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Strongman, OL-lifting and gymnastics!

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Glute bridge single leg: 3x5 40 kg

Snatch "jumps" 4x3 BW + broomstick
Snatch 3x5 20 kg, 8x3 40 kg
OHS 1x1 1x1 1x1 1x1 1x1 40 kg

Pull up, ramping up: 1x3 14 kg, 16 kg 18 kg ( just chin over bar)

BB row ramping up 1x3 58 kg, 65 kg, 72,5 kg

DBBP 3x3 40 kg DB:s

Laterals: 3x10 8 kg DB:s

DB french press 3x3 32,5 kg

DB curl 3x3 17,5 kg DB:s

Leg ext top part 1x20 1x15 30 kg

Single leg calf raise 3x10 15 kg

Gluteus medius leg lift 2x20 no resistance, 2x10 training partner pushing on leg on both the eccentric and koncentric.

I getting closer on how to explode on the snatch

Glute bridges: 2x6 60 kg, 1x6 80 kg, 1x16 60 kg

Chins ramping up 1x3: 25 kg, 30 kg, 36 kg

OHP 3x3 58 kg

Bent over laterals 2x10 10 kg DB:s
DB swing: 2x10 10 kg DB:s

BB curl 2x3 40 kg
DB french press 2x3 32,5 kg

At the Crossfit gym:

Snatch jumps 2x3 BW + broomstick
Snatch:1x3 30 kg 1x3 35 kg, 5x3 42,5 kg (three of these was with squat, no pain)
Front squat: 2x10 40 kg (painless)
sissy squat 2x10 BW (felt a little bit in my knee)

Getting better at snatch 42,5 kg felt easier than 40 kg did.
No squats next WO just leg ext!

Later during the day:
Hand walks: 20-25 minutes
Did a lot of 4 and 6 steps
PR:s 12 steps, 16 steps

Glute bridge: 1x8 100 kg 1x10 90 kg 1x12 80 kg

Pull up 3x3 17,5 kg ( just chin over bar)

DBBP ramping up 1x3 37,5 kg, 40 kg, 42,5 kg DB:s

BB row 3x3 67,5 kg

Snatch grip press: 3x3 30 kg

Laterals: 3x8 10 kg DB:s one sec hold at top

Lying tri ext 3x3 42,5 kg + Rope French press 1x11 37,5 kg

DB curl 3x3 17,5 kg DB:s +1x12 12,5 kg DB:s

Leg ext top part 1x17 rest pause 1x7 1x5 30 kg
Leg ext 1x12 30 kg +rest pause top part 1x6 1x5

Single leg calf raise 3x8 17,5 kg

Wednesdays WO! New gym.

Chins 1x3 30 kg, 1x2 40 kg 1x3 35 kg 1x3 37,5 kg
Chins to lower chest 1x10 BW

DBBP ramping up 1x3: 37,5 kg, 40 kg, 1x4 42,5 kg 1x8 37,5 kg 1x10 30 kg

BB row 3x3 70 kg 1x8 60 kg
Cable row drop set 1x7 50 kg 1x7 40 kg

Snatch 1x3 30 kg 4x3 40 kg
OHS 3x1 40 kg

Cable laterals 1x8 30 , 1x10 20, 1x9 20 (weird markings on this machine.. can't be kg:s anyway)
DB laterals 2x8 10 kg

Squat 2x5 80 kg (pain, got p***ed off and put myself in the leg extension )
Leg ext 1x12 35 kg, 1x12 +7 40 kg, Dropset: 1x10 50 kg 1x5 45 kg 1x5 32 kg

DB curl 1x3 20 kg 1x3 22,5 kg 1x3 20 kg 1x10 15 kg
DB french press: 1x3 35 kg 2x3 32,5 kg 1x10 25 kg

Weird stuff going on... no pain in my knee monday to dinner time tuesday, then all H*** broke loose! I couldn't even move my hip without pain in my knee.
In the middle of tuesday night I took both hands and twisted my shin outwards and all of a sudden the pain subsided. It did not totally disappear but most of it did.

Fridays WO:

Pull up 3x3 20 kg 1x1 35 kg 1x10 BW( just chin over bar)
DB row with twist 1x9 27,5 kg

OHP push press 1x3 60 kg 1x3 55 kg 1x4 50 kg ( I have a hunch that the bar I used was heavier than a OL bar)

DB bent over laterals 1x10 12,5 kg DB:s 1x10 10 kg
Laterals 1x8 12,5 kg DB:s 1x10 10 kg

Snatch grip press: 3x3 37,5 kg

BB curl 1x3 45 kg 2x3 42,5 kg

Back squat 1x5 40 kg, 1x5 60 kg, (1x2 80 kgthis was a front squat) 2x5 80 kg 2x5 90 kg (last set some pain)

Front squat 2x10 40 kg 1x10 60 kg superset with
Leg ext rest pause: 1x9 +6 60 kg, 1x9 +5 +3 52 kg, Rest pause and drop: 1x9 +5+4+3 45 kg 1x5 32 kg 1x5 25 kg

Single leg calf raise 3x14 BW

Gluteus medius leg lift 3x16 superset with
Single leg glut bridge 3x7

Front squats was painless and my knee is as good as it was monday again!  I've done some mobility exercises for my sacrum and pelvic girdle and it seems to help. :D
A bit disappointed though... no DOMS in my quads....


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