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Title: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 15, 2013, 05:54:15 PM
I want to show in this topic many of the good routines (always as good as the injuries let him) of a good friend for me that I had the pleausure to meet him (online, but met after all) several years ago.  After his pass away I felt that I lost a big partner so I decide in the forum and here to keep his training style and his nowledge alive.  As well as his forearms records, reletive and even absolute, for a men of 5'7" of height.

One reason to do this is reding again his workouts, advices, experiences like there were new, and so motivate me and hope everypeople that read it.

Hope that in one month I put a good amount routines for analyze them and extract very usefull information for all.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 15, 2013, 06:01:29 PM
For the last month I have been doing a total body routine, based on db press, chins, dips, squats, hammer and wrist curls.
I am going on a split, divided chest, back, shoulders, second workout squats, tri, bi, forearms. Energy requirments are about the same. Every 3rd squat routine will substitute deads or Romanian deads. May or may not be days rest between workouts, all depends on how I feel. Should average 4x a week.


Chins 5x5
Rows 4x7, to 80K
Pulldown, 2x20 40K
Bench 5x8 to 80K
BNP 4x8 50K
Semi upright  row 2x15 50K

Will drop pulldowns, too redundent and put semi upright row in instead, with back. Kilo is 2.2 lbs.

Got up way too early today. OK no excuses, worked out anyway.

05/07/06 (everything in kilos)

60x5, 80x5, 100x5, 120x5, 130x5
Calf raise,
100x 3x15, haven't done these in years, will feel them the next few days
Close grip bench
60x15, 80x10, 90x5, 80x7, 7
Pulley pressdown
20x10,  25x10, 8, 8
30x10, 40x10, 50x6, 40x10, 10
Reverse curl
42x10, 48x15, 52x10, 10
Hanging wrist curl
58x30, 20, 20, 20

Aprox. 50 minutes


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Chins(pullups,palm forward)
35's 4x10
60x15, 80x10, 10, 8, 8
50x6, 60x5, 5, 50x6
Semi up/row, DB's
35's 2x8
Weight or reps up, 40 min.



Decided to do a little forearm work. Right thumb and wrist hurt from arthritis, so skipped dumbells, did bar.(Still hurt, nothing's perfect) All weight in kilos.

Wrist curl, over bench
50x30, 60x15, 70x10, 10, 60x15, 50x15
Reverse wrist, over bench
20x25, 15, 15, 15



80x3, 100x3, 120x3, 140x1, 160x1, 170x1
Romanian deads
100 2x10
Curls, these are done seated, with a backstop to keep them strict.
16x10, 20x8, 8, 8, 6, 6
Lying tri plus bench press, superset.
17x15, 20x12/12, 10/10, 8/8, 8/8
Hammer curls, seated with backstop
22x15, 24x10, 10, 10, 10
Hanging wrist curl, bar
64x25, 20, 15



40x3, 50x3, 60x3, 70x3, 3, 60x3, 3, 3
60x6, 80x6, 90x6, 6, 80x6
Pullup, close grip
8, 8, 8,
60x10, 80x8, 90x6, 6, 80x6

35 min. under time constraint today, really cooked throught the workout. Left shoulder still hurts from dipping two weeks ago, a little swollen today, top of joint, rows bothered it more than press did. Decided to hit presses a little harder today.


What a day, 5 hours waiting in line to pay for new plates on a truck I bought this week, only to repeat it in Jan. No lunch, no time, so sucked down a glass of milk with brewers yeast and a banana.
Well there's no cheese with my whine, on with the workout. Everything in kilos unless posted lbs.
60x5, 90x5, 110x5, 130x3, 3
30x10, 40x10, 50x6, hand hurting, switching to dumbells
43lbsx6, 6, 6
Tri ext. plus press,
43lbsx15/15, 10/10, 8/8, 8/8, 8/8 ( in a hurry, no time to change weights)
Hammer curl, seated with backstop
51lbsx10, 10, 10, 10, 10
Hanging wrist curl
51lbsx50, 30, 30

About 45 min.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 16, 2013, 02:09:37 AM

Forearm work.  Often hit my forearms 4x a week, they can be worked more often like calves.(kilos)

Reverse wrist curl
20x30, 30x10, 28x10, 10, 20x20
Hanging wrist curl, oly bar
50x15, 70x15, 80x10, 70x15, 60x15, 15

About 15 min.



