Author Topic: the steroids and the stone of being the best  (Read 2887 times)

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the steroids and the stone of being the best
« on: January 06, 2016, 01:01:22 PM »
This morning is holiday in Spain. I have seen a documentary named "bigger, stronger, faster" (here is the link it's the history of three brothers that were born in the seventies, like me, and that had sports or movie heroes like Hulk Hogan, Arnold, Stallone -like me too. They did what I never did: push hard and try to be like them. And two of them discovered that without drugs couldn't follow that dream. They discovered that it were an insane dream too. They don't reach the stars level even with steroids and put in great danger his lifes. The author of the documentary was the brother that could stop at time and have conscience of what was he was doing. The way of life the stars spoke on tv was a big lie, and several millones of childrens and not childrens believe them.
I was one of them, but I dreamt too much (an illness itself) in the past and stop there. But thanks to the people I met in these last ten years and maybe in my own comon sense I discovered the true golden values of this human activity. You don't need to be a sport star, you don't need even to have a lot of money. You need to enjoy your way of life. It's a more general perspective. They were archetypical images, but you were a real man and trying to be an archetype is a disaster. The best value the life of Reg Park gave me was that when he was retired, when he was an old Man he continue training himself and others because that was the way he enjoyed in life. He was a Happy Man, a Happy husband and a Happy father and friend of his friend. The rest is nothing. These are the emocional links that are importante in life. Few days before he went he said love was the most importante thing in life. Loving for life, for others and for the activities se do. The end of the way is the way itself.