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What's your best Reg Park's film ever made?


Come on! Let's write your opinions!

The first made and the incredible impact it had in the public opinion that maybe likes epic films, but not bodybuilders world.  Reg was really massive and phantastic.  This film was the originator that named Reg characterization as the "Real Hercules".  Even better than Reeves (with respect, of course.  He was the first Hercules and the top bodybuilder that most films did until the Oak did his part) And better than Arnold's one  (Hercules has to be with his beard and be a wish man also.)
The best movie he did.  And all was new here (In Hercules in the center of earth, they used some sets of this films).

The other two Hercules film.  The last is more than a peplum film, that counted with the co-starring of Cristopher Lee, and of course, has some vampir thematic.  This let that the movie was also know "Hercules against the vampires".
The first is the worst of the Reg Park movies because was made with piece of other two Hercules films.  It has a good fight of Hercules against the bad character. His name in english land was:  "Hercules the avenger".  The poster I put is from spanish land.

The not Hercules films that one of them some publishers advertished as thematic Hercules too.  The last is:  Ursus, the terror of the Kirguishi , and not "Hercules, prisioner of Evil" as was knowd in english-spoken lands. The action of this movie happended in s. XIV in a kingdom near caucasus.
In the other,  Reg ends the play role of action hero: Hercules, Maciste and Ursus.  Also, a comic hero. The only thing caracter that he could be played was Conan, but the great readers of conan comics comes in the seventies with collections like "Tha savage sword of conan".  I think that the personality of Reg goes better with Hercules than Conan, so this last is the king of the thieves.  Better with the trouble life of Arnold. Respects of course to Arnie.   Hey man, I want you in your finest condition for your age in this film.   And you know as well as me that a fine 6 packs abs is possible.  8)


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