"light day"
DB press
51 lbsx20, 58x8, 67x5, 5, 5
9, 9, 9, 6/3 neg,
Rows, DB's
70 lbs x15, 15, 12
Bench, DB's
70lbsx20, 15, 15
Hammer curl
67's x10, 10, 10
Hanging wrist curl, DB's
67x30, 20, 20

About 40 min.


Squats, all reps non lockout, constant tension
60x10, 80x10, 100x10
Sissy squats, against a wall, with swiss ball between  myself and wall as a roller
BWx10, 8, 8 about 30 sec. between sets, could hardly stand up after these bad boys.
Calf raise
100x  3x25
w/up, bar 65x10, seated DB's 37lbsx10, 10, concentration, 37'sx5, preacher curl 37'sx7,7
Seated French press
DB's, 37'sx15, 15, 12, 10, 10, 10 (these felt good today)
Hammer curl, preacher bench
37'sx10, 10, 10, 10
Hanging wrist curl
60 (kilos)x20, 20, 20

About 50 min.



OH press
50x5, 60x5, 70x3, 3,
DB press
67 lbsx5, 5
60x5, 80x5, 100x3, 3, 80x5, 5
60x5, 80x5, 100x3, 3, 80x5, 5
Pullups, close grip
BWx10, 8, 6
Reverse curls, oly bar
40x10, 50x10, 60x8, 8, 50x15, I used straps for the 60's
Hanging wrist curl
60x20, 70x15, 15, 15

About 60 min.



Really didn't feel like a workout today, but tomorow have a big party at the dojo.
SLD 60x10, 90x10, 110x10
Sissy ball squat, still sore from Mon. from these.
BWx15, 10, 10
Seated curls, with backstop(DB's)
14x10, 18x10, 8, 8
Incline french press(DB's)
14x15, 18x10, 10, 10, 10
Hammer curls
50 lbs.x15, 15, 15
Hanging wrist curl(DB's)
50 lbs.x50, 40

Going a little slow today, 55 min.



40x8, 50x8, 60x8, 50x8, 8
Semi upright row
50x8, 60x8, 70x8, 8, 60x8
Bench, flat
60x8, 80x8, 90x8, 80x8, 60x8
BWx8, 8, 8, 8, 8
Reverse curl
38x15, 48x15
Hang wrist curl
64x15, 15, 90x5, new PR on these.

43 min.

Semi upright row, bend over at waist 15-20 degrees, medium grip, row up to sternum, no higher. You can work up to some good poundages with these. Hits rear delts, traps, upper back, good bulk builder. This is a pull move I often use to balance a push move like presses. I can really see a diff. in my rear delts and upper back after a couple months on these. They won't bother the delts like reg close grip upright rows do on some people.


Seated French press, barbell
28x20, 38x15, 48x8, 8, 8, 42x10
Standing barbell curl
28x10, 38x10, 48x8, 8, 42z8, 8

Approx. 23 min.


Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Steff on January 16, 2013, 09:06:08 AM
I think this is a great way to honor the man! :)
In the future I'm gonna try out some of his WO:s in a abbreviated version! (I'm a small guy)
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 16, 2013, 06:53:30 PM
So let's go workout!!



Squats, non lockout, everything in kilos
60x6, 90x6, 120x6, 6, 90x6
Calf raise
90x40, 110x30, 25, 25
Hanging wrist curl
60x15, 80x15, 15, 70x15
Standing hammer curls
28'sx10, 10, 10, 10

33 min.



