated and used machines,

Machine press
75x10, way too lite, 100x10, 145x10, 180x10, 10, nice pump.
Lateral raise, bent foreward
27x15, 35x15, 40x15
Machine cable row
120x15, 180x15, 225x10, 10, 190x10
Pullover, 44 lb plate x 50
Neck press
40x10, to find groove, 85x15, 105x15, 15
Reverse preacher curl
55x15, 80x10
Wrist curl, small bar, too tired to load Oly bar
125x40, 25, small bar hard on hand.

55 min. Good workout in spite of lack of sleep.


Can't get to gym, so workout at home. Squats tomorrow.

VG CG bench
100x15, 120x12, 145x10, 10, 10, 120x10, 10
Seated French press
60x15, 15, 15, 15
Spider curl+reverse spider curl, superset
65/60x10+10, 10+10, 10+8, 65/55x10+10, 10+10
Reverse curl, straight bar
65x15, arms toasted!
Wrist curl
142x20, 20, 20, 20

40 mins.


132x5, 220x9x5

Standing press
110x5, 132x5, 154x5, 5, 132x5

Cajin row
132x5, 154x5, 176x5, 5, 5

Lateral raise

Reverse wrist curl over back of preacher bench
40x40, 40

DB wrist curl
62x40, 30

53 exciting minutes, 


OK here we go,

CG bench
132x5, 176x5, 198x5, 5, 5, 5, 189x5, 5, 176x5, 5, dropped weight to keep bar speed up.

Incline tri. ext, two 33# plates
66x15, 15, 15, these things just feel good, who knew?

CG pulldowns, palm back
105x5, 150x5, 180x5, screw this, going to-
BWx5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5
Machine preacher curls
110x7, 7, up 1 rep

Reverse curl, Oly bar
88x8, 110x8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8

Wrist curl on bench
132x8, 176x10, 198x8, 220x5, 198x6, 176x10, 132x30, 20

70 minutes of predetermined fun, forethought of malice, and just an all around darned nice time.


132x5, 220x3, 264x3, 308x2, 352x1, 264x5, 5, 5
Lower back not co-operating today.

One arm press
40x5, 50x5, 57x5, 67x5, 5, left shoulder no likeie heavier weight.
Cajin row, DB's
57x10, 10, 10

Reverse/hammer curl, one arm
50x8, 58x8, 67x5, 5, 5, felt pretty good

Wrist curls, DB
63x40, 75x25, 25

53 min. of adulterated nasty good times. 

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Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
« Reply #36 on: April 07, 2018, 05:42:06 PM »

Ty, it's the 45 degree inward tilt double handed extensor curl hurt and suck thingy, lol.

DB press, limited due to shoulder, bitch and moan.
40x20, 50x10, 68x6, 6, 58x6
Lateral raise
35x15, 40x15
Bent over lateral raise
22x15, 15, smoken!

Incline DB tri. ext.
30x10, 35x8, 40x8, 50x6, 6, 40x8
Lying crossover tri. ext.
35x8, 8, 8

Standing DB curl
30x10, 35x8, 49x8, 50x6, 40x8
Standing reverse/hammer curl
40x10, 50x10, 10
Seated r/h curl w/ backstop (strict)
40x10, 10

DB wrist curl
53x30, 67x25, 85x20, 15, 75x15, 70x15

65 min.


I agree on that one Cajin.

Goal this workout, 30 reps per exercise
220x10, 10, 10

Pullups, trying for sternum, very tough
BWx10, 8, 6, 6, neg. on last set

DB bench
68x10, 10, 10

66x15, 15, (two 15 kilo plates)

Reverse/hammer curl
68x8, 8, 6, 5, 3

Wrist curl, DB
72x30, 80x30, this might be a PR.

43 min.


Man felt those chins from the last workout today, ouch! A little tired, got up too early.

One arm press
40x10, 50x10, 58x8, 8
Bent laterals
35x15, 15

Lying tri. ext DB's
35x10, 40x10, 50x8, 8,
Incline tri. ext. DB's
35x10, 10, 10

Curls standing, alternate (DB's)
30x10, 40x10, 50x6, 6 40x8, 35x8
Standing Hammer/reverse DB curl, alternating
50x10, 58x8, 8, 50x10, 10

Wrist curls
70x30, 80x20, 85x15, 80x20, nice pump today.

