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Vitamin C and the Testosterone control

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I've read somewhere that high vitamin C intake for extended periods can cause you to display
deficiency symptoms when you stop taking the high dose.

Vince believed that you should cycle all your supps.

I think he is true. i only take when i have a cough or fever. or if i have a. recent muscukar or tendinous problem

I take a "low" dosage (200 mg) after my WO:s but never at the same time as creatine.

How often do you take creatine an how much, Steff? I have no idea of his effects? It only let the muscle grow or really has an impact on strength? When you doesn't take it you see a decrement in volume os strength?

6-8 weeks on 4 weeks off. I use a loading phase of 5 days and then 2x5 grams training days and 5 grams off days.
That is what works for me. I gain about 0.5-0.7 cm on my upper arm when I load.  But that is water. I can get an extra rep or two when I go for 4-5 rep weights.
What I noticed is that my recovery is faster when on compared to off!


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