Press,  all weights in kilos
40x8, 50x8, 60x8, 8, 8
Semi up/row
60x8, 80x8, 8, 8
80x8, 100x8, 8
BWx10, 10, 8
60x8, 80x8, 100x4, 80x8, 8

Moving a little slow today, about 45 min.



No work today, soooo

Chins,  BWx15, 10
Curls, seated, incline 18x10, 8, 8, 8

Dips, BWx30, 20
French Press, DB incline, 18x10, 10, 8, 8

Hammer curl, seated, 24x10, 10, 10, 10
Wrist curl, hanging behind legs, 64x25, 15, 15, 15

40 min.



Squats, (box) x60x3, 80x3, 100x3. 120x3, 140x3, 120x3, 3

Calf raise, 120x25, 25, 20, 20

DB press               
SS w/semi up/row,  22x10/10, 28x6/6,  6/6,  6/6

Hammer curls, seated, 22x10, 26x12, 12, 12, new PR

Hanging wrist curls, 64x25, 70x15, 15, 15

45 min.



School gym full of kids today, so workout in my room.

Chins, BWx10, 10, 10, 8, 8, 8

Dips, BWx25, 15, 10, 10, 10, 10

Hammer curls, standing, 26x25, 18, 13

Hanging wrist curls, 26x30, 30, 30

Approx. 35 min. great pump.



Decided to see what the young people were up to, went to a university gym today, 15 pesos, about a dollar and 40 cents.
No cute girls training today, not even ugly ones, oh well, lol.

Deads, 60x10, 100x5, 140x5, 160x5, 5,  will feel these tomorrow.

DB press, 18x10, 26x6, 34x5, 5, 5 (new PR), 26x8

Hammer curl, 22x10, 26x10, 10, bar,38x15

Hanging wrist curl, bar, 64x15, 15,(very slow reps) DB, 34x15, 15

40 min.  Tongue


Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 16, 2013, 07:02:14 PM

Chins, BWx8, 15x6, 6, 6, BWx6

DB curls, 22x6, 6, 6, 6

Dips, BWx25, 23x8, 6, 6, BWx12

DB Lying French press,  22x8, 6, 6, 6

35 min.



Squats, 70x3, 90x3, 130x3. partial bench squats, 150x3, 170x3, squats, 130x3, 90x3

Pullups, BWx 5x8

Bench, 60x8, 80x8, 100x4, 90x5, 80x8

Calf raise, 100x40, 120x30, 25, 25

40 min. (40. min. seems to agree with me for some reason. lol)



Press, DB, 26x10, 30.5x7, 7, 5, 5, 5

Seated curl, DB, 18x10, 20.5x6, 6, 6, standing, 6, 6

Seated French press, DB, 18x15, 20.5x8, 8, 6, lying & press, 7/7, 7/7. 7/7

Seated hammer curl, 20.5x20, 22.5x10, 10, standing, 10, 10

Hanging wrist curl, DB, 30.5x35, 25, 25, 25

55 min.



Well it's been about 6 weeks since posting here, time for an active recovery (backoff) week. Light weight, few sets, more reps.

Romanian deads 60x2x15

Calf raise 80x2x50

Bench press 60x25, 15

Rows 60x25, 15

Reverse curl  31x20

Hanging wrist curl 60x30

25 min. no rush, plenty of rest between sets


07/16, 2006

2nd active recovery day, Dumbells

Press, 12x25

Curl 12x25

Lying French press, 12x2x25

Hammer curls, 12x25

Hanging wrist curls, 12x125, could have done more, was getting boring.

10 min.


Sissy squat, 1x20

Flys, 12x25

Pulldowns, 25x25

5 min.
Moving a little blood around, looking forward to hitting it in a few days!



Still formulating my workouts, but decided to do a lite full body routine today.