40 min.


Dang, take 3 days off to rest, and get some freaking stomach bug, nuts!

Squats, all 1/2 squats (bottom half,
132x10, 220x10, 264x5, 5, back crack'n on every nasty rep.

CG bench
132x15, 176x10, 198x5, 5, 5, 5
Skulls+CG bench
132x8+8, 5+5, 5+5, tri's pretty much used up here.

Sternum chins
BWx5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, last couple reps neg., sternum chins getting easier, within 3 inches of touching chest.

Reverse curls, E-Z bar
110x15, 122x10, 10, 10

Wrist curl, Oly bar on bench
110x40, 154x15, 15, DB 80x20

60 min. flat


DB press
50x8, 58x8, 67x8, 8

Cajin row DB's
67x8, 8, 8

Reverse/hammer curl DB's
40x8, 50x8, 58x8, 67x5, 5

DB wrist curl
80x25, 88x15, 80x20

about 30 min.


132x3, 220x3, 308x3, 352x5x1, 264x2x5, back and hips really feel tweaked, ouch.

220x10, 264x2x10

Neck crunch

For grins and giggles
Reverse wrist curl
32x60, 40
Hang wrist curl, DB
Wrist curl

30 min.

Laid on decline bench for 10 min. for back.


Have been a little under the weather for a week of so, didn't feel like going to gym, so set up chin and dip bar at home. Spent more energy on that than the workout,

SS Sternum chins + dips, BW on both
5x6+6, haven't done dips in months and it shows, really breathing hard after 3rd set.

Hammer curls seated w/backstop
50x 4x10

Wrist curl DB
65x50, 30, 25, awsome pump on these today

About 25 min.


 Over the bug but have been moving the dojo to a new location. Negociated the price down like a one armed pirate. Been busy and bone tired for the last 3 days. It shows on todays workout, but glad to finally be back at it.

132x5, 176x5, 264x5, 308x5, 5

110x5, 132x5, 154x5, 176x2, 2, 154x5, not much love on these.

Cajin row
132x5, 176x5, 198x5, 176x5, really felt these in bi's and forearms, who knew?

Bent lateral raise
40x15, 15, hurt me, hurt me, hur....

One arm Reverse/hammer curl
50x10, 58x10, 62x8, 68x6

DB wrist curl Sipes style
62x25, 68x25, 90x15, 78x15, 68x15

55 min. Go home now, kill soemthing, eat, then curl into fetal position.


I don't know Yeti, not as primitive as I once was.
Al, this from the dip and chinup King?
Thanks Betsy, catch me on a good day, we'll find out.

Head cold went into chest, almost lost my voice, Debated on working out today, heck of a flu.

Sternum chins(can't quite touch chest, but getting there)
BWx7, 7, 7, 7,(5+3 neg) 7,(4+3 neg)

BWx10, 10, 10, 10, 10(6+4 neg)

Seated DB tri ext.
35x10, 10

Reverse/hammer DB curl, one arm alternate
45x10, 65x10, 10, 10, 10 X-reps(partials)Still sore from last workout.

DB wrist curl aka Sipes style
65x40, 75x30, 25, 20

Can't beleive I actually made it through the workout, lol, will stumble to easy chair now.

43 min.


Man still really low on energy, but felt better after last workout. Just gonna pump the blood through the veins a bit.

132x5, 220x5, 5, 5, 5

One arm DB press
50x10, 58x10, 10

One arm seated Cajin row
58x10, 10, 10, man these are great, saved my back, and really locked into the move

Reverse/hammer curl DB
58x10, 10

Wrist curl, DB
85x30, a PR I think! 85x20

30 min. Got a sweat going, good enough.

