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Lou Ferrigno's Hercules


Although the mighty body of Lou Ferrigno was worked also with steriords, this guy has my respect.  I see  the first film of Hercules he did some weeks before I met Arnold as Conan the Destroyer.  His shape and volumen was so good that even Arnold's body in Conan seems small.  Lou was then my BB idol.  I saw that film with my parents and even now is very boring to see it again represent my official iniciation in lookint after a roll of strong man.  Now, as times, pass, I prefer Arnold's one.  In that film he represent the idea if Conan to the real perfection as drawn by the hand of John Buscema in the seventies.

Brave ferrigno!  A good man with a good sword and sandal films (witouth high aspirations)

It's very interesting here to compare this photo of Lou with this other of Reg:

Wooow!   Who is better?   I prefer Reg, more lats spread and even natural.   seeing a comparation like this you know whty Reg told in 1983 that if he was young again he will win again and be the number one in bodybuilding, even with a non roids usage!!

There is a problem with the links of the images, but anyway.  Lou is special for me.  I already said it.  But also because we have a similar psycologie.  He has a great heart and view the world many times throught his sentiments.  This sometimes is dangerous.  If you compare it with the personality of Arnold, he is a rational person, not an emotional person. So Arnold try to put off-center Lou.


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