Sissy squats, 15x20, 15
Calf raise, 80x50-BWx50, nonstop
Pulldowns, 30x20, 40x15, 50x10
Flys, 20x20, 20
Lateral raise, 16x15, 15
Close grip bench, 60x15, 80x10, 8
Incline French press, 16x10, 10
Preacher curl, 16x10, 10
Reverse DB preacher curl, 16x10, 15
Hanging wrist curl (Oly bar) 60x40, 20

50 min.


Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 18, 2013, 05:17:48 PM
Today shoulders, arms.

Seated BN Press, 28x10, 38x10, 48x8, 52x5, 5

Lateral raise, 14x10, 15, 15, 15

Preacher curl, 28x15, 38x8, 8, 8, 8

Lying Tri Press and CG Bench, 44x15-15,  48x10-10,  6-6(tris really smoked here) 6-6,  6-6

Preacher Reverse Curl, 28x16, 38x10, 10, standing, 15, 15

Seated over bench Wrist Curl, 50x25, 60x20, 70x15, 60x20, 50x25, (forearms are fried)

65 min. I'm done. Nice pump. Be sore tomorrow.



Got about 5 hrs. sleep, the Pagans started the fiesta about 5 AM. Rockets, drums, fircrackers, right outside my door, a wee bit tired.

Pullups, 3x10 (close grip) really breathing hard after last set.

Close grip stiffarm pulldowns, 20x15, 15   Lats are fried.

Stifflegged deads, 70x8, 90x3x8

Flys, 22x20, 15, 15, 15   Pecs really pumped.

25 min.



Seated press,38x10, 48x10, 58x6, 6

Bent lateral raise, 13x15, 15x15, 19x10, 10

Lying french press and CG bench, 38x10-10, 48x10-10, 8-8, 6-6

Scott curl, 38x6, 8, standing curl, 48x8, 8

Reverse curl, 38x10, 48x10, 58x10, 48x10

Hanging wrist curl, 58x25, 68x20, 15, 15

60 min.
Planned on doing squats, but broke a toe last night in class. Will see about next workout.
Generally up in weight or reps, shoulders extremely pumped, arms not bad.? Cool



Toe still hurts, back and wrist as well, decided to workout anyway.

BB Row, 50x6, 60x6, 80x6, 100x6, 110x4, 120x4, 4, 4, new PR

Bench, 60x6, 80x6, 100x6, 110x2, 100x4. 4. 90x6

Squats, 90x20 (bodyweight)

Reverse curl (Oly bar) 40x6, 50x6, 60x6, 70x6, new PR

Wrist curl(hanging) 70x10, 90x10, seated, 68x25

50 min.



Tomorrow is a demo and party, so am doing a short workout today.

Press, 50x5, 60x5, 70x5

Bent upright row, 70x5, 80x5, 5

Incline French press, 30x8, 40x8, 50x8, 8

Standing curl, 30x8, 40x8, 50x8, 8, wrist hurts, but got 8 reps anyway.

25 min. Nice pump both shoulders and arms. Cool



Woke up q Little fuzzy this morning, didn't sleep well.
Back still hurts, so will limit training (directly) somewhat.

Bench, 70x6, 90x6, 110x2, 130x1 neg.(no go on positive) 100x4,
Dips,BWx20, 20

Ran out of energy here, ate a handfull of walnuts and water with brewers yeast.

Rows, 70x6, 90x6, (used straps here) 110x4, 130x3, (PR) 100x6
Pullups BWx10, 10.

Romanian deads, 100x20-------whew!

38 min.


Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 18, 2013, 05:23:50 PM

May not have a chance to lift tomorrow, so fooled around a little today.

Reverse curl (Oly bar) 40x6, 50x6, 60x6, 70x6, 80x6, (new PR)  50x25, 25

Hanging wrist curl, 60x15, 70x15, 80x10, 10, 70x15

20 min.



All Kg unless posted lbs.

Up/row, 60x10, 70x8, 8, 8

Press, 60x5x5

Curls, 40x10, 10 (wrists killing me, switch to DB's) 35lbs, one arm,x15, 15

Lying crossover DB French press, 35lbsx15, 15, 15

Dips, BWx25

35 min. Short, sweet, nice pump, DB's felt good today, though a little light.



