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And 500 posts!! Two months after.  Too much times.  Well.  Better times, sure, are coming.  I feel new energies inside me to train again.   This week two workouts, good.

600 posts, Here we go!!

Two days ago I found a new, longer and better quality video of the Mr USA 1957 Reg's guest pose.  You can view it in the starting page of the web:


We have arrived to 100 topics with the hands of the second article of the Grimek bodybuilding series !  This is a great day!  Hope this small web site and forum would be known over the CyberSpace.

600 posts!!  When we will esceed it, the web and forum would be of age.

I think www.regpark.net  is going to be dead for a long time. It's a not good thing.  These times goes far away.


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