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Modified 3-phase training

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Snatch: 1x3 30 kg 2x3 40 kg 1x3 45kg 2xfail 50 kg 4x1 50 kg 1x1 50 kg Last 5 sets were good

Leg press 3x8 95 kg (explosive, only had to "grind" the last 2 reps of the last set)
Leg curl 3x8 45 kg

Incline Neck press 3x8 66 kg + cable flyes 1x8 30 kg

Pull ups 2x8 BW+7,5 kg 1x8 BW+5 kg (first set 3 of 8 reps to chest, second set 1 of 8, third set 1 of 8.) Added one set of 90° RD row 1x7 75 kg

70° laterals 2x8 1x8 +2 10 kg

60° DB shrug 3x8 45 kg

Lying Tri ext 3x8 40 kg

DB HBC 1x8 1x7 12,5 kg kg 1x5 +2+1 12,5 kg

Calf raise 2x8 160 kg 1x8 140 kg

Still getting stronger.  ;) My general impression of the last phase is too little volume (noticed a tendency to put on unwanted weight) at least if i were to follow the original routine.

Klokov complex 1x2: 35 kg, 40 kg, 45 kg, 50 kg, 55 kg
Snatch: 1x5 35 kg 1x3 40 1x3 45 2x2 50 kg 1xfail 55 kg 2x1 55 kg 5x1 50 kg

Long pull 1x10 1x8 +2 100 kg, 1x7 +3 95 kg

Gironda Chins 1x5 +2+2 BW

Gironda dips 2x10, 1x8 +2 BW

70° cable laterals 1x10 10 kg, 2x10 7,5 kg

Cable high pull (clean grip) 3x10 35 kg

DB swing 1x10 9 kg

Leg ext 1x10 50 kg 1x10 45 kg 1x10 40 kg (explosive) +sissy squats 1x10 BW

Leg curl 3x10 35 kg +SLDL 1x8 70 kg

Push downs 3x10 50 kg + kickbacks 1x8 9 kg

cable curl 3x10 35 kg +concentration curls 1x10 10 kg

Calf raise 2x10 1x7 +3 120 kg

Hitting the right spot more often on the snatch now even though I still have a tendency to jump forward(not extending enough). :)

This was the last WO of the "tri-phase hypertrophy training" program.
The two first phases were more productive than the third. This last week I got closer to the volume I'd have like on the frequency part. The original had only 2 sets/exercise.

I'm having a hard time deciding what to do next: 5x5 with OHP as main pressing movement or a bastard version of the Tri-phase (Aggrevated Tri-Phase)?

Snatch 1x3 30 kg, 40 kg, 45 kg, 3x2 50 kg 2x1 55 kg 1x1 60 kg 2x1 60 kg 1x1 65 kg PR 5xfail 70 kg 3x2 50 kg
I was sooo close to make it with 70 kg. Sat at the bottom, arms locked out properly every thing in balance but I still managed to f*** it up.

Snatch balance: 5x5 40 kg

Cleans 1x3 40 kg, 9x3 60 kg

Snatch pulls 1x2: 75 kg, 60 kg, 85 kg, 95 kg, 3x1 100 kg, 1x3 80 kg

Jerk 3x5 20 kg I'm still learning these and was too tired this time=no speed

One of my best OL-WO:s!


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