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Modified 3-phase training

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Snatch 2x3 30 kg, 2x3 35 kg, 3x3 40 kg, 7x3 45 kg

Snatch pulls 1x3 60 kg 7x3 70 kg

I need to work on getting the legs to work more in the pull and to get a better lockout at the top.
Next time I'll just do a ramping up with snatches and then do snatch pulls and snatch balance the rest of the time.

Steff, What is the top height reached by the BB in the snach pull? your eyes or mouth?  I suppouse that a snach pull is like the exercise named high pulls. An Snach withouth the final pressing movement. That is true?

Well the thing I have to practice is the pull before that.... I'm not using my legs and back enough and have a tendency to initiate the arm action too early.
So right now it's to chest height.


BB row 1x10 1x9 1x8 1x8 57,5 kg

Pull ups 1x8 1x7 BW +2,5 kg 2x7 BW (half of the reps to chest)

Long pull 30-40° 1x10 75 kg 2x9 2x8 90 kg

HBR 1x10 2x8 15 kg DB:s 1x10 12,5 kg DB:s

Snatch pulls 4x6 65 kg

Squats 3x5 70 kg

Deadlift 4x8 125 kg

Neck press 1x10 51 kg sloow eccentrics
DBBP 2x8 30 kg

BB curl 1x10 1x9 1x7 1x6 30 kg

HBC 2x7 9 kg 2x8 8 kg

70° laterals 3x8 8 kg

DB FP 3x8 22,5 kg

Fun even though snatch pulls and deads was exhausting. Maybe because I manage to use more legs in those exercises now.


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