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Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
« Reply #37 on: April 08, 2018, 09:51:43 AM »
 I have been working on wrist curls hard for about 2 years now. Used to throw in a set or two as an afterthought, couple sets of 15-20 with a hundred lb barbell. Decide to treat them like any other move. I think you can make great gains if you spend a little time with them. I started mostly with barbell, but have gravitated toward more dumbell. My all time high was a bb with 242 lbs, one rep. Tried 250 but don't weigh enough to counterbalance the weight up. This was Larry Scott/Bill Pearl style, with forearms resting on small bench and levering up the weight, thumbless grip. When you can use 2 45's on each end of an OLY bar, people really freak out.


Bought a 6 ft chain, weighs 5 lbs, gonna try it out today. Still got the flu, hacking up all the bad stuff, workout will kill me or cure me.

BWx5, 25x5, 35x5, 25x5, 5, BWx5, 5
Seated DB curls

BWx5, 25x5, 45x5, 55x5, 45x5, 5, 25x5
Seated tri ext. DB's
35's x15

Hammer/reverse DB curls
Seated, 58x6, standing, 58x10, 10

Wrist curls, DB
104x10, PR, 90x15, 15, worked out at home, only had short DB's, so about ground off the skin on my thumbs, ouch,

58 min.

10-14-07 05:43 PM - Post#360501     

132x3, 198x3, 220x3, 264x3, 308x3, 352x3, 308x3, 264x3, 220x3

Cajin row DB seated
50x10, 58x10, 85x5, 5, 5, 5, pump big time.

DB press 1 arm
50x5, 58x5, 67x5, 75x3, 67x5, 58x5

Seated hammer curl
50x10, 10, 10, standing, 50x15, 15

Wrist curl, DB
88x10, 98x10, 115x1 + 2 neg. PR, 85x15

65 min. Feeling a bit better today, one nasty flu!


BWx10, 38x5, 5, 48x3, 3, 38x5, 5, BWx10 (7+3 neg)

BWx15, 38x5, 55x5, 5, 38x5, 5, 5, BWx15

Reverse/Hammer curl, DB
71x5, 5, 65x5, 5, 60x8

Wrist curl, DB
65x40, 25, 15, 15, nice pump!

47 min


Another one o those, I don't feel like lift'n, but it's good for ya days. So put on Bad to the Bone to get the heart started.

132x5, 220x5, 253x5, 264x5, 5
Leg press

DB press
40x15, 67x5, 5, 5, 5

Seated Cajin row
67x6, 8, 8, 8, 8, shoulda warmed up first I think.

Hammer grip wrist curls
22x50, 31x25, 25, nice pump

Wrist curl DB Sipes style
58x40. 25, 25

45 min.


BWx5, 15x5, 25x5, 45x5, 55x3, 75x3, 3, 65x3, 55x3,3,3, 45x3,3

45x5,5, 65x5, 75x5,5, 65x5, 55x5, 50x5,5, 30x5,5,5

Reverse/hammer DB curl, seated w/backstop
50x8,8,8,8, standing, 50x8,8,8,8

DB wrist curl
55x50. 75x25, 90x15,10, 75x15

75 fun filled minutes, 


Quick lite day.

Squats, bottom half
132x10, 220x10

Romainian deads
220x10, 10

One arm DB press
50x15, 58x10

Seated DB Cajin row
58x15, 15, awsome pump

Hammer grip wrist curl DB's
27's x50, 50, ouchies

Hanging DB wrist curl
50's x50, 50

23 min.


Trying some rest pause today. Each dash ( - ) represents 10 sec. rest pause.

BWx15-10-5, 10-5-4, 8-4-4

Seated BB French press
65x12-6-4, 12-6-4

BWx8-4-2, 6-3-2, 5-3-2

Reverse curl, BB
95x15-8-4, 10-5-3

Wrist curl, BB
130x30-10-10, 20-10-5

29 min. Arms wasted!


Reverse hypers, 2x20

132x5, 220x5, 264x3, 330x2, 264x5, 5

Leg press, 6 platesx10, 8 platesx10, 10 platesx6/ss with sissy squat 10 reps.

DB press, dash (-)= 10 sec rest pause
40x15, 50x8, 58x8-4-2, 8-3-2, whoa, breathing hard on these!

Cajin row seated, DB
67x10-5-3, 10-5-3

Hammer grip wrist curl, DB
30's x50, 50, rest paused couple times on second set to finish

DB wrist curl
80x30, 70x30, left wrist a little tweaked, calling it good here.