31x5 neg., 5 neg.

41x5 neg., 5 neg.

Reverse curl, E-Z bar
58x10, 10

Hang wrist curl
70x15, 15, 15

40 min.



DB 67'sx8, 8

Semi up/row
90x5, 5, 5, 5


Hammer curl(seated)

Seated hanging wrist curl



Chins, BWx10, 11x6, 16x6, 6, BWx10

Dips, 16x10, 26x10, 10, 8, BWx20

Reverse curl, (Oly bar) 50x10, 60x10, 70x6, 50x20

HAnging wrist curl, 70x20, 80x15, 15, 70x15

38 min.



Push press
133x10, 155x5, 177x3  (everything in lbs. today)
DB press, 70'sx8, 6
155x10, 199x8, 243x5, 5
199x5, 243x5, 309x5, 5
Romanian deads
Hammer curl
HAnging wrist curl
Tic tocs, 27x35 (these are reverse wrist and hanging wrist curl same time)

43 min.



DB Press SS/with up row (all in lbs)
33x8-8, 54x8-8,? 68.5x8-8, 8-8
BWx8, 8, 8, 8, partials, top and bottomX5-5,? 5-5
BWx30. 46x8, 8, 8, 8, BWx10
Hammer curls
65'sX15, 15, 15, 10, 8
Hanging wrist curl
65'sX25, 20, 20, 15, 15

48 min.? Time for ice tea, steak and potato!



Deads (all Kg.)
70x3. 100x3, 120x3, 140x2. 170x1, 200x1, (new PR)
Bent up/row
80x5, 100x5, 5
Push press
50x5, 70x5, 5
Tic tocs(hanging wrist curls both ways)
32x30, 20 (bar)

33 min.


Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 19, 2013, 05:54:08 PM
7th Part


Chins, partials top and bottom(working top first while fresh)
BWx5-5,  25lbsX5-5  5-5,  5-5,  full reps 5, 3-2neg.

25lbX10, 50lbX10, 6-4neg, 6-4neg, 4-4neg, 4-4neg.

Hammer curls, seated w/backstop
55lbX10, 10, 10, standing, 15, 10

Hanging wrist curl
138lbX15, 155X15, 15, 12, 10

40 min.



Everythings in lbs today, as I already wrote it that way in my logbook.

Push press
133x5, 155x5, 5, 177x5 (PR) 155x5
Bent up/row
133x5, 177x5, 199x5, 5, 5
177x5, 221x5, 265x5, 309x5, 243x5

35 min.



25lbsX6, 6, 6, 6, 6, last 2 reps last set, neg.
Curls, Oly bar
111lbsX8, 8, 8, 8
Dips, 50lbsX8, 8, 8, 8, 8, last 3 reps last set neg.
Lying Tri. Press
111LbsX8, 8, 8, 8, last set, last 2 reps neg.
Reverse Curl
111lbsX15, 133x10, 133x10+80x10, 133x10+80x10, drop sets, forearms hurting on these
Wrist curl over bench
133x30, 25, 15, 15

Ice tea time, 50 min. Arms really pumped today.



"lite" day, picked 4x6, don't ask why.

60kg 4x6
Bent up/rows
80kg 4x6
Romanian deads
120kg 4x6
Standing wrist rockers

25 min.



Chins (weights in lbs.)
BWx10, 35x6, 57x4, 68x1+1 neg. 35x5   PR
35x10, 68x6, 90x4, 3+1 neg. 46x10        PR
Reverse curl (E-Z bar)
105.5x10, 127.6xx6, 158.6x4, 127.6x10   PR
Hanging wrist curl
155x20, 15, 133x20, 15

35 min.

Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 19, 2013, 05:58:29 PM
8th Part


All in lbs.
BN Press
88x10, 110x5, 133x5
DB press
65's x8, 8, 8
Bent up/row DB's
65's x10, 10, 10, 10
133x3, 221x3, 309x3, 3, 3,  squat superset w/sissy 221x10/10
Seated hammer  curl, superset w/standing hammer
58's x10/5, 8/4, 8/4
DB hanging wrist curl
58's x50, 25, 25

40 min.



Chins               (all weights in lbs.)
BWx12, 35x5, 5, 5, 5, BWx8
Incline curls
43x8, 8, 8
35x10, 70x5, 5, 5, 5, 35x8
Incline French press
43x12, 10, 10
Tic Tocs(wrist rockers) 43x40

35 min.



DB Press (all in lbs.)
37x5, 58x5, 70x5, 5, 5
Semi bent up/row 1 arm
70x5, 5, 80x5, 5, 5 (too light, up weight next workout, these give greater stretch than BB or DB 2 arm
176x5, 265x5, 309x5, 5, 5
Reverse wrist curl, 1 arm
37x25, 25, 25
Hanging wrist curl, 1 arm
80x25, 20, 15

40 min.



Chins? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (everything in lbs.)
35x6, 6, 50x6, 35x6, 6, BWx6
Curls barbell.
105x10, wrist hurting, going to DB's, 48x10, 8
35x6, 6, 75x6, 6, 40x6, 6? ? ? ? ? ? PR For reps on this weight (75x6) had another rep or two in me? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
One arm French press? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
48x8, 6, 6? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? PR haven't done these in years, nasty exercise

35 min.



Cool cloudy day, didn't feel like lifting, so put on the Stones, and good to go.

DB press
48x15, 70x7, 7, 7, new PR (with DB's)
1 Arm bent/up row
70x8, 8, 8
176x8, 265x8, 309x8, 331x3, 400x3 1/4 squat
DB Hammer curl seated w/backstop
48x21, 15, 12, 12, 12
DB seated wrist curl
48x50, 63x30, 70x25, 20, 70x15+52x20 (dropset)

I'm whupped, ice tea time.

50 min.



BW x3, 50lbs. 10x3

50lbs.x3, 90lbs. 10x3

35 min. Sore already. lol.  Grin


Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 20, 2013, 11:56:34 PM

Press (push press)
133x3, 155x3, 177x1, 200x1, 2, the second set was easier than the first PR!!

DB press, rest pause, 10 sec. between sets
58's x10-6-4-2

Bent up/row
133x10, 155x10, 200x5, 221x5

221x5, 287x5, 352x5, 441x2 PR!!

Hammer curls
58x20, 18, 12, 12

Hanging wrist curl
58x35, 20, 20, 20

Whew, tired, lol
55 min.



BWx5, 35x5,5,5,5, BWx5,5
35x5, 55x5,5,5,5, 35x5,5
Seated French press,
20kg.(44)plate x40, 2-15kg.(66) plates x15,15
Hammer curls
70's x10,10,10
Hang wrist curl

43 min.



Press (lbs.)
110x3, 133x3, 155x8, new rep PR.

Bent Up/row
155x3, 200x3, 265x3 PR, 200x8

200x3, 287x3, 333x3, 287x5

Reverse curl (Oly bar)
110x5, 133x5, 155x5, 177x3, PR, 1st rep nice, last 2 a bit sloppy.

Hanging wrist curl
133x40, new rep PR, 15, 10

38 min.



Chins (lbs.)
35x5, 45x5, 5, 35x5, BWx12

Curl, close grip
80x10, 90x10, 10

BWx30, 70x5, 5, 5, 35x10

Incline French press
90x8, 12, 10

DB wrist rollers both directions

40 min.


Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 21, 2013, 10:33:17 AM
10th Part


OH Press? (lbs.)
88x5, 110x5, 133x5, 155x5, 177x5,? really did too many warmup sets

Bent up/row
110x5, 155x5, 177x5, 110x20 rear delts and upper back really pumped here
200x5, 5

176x5, 221x5, 265x5, 352x5, 265x5 last rep on 352 very slow, shoulda did 3's and more weight

Reverse curls (E-Z)
90x10, 105x10, 127x10, (Oly bar) 133x15, 15, forearms starting to hurt

Hanging wrist curl
155x15, 177x10, 10, 155x12, 133x10, hurting and sucking on these

65 min. longest workout in a year. Maybe too many reps/sets on warmups, but great workout! Now for some ice cream!



BWx15, 35x3, 45x3, 68x1, 1, 90x3 neg., 3 neg.? ? PR on pos. and neg.

110x10, 133x6, 6? ? ?PR

35x15, 68x3, 90x3, 112x1, 1, 133x3 neg., 3 neg.? ? PR on pos. and neg.

Lying French? press
110x10, 133x8, (left elbow weird, changing to C.G. Bench) C.G. Bench 133x30? ? ?PR on French press

40 min. Time for ice tea!? Grin



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Well, I hit the wall several days ago. Run of PR's is over for the moment

155x3, 177x3, 199x1, 221x1, 1, no lockouts. I think last week I could've done it.

Bent up/row 155 4x5, really weak on these

Hammer/reverse curl
DB 48x15, BB 105x15, DB 58x20

Hanging wrist curl

About 40 min, but was interupted 3 times. Need to back off for a week or two before ramping up again.



The owner of the squat rack came and got it today, it's sold. Boo hoo. At the end of the week should have a full blown custom power rack in it's place, Yaaaa. Meantime some pump and tone.

DB press superset bent up/row
37x10/10, 58x10/10, 10/10, 10/10

Pulldown superset dips(BW)
90x15/15, 100x15/15, 125x15/15, 15/15

Seated curl superset French press
37x10/10, 10/12, 10/10

Hammer curl superset tri pushdown
51/45x15/15, 51/55x10/10, 10/10, 10/10

Hanging wrist curl
61x30, 65x25, 20, 15

Nice pump, upper arms measured exactly 18", ice tea time!

48 min.



Still in my backoff week. Looking forward to the power rack. Will ramp back up when it comes in.

Sissy squats,
Reverse curl
82 lbs 1x40
Hanging wrist curl
105 lbs 1x50

8 min.



Flexing here boss!

SS/DB press, bent up/row
37x15/15, 58.5x15/15, 15/15

SS/Dips, pulldowns
25/110x15/15, 25/132x15/15, 15/15, 15/15

SS/Curl, French press
37x12/15, 12/15, 12/15

25 min.


Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on February 04, 2013, 10:19:08 AM
11th part


after-ice tea
after-when I'm a good boy-ice cream

Thick bar training forearms(1-1/2 inch)

Reverse curl
83x15, 105x15, 132x15, 15

Hang wrist curl
132x20, 15, 10, 10

Reverse wrist curl
60x10, 10, 10

15 min. Only water today, whaaa.



No power rack yet, so....

Sissy squats
33x20, 20, 20, could hardly walk after these

128x10, 150x20, 20,? can you say "smoked ham?"

Pulldowns, incline
125x15, 140x15, 15, lats actually ached after these

Neck bench press
128x20, 20, 15, chest hurts already, nothing like easing into something, lol

35 min. A little too much time on setup, but working with what I have.



Here in Central Mexico the rain ends middle of Sept. then the sun comes out, but it's Oct. and no letup insight. Really strange. So moved some weights inside to workout. Workout a little slow, getting set up.

BN Press
80x20,? 105x10, 10

Upright row
105x20, 20

Preacher curls
80x10, 90x6+4. 6+4, 6+4. (the 4's are partials)

Lying French press + close grip bench
70x20+20, 100x15+10, 115x8+8, 8+8

Reverse preacher curls
60x10, 70x6+4, 80x6+4, standing 80x20

Wrist curls
105x25, 20, 15, 15? right wrist feeling a little better, not 100%, fish oil seems to be helping

50 min. Nice pump



Had a nice setup. The squat rack has been sold, wasn't mine. Supposed to be getting a power rack in it's place, meantime, working with a 1" bar and about 200 lbs. Will get on a pic. though.

