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Tweaked 5x5-ish routine!

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High hang snatch 5x3 40 kg
Snatch +hang snatch 6x1

Power clean 5x3 60 kg

Front squat ramping up:
1x5 60 kg 1x2 80 kg 1x1 90 kg 2x1 100 kg

Squat jerk 3x3 60 kg 2x3 40 kg

Cable row 4x10 80 kg

OHP 3x10 40 kg

Bent over laterals 3x10 8 kg DB:s

T-bar row 3x5 45 kg

Superset no rest
DB curl 3x10 12,5 kg DB:s
Snatch 4x2 40 kg

Today I had problems with placing the bar in the catch of the snatch. I have to catch it further back. No knee pain to day even though they were sore as f***
friday and not so fun saturday. :D

Snatch 5x3 50 kg, 2x2 55 kg 3x2 60 kg

Superset 1:
Snatch pull 3x1+2 85 kg
Snatch from blocks at knees 3x1 50 kg

Superset 2:
Snatch pull 1x1 90kg, 2x1 100 kg
Snatch from blocks at knees 3x2 50 kg

Compound set:
Chins 1x10 BW
BB row 1x10 50 kg
HBR 1x10 17,5 kg DB:s
Pull ups 1x10 BW

Snatch grip OHS: 3x3 60 kg

Compound set:
Dips 1x10 BW
DBBP 2x10 30 kg DB:s
Dips 1x5 BW +30 kg

Snatch grip OHP 3x8 30 kg
70┬░ laterals 1x10 8 kg DB:s
Bent over Laterals 1x10 8 kg DB:s
Laterals 1x10 8 kg DB:s

DB curls 3x8 15 kg DB:s
DB FP 3x8 25 kg

Leg ext 3x8 60 kg

1x3 50 kg
1x3 55 kg
4x2 60 kg

Power clean and jerk
1x3 60 kg
1x3 65 kg
1x3 70 kg

Squats ramping up:
1x5 60 kg
1x3 80 kg
1x1 100 kg
1x1 125 kg (easy)

BB row OTM 15 min 3 reps @60 kg

Scarecrow snatch 10 kg 5x3
Snatch balance 20 kg 5x3

DBBP 3x8 30 kg
70┬░laterals 3x8 9 kg DB:s

Filmed one set of power snatches @ 60 kg.... I can pull the bar a bit closer, the second pull was really good and the weight will be too light when I get better at going under the bar. I realized that I can power snatch 60 kg any day it looked that easy. 60 kg has been a psych weight for me.
I also need to do a lot of OHS my ratios there is way off.

The next routine starts monday. It's a conjugate system and a bit untraditional(crossfit stuff) and I'll do five WO/week. My new goals are set pretty high and are focused on the OL-lifts!

Scarecrow snatch:
3x4 25 kg
3x4 30 kg

Snatch pull:
2x3 70 kg
1x3 80 kg
1x2 90 kg
1x2 95 kg
3x3 70 kg

Power clean:
2x3 60 kg
3x3 70 kg
1x2 80 kg
2x3 70 kg

Squat jerk:
4x5 40 kg
2x3 60 kg

Ok last WO of this routine which derailed towards the end.
One thing I've learned is that I can do 4 week of pretty high volume then I have to back of a bit(at least as I'm conditioned right now) and my back can take a bit more than the rest of my body.
Chin ups seem to mess a bit with my elbows but that could be because I have to grip the bar with a narrow grip(inside shoulder width).


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