49 min.


Put on Waylon CD, just for oldog, as I'm sure he's a Texan at heart!
This turned out to be a real butt kicker, though didn't feel like it at the moment.

BWx25, 50x5,5,5,5,5, BWx20

Seated DB French press, 2 bells
35's x15, 15

BWx5, 25x5,5,5,5, BWx5,5

Hammer curls
55x10,10, 60x10,10,10

Wrist curls
72x40, hurt'n last 10 reps, couldn't put em down on fast enough on last 5 reps!!
80x25, 90x20, 75x20

56 min. Ice tea time, or maybe a nap?

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Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
« Reply #38 on: April 08, 2018, 09:57:52 AM »

132x5, 220x5, 264x5,5,5, 220x10

OH Press
110x5, 132x5, 154x5, 176x3, 154x5, 132x5

Cajin row
132x5, 154x5, 176x5,5,5

Reverse wrist curl (40# OLY)over preacher bench
40x40, 40

DB wrist curl
71x40, 40

46 min.


Go'n to try a little Gironda style conditioning for a while.

BW 6x6, last three set assist, 30 sec. between sets.

Stiff arm pulldowns
60 3x10, 30 sec.

Bench, med. wide grip
130 6x6, 30 sec.

35's 3x10, 30 sec.

20 min. Will be sore tomorrow!!(sore already)


Drive-thru........hmm. Sounds like a money maker!

Arm day, all sets with 30 sec. between. Straight bar, slightly thicker than OLY bar.

65x20, 85x 6x6, need to add 5 lb. next workout.

Pulley tri ext.
55x 6x6, need to add 5-10 lb.

65x15, 75x 6x6, add 5 lb.

Reverse curls
85x 6x6, weight close to right

Wrist curls
130x15, 15, 15, 15, 8, 6, just ran outa juice on last 2 sets,

28 min. Need to up the weights, but just gett'n my bearings on this routine.


130x 6x6, 30 sec. add 10 or more lb. next WO

OH press
90x 6x6, last set push press, about right

Bent lateral raise
30's x 6x6, add 5 lb. next WO

18 min. including tea and bathroom break, quick and dirty,   add SLD next WO.


30 sec rest between all sets

90x6, 130x6, 140x 6x6

Pullover, bar
65x 6x6, add 5 lb next WO

Stiff arm pulldown

140x 6x6

40x 6x6, add 5 lb next WO


Arm day, all 6x6 with 30 sec. rest between sets

75x10, 85x10, 90x 6x6, add 5 lb next WO

Seated French press
70x6x6, add 5 lb next WO

Pulley pressdown (for grins)

Standing BB curl, fairly close grip
70x10, 80x10, 90x6x6

Standing reverse curl
90x 6x6, last 2 sets tough

Wrist curl
135x 6x15, made all reps, last set tough, up 5 lbs and finished all reps from last WO.

35 min. Can you spell puuuuummmmmmped!!


Leg shoulder day, 30 sec. between all sets

95x 6x6 up 5 lb.

Bent lateral raise
40x 6x6, up 5 lb.

142x 6x6, up 12 lb.

SL deads
142x 6x6, really breathing hard here. Small weights really kick'n my butt!

18 min.


Thanks Zircon, guess I'm a little behind!

Todays music, George and his Destroyers
30 sec. between all sets, and about as fast as I could change plates.

130x6, 152x 6x6, las couple reps sorta tough

50x 6x6, up weight next WO, too light

152x6, 152x 6x6

70x 6x6, really felt the lats, up weight next WO

19 min flat. Was in a pool of sweat at the end.

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Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
« Reply #39 on: April 12, 2018, 09:08:13 AM »

OK, some ZZ Top and Doobies, and a little arm work.
All 30 sec rest between sets.

80x10, 100x 6x6, up 5 lb. add 5lb next WO.

Seated French press
75x 6x6, up 5 lb. add 5 lb next WO

BB curl
75x10, 95x 6x6, up 5 lb. last set sloppy, stay at this weight, slow down reps.

