Author Topic: The Regsus dream: the archetype of the father and hero  (Read 6105 times)

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The Regsus dream: the archetype of the father and hero
« on: April 22, 2013, 12:03:22 PM »
This night I have had a dream about the leading figure of Reg Park, the alma mater of this forum and others like, Reg's offical page and forum.

I am in my home village, in summer, like we always do for three months every year.   we are in the pool and saw Reg Park and his wife Mareon.   He was then in his 60 or 65.   He has a suit and shirt with some buttons undo, showing the six packs abs and the pecs.  Later he take off the shirt and show his incredible physique for a man over 60.   The image is true, since is roughly the muscles develop he had in the middle, final 80s.   My father said then: " Look, he is Reg Park, what a great physique he has!"  Later I begin to talk them, and Reg comes and sited in my right side and we begin to talk.   I see that is also talking to her wife too in two sites at the same time.    Later, I see them when they went to his rent out house for the summer: a big but also ancient house with a pair of big pair of wooden doors.
In the night, in a program of the local tv, a presenter invites Reg and Mareon to his show.   Every guest has to test a proble: riding a bull machine for the best time.   Reg try it.   Then, as I see it from my home tv, around my family, i said: Look after that!!   He seems young but is over sixty!!   He went to the ground in some seconds and he stand up with an smile.   Later, as he knows he last only few time above it, begin jumping, like a bull, from the feet to the hands, like secons before done in the machine-bull.  And the final piruette is a jump to the hads, doing a vertical line with the body, but coming down his BW of 215 lb into his right index finger, and doing push ups with only one hand, resting in one finger!!  ;)
My father see that and said:  "Bravo, Reg" -- and applaud him.
Later all the public began to clamour him saying:"Regsus, Regsus!!"
There is another passage of the dream where Reg said me:"Sergio, do you have mail me some email about the pyramid of Keops" -- and I said to him: "Yes, Reg, because I heard your project to bury there after your death.  And he said:   Yes, it's true, thanks you."

This last part is a bit strange and mystic, but it has his meaning.  When you idealize your father as was the case of Jon Jon Park and me, because this dream is not only about Reg Park, but also with my father too, the equallisation that they represent is the projection of the internal archetype of the father, the ancestral image of the father, that is near the image of God.   It's all internal images meaning.   Of course all are human with his finity life, but when you idealize your father, something is in conecction with the eternity too.  That's the reason to bury them into an eternal monument that was reserved to the pharaon.   It's also another way to consider them as a pair of stars, in the heavens, as the wrttings of the pyramids said of the soul of the pharaon: "The king is an star and now is one with Orion" -- or something like that, if I remember well.
The reason of Regsus I think is from one of his films:   Ursus, the terror of the kriguisi.   also when he imitate the movements of the bull is a metaforic image of Reg and the father as having the strength of a bull.

In my home town my father, due to his deep beliefs in the benefits of the sports, try to teach the boys of the generation of my old brother, me and the kids that were younger than me to learn how to play some sports, like fronton game.   He also was the coach of the first football team (scoocer mean ;)) of the village, that later won the local champioship.   He plays fronton all the summers from the first 80s (when it was builded) till 2004, when the parkinson don't let him contninue playing, then over eighty years old.  The last month, one of the friends of my old brother said me:   "I always remember your father as a kind of father to me, because he train me, your brother  and all the friends of those days that we should practice sports and not doing bad habits like smoking or drinking.  He teach three generations of childs how to play fronton game more than twenty years.  I remember how he plays all the morning (2-3 hours) even he was in his seventies and how he could do also strength feats like doing chins even in that age, that always was impossible for me.  It was not unusual that when a teenager's racket (of the last generation he train) broke, he went to my house and look after my father in order to repair it.   One of the players of the 80s and 90s said me one moth ago, when he knows that I have the cremains of my father and wanted to carry them to the mountains surrounding the village:"Scatter some of them in the fronton, for the memory of those fights" -Yes he was right.
This is one of the most beatifull dreams I ever have, so I want to put here in the memory of my father Vicente Rodriguez and Reg Park.

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