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Fridays WO:

No squats. Knee was acting up...

DBBP 1x5 with 27,5 kg, 30 kg, 32,5 kg, 35 kg, 35 kg
Pull ups 5x5 BW +11 kg chin over bar, straight bar

BNP snatch grip 1x2 37,5 kg 1x5 20 kg 2x5 25 kg 1x5 10 kg
BB row 5x5 63 kg

Laterals 3x10 10 kg DB:s

DB curl 1x5 17,5 kg 1x10 12,5 kg 1x7 15 kg

Tri ext 3x8 37,5 kg

Iced the knee and was worried that I would not be able to train with the weight lifters the next day.

Saturdays WO:

With the weight lifters:
Cleans 2x5 20 kg 2x5 25 kg 6x4 35 kg 3x4 45 kg

Leg ext 1x27 20 kg 1x14 40 kg
Leg curl 1x31 20 kg 1x12 40 kg

At the crossfit gym:

Handstands 30 min
Muscle ups technique 5x5
Muscle ups static holds 3x15 sec 1x27 sec (right before the "turnover" with the false grip)

No knee probs but still icing the knee. I was surprised to hear that they thought I had the style down so quickly, just minor adjustment now. But I also know that I still have a loooong way go.

Pull up, ramping up: 1x5 10 kg, 11 kg, 12 kg, 13 kg, 15 kg ( just chin over bar)

BB row 1x5 47,5 kg 1x5 51 kg 1x5 55 kg 1x5 57,5 kg 1x5 67,5 kg

DBBP 4x5 37,5 kg DB:s 1x5 35 kg DB:s

Leg curl 1x24 30 kg 1x15 35 kg 1x12 37,5 kg

SLDL 2x8 60 kg

DB french press 3x5 30 kg 1x12 20 kg

DB curl 3x6 15 kg DB:s 1x12 10 kg DB:s

Single leg calf raise 3x10 BW +12,5 kg

Hollow rock 2x30 sec

Decided to not squat today even though I was painless when testing BW squats. Gotta sort this out.... feels like my shin is out of track or something when I do leg curls. On the positive side this time it got better after each set.

I got Radial shock wave therapy tuesday so no squats this WO.
Had access fluid in my knee so it might take until monday before I get to work legs again. I'm thinking of sending Sean at the Hard Gainer RT a pm asking for help since
I've run out of ideas how to fix this.

Wednesdays WO:
Chins ramping up 1x5: 20 kg, 22,5 kg, 25 kg, 27,5 kg, 30 kg
OHP 4x5 1x4 55 kg

Gironda chins 1x7
Pull downs 1x8 1x10 60 kg

Laterals 3x10 10 kg

DB curl 3x10 12,5 kg DB:s
DB french press 1x6 1x8 1x6 30 kg

Hollow rocks 3x30 sec

Decent WO. My strength in chins is back and that feels GOOD!

DBBP 1x5 with 30 kg, 32,5 kg, 35 kg, 37,5 kg, 40 kg DB:s
Pull ups 5x5 BW +12,5 kg chin over bar, straight bar

BNP snatch grip 3x5 30 kg
BNP regular grip 1x5 37,5

BB row 5x5 67 kg

Laterals 3x10 10 kg DB:s

Rings false grip static holds: 1x20 sec 1x23 sec 1x30 sec PR

BB curl 2x5 37,5 kg 1x6 35 kg 1x8 30 kg

BB French Press 5x6 37,5 kg

Decent WO... pull ups felt heavy while DBBP felt easy.


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