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Great pics of Reg Park

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1967 was another good year for Reg, he went to York BB. and visit Grimek for the first time in many years. He was big (over 245 lb) shape and well proportionante altought his 39 years old.  This was the year, twenty years back, that he began training with a local Leeds guy named Dave Cohen.

Look at the text!!  If Reg would won the 1972 Mr u, then his son, Jon Jon could win the 1977 Mr U.   ;D.  Some laughts, these is only a joke of Reg.

1975, Sandton, Johannesburg.  Arnold is preparing for his mr Olympia title of the year (one of the things he usually do after breakfast,  ;D) and decide to visit his menter and friend, Reg Park.  Reg is now retired from the contests, but he is in great shape: good volume and very well ripped.

What about the bulked phases of Reg in the 50s. Obviously he trained for stringth goals in those time.  Only two times, afterithe 1951 Mr Universe he went for a bodybuilding training. Later on in his life, he wold control his weight around 220 lb;

What about the failed Mr Universes of the 70s?  Well, I would not call them as failed, as the second or the 3th position in the high class is a very good position for a free drug man over 40 years.   
There is a wanderfull shot of Reg in the 1973 Mr universe ( the contest that we have less pics of him) were Park spread his arms like gigantic wings, showing the great dorsals and the serratus and ribcage.  A monument of the classical body.  In the same photography is showed Boyer Coe, that at last won the competition.  He has more thicker muscles and better definition, but the typology of steroids is clear seen.


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