BB reverse curl
95x 6x6, weight about right, worked hard for these

Wrist curl
140x15, 15, 15, 15, 10, 8, up 5 lb. I'm man enough to say that groans and whimpers were emited on last 2 sets, ouchie!!

Arms were pumped!
30 min flat.


Didn't work out yesterday, stomach bug laid me low,could hardly keep my balance, start'n to feel a little better, just 2 exercises today, so sue me.

All 30 sec. rest between sets
152x6, 176x 6x6, up 24 lb. from last WO

OH press
86x6, 100x 6x6, up 5 lb. from last workout

14 min flat, and so am I.


Chest and Back day, 30 sec. rest between 6x6 sets
ZZ Top Recycler, cause I'm feeling recycled!

130x6, 152x6, 160x 6x6, up 8 lbs

60x 6x6, up 10 lbs per arm

135x6, 157x6, 165x 6x6, up 13 lbs

80x 6x6, up 10 lbs

27 min. and a pool of sweat, starting to hate this routine, 


30 sec. between sets
DB 35x15, BB 85x10, 108x 6x6, up 8 lbs, last set tuff, will leave weight here for now.

Seated French press, BB
75x 6x6, wicked good pump, up 5 lbs

75x10, 95x6, 100x 6x6, up 5 lbs, felt great, started with wide grip, worked my way to narrow, last set partials, hurts so good, leave weight here for now

Reverse curls
100x 6x6, up 5 lbs, these suckers hurt'n the extensors, still sore from other day! Feel maxed out on these

Wrist curls, 30 sec. between sets
140x 6x15, made all sets, last set was willpower and grunt'n.

35 min.


Well, I think my mind is going on this routine. Hate you Cajin!

All sets, 25 sec rest, cutting 5 sec all sets.

86x6, 108x 6x6, whoa. accidently upped weight 8 lb, mistake, lol. Breathing hard like wind sprints

Lateral raise
40x 6x6, may need to cut weight, last sets gett'n sloppy.

175x 6x6, just like runn'n! 3/4 squats, no lockout at top.

SL deads
175x 6x6, thats it, I'm dead..uh...done.

19 min

Never planned on working out every day, but with 20-30 minute workouts, seems doable, and I feel like I have time and energy to hit everything. Am now cutting time, leaving weights where they are. Starting to see some physique changes. Soon will start tightening the diet.


Chest back, all rest times, 25 sec

130x6, 160x6,6,6,6, stripping 10 lb. 150x6,6, and barely made those.

60x 6x6

130x6, 160x6,6,6, stripping 10 lb. 150x6,6,6, man last reps were SLOW

Pullovers, dropping 5 lbs
75x 6x6

20 min, fried. It will reamin to be seen if I can keep the weight up and drop the rest time. Never did catch my breath all the way through this workout! I'm starting to have doubts, hehe.


Armed and dangerous day. Today, a little Rock'n Rod Stewart.

25 sec rest between all 6x6 sets, about 2 min. between exercises.

85x15, already pumped, 100x 6x6, cut 5 lbs and 5 sec.

Seated French press
75x 6x6, same weight, cut 5 sec.

85x10, felt heavy, 95x 6x6, cut 5 lb and 5 sec

Reverse curl
95x 6x6, same as curls, forearms very heavy!

Wrist curls
140x 15, 15, 15, 15, 12, 8, same weight, cut 5 sec, heavy duty pump!

28 min.


Today, Rolling Stones for my listen'n pleasure.

Trading back and chest day, legs tom. then shoulders and arms same workout, to give shoulders more recoup time.

130x6, 150x 6x6, 25 sec. rests

75x 6x6, 20 sec. rests, cut 5 sec.

130x6, 150x 6x6, 25 sec. rests, rest paused last rep.

60x 6x6, 20 sec. rests, cut 5 sec. whining on last set.

24 min. Pool of sweat and pumped, 26 sets in 24 min. flat.


Squats, non lockout, 20 sec. rests, cut 5 sec. off last WO
130x6, 175x 6x6

SL Deads, 20 sec. rests, cut 5 sec. off last WO
175x 6x6,

Ready to puke now, is that allowed in Vices' Gym Cajin? lol

13 min.