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Tweaked 5x5-ish routine!

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it's two hang snatch high pulls and a hang snatch immediately after each other!

It seem hard!

It helps me to do the pull with my legs and back. OL-lift are so technical so you have to do partials every now and then. But this exercise it's not very hard weight wise since the focus is technique. :)

Snatch 1x3 40 kg 2x3 50 kg 2x3 55 kg
Klokov complex 1x2 40 1x2 50 kg, 1x2 55 kg (these are a lot easier now)

Squat 1x5 50 kg, 1x3 80 kg, 1x3 100 kg 1x3 115 kg (piece of cake! )

front squat ramping up 1x5: 57,5 kg, 63,5 kg, 67,5 kg, 72,5 kg, 78 kg

Chins 5x5 BW+25 kg

OHP ramping up 1x5: 35 kg, 37,5 kg, 40 kg, 42,5 kg, 46 kg

BB row 5x5 52,5 kg

DB swing 3x10 8 kg

CGBP 5x5 61 kg

HBC 3x10 10 kg

SLDL 5x5 65 kg

My right knee is still a bit sore from wednesday so I've decided to rule the split squat out next week. Strangely enough I can squat without any pain.

Snatch 2x3 40 kg, 1x3 50 kg, 4x3 55 kg 5x2 60 kg Good day, power snatched 60 kg a couple of times.

Clean 11x3 60 kg

Jerk 4x5 20 kg

Snatch pulls 1x2: 70 kg, 80 kg, 2x2 90 kg 1x2 110 kg 1x3 85 kg

I snatch pulled 110 kg to 10 cm beneath the pec line on the first rep. Got the first rep on 85 almost to my collarbone.


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