Woke up feeling out of it. Took a long time to function, flu maybe?

Bench, to middle of chest
105x10, 128x10, 150x 3x10

150x10, 160x 4x10

128x 2x10

Bent up/row
128x 2x15

20 min. Think I'll fall down now! lol.



No cold, so far. Maybe too much mescal. Celebrated winning a two year fight in court over my business. Shocked

Reverse curl, E-Z bar
83x10. 105x10, 128x10, 138x10, 150x6, 6, 138x10, miss the Oly bar.

Hanging wrist curl
105x15, 128x15, 150x15, 170x15, 180x10, 10, 160x15, bar barely moving on last set.

Reverse wrist curl
60x15, 15

25 min

Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on February 13, 2013, 05:40:25 PM
12th part:



SL Deads
150x10, 172x10, 194x10

Sissy squats
33x 3x20---breathing hard after these

CG Bench
105x10, 128x10, 150x10, 172x10, 8---too many warmups

Lying French press, slow reps
83x 4x10

82x10, 105x10, Scott curls, 92x6+4, 6+4,  (4's are partials)

48 min.



Moved my dip bars from outside into my room. Have a chin bar but is only 1" , a little small, don't care for it.

DB press
37x10, 58x6, 70x10, 8

Bent up/rows
70x10, 10, 10

BWx10, 25x6, 6, 6

25x10, 45x6, 6, 6

Hammer curl, seated w/backstop (fairly strict)
58x10, 10, 10, 10, standing, 58x20

DB wrist curls
52x30, 63x30, 70x20, 75x20, 65x20, Right wrist feeling a little better so went with DB's today. Felt good!

50 min.



Lite workout today

Leg raise SS/with crunches
30 each, immedialty got a charlie horse(cramp) in the gut, ouch! Took a few minutes to work it out

Sissy squat
33x25, 25, up 5 reps

One leg calf raise, extreme stretch

150x20, 172x20,  sucking air after these

DB seated curls
37x15, 43x8, 8, 8

Lying French press
43x20, 50x10, 10, 7+7 bench, PR on 50's

40 min. Ice tea is calling my name.



Decided to play around today with wrist curls.

DB wrist curls
62x30, 74x30, 80.5x25, 20  right wrist stopped hurting heaviest set.   80.5 PR



Didn't "feel" like liften, so put on George Thorogood, and got down to it.

Leg raises, 2x30,  crunches, 2x30,  seated leg raise, 1x30

Sissy squat, 66x 3x10

SLDead lift, 150x10, 172x10, 200x10

DB press, 43x15, 65x10, 10

Bent up/row, 70x 3x10

29 min, sweatn like an African Warthog chased by a Leopard. Time for ice tea!! Cool



Ab work, Ring of Fire, 3 sets.

BWx10, 35x8, 70x6, 6, 35x6

Lying French press SS/with close grip bench DB's
41x15/15, 51x8/8, 6/6, 6/6 (51's PR)

BWx10, 25x6, 6, 6, Bwx6

Curls SS/with Hammer curls DB's (seated w/backstop)
41x8/8, 45x6/6, 6/6, 6/6

Standing Hammer curls
65x15, 10, 10

Seated hanging wrist curl DB's
65x25, 80x20, 15, 15, reg wrist curl, 80x15 (hanging wrist curl, PR)

Ba, ba, ba, bad to the bone, 60 min



DB Press
48x6, 58x6, 70x6, 80x3, 3, 3, 3? ? ? PR

BWx8, 35x6, 6, 6, lats hurting after these puppies

DB Rows
80x10, 85x8, 88x6, 6, first 3 sets two arm, last set one arm. Can go more weight with one arm style.

DB Bench
70x15, 75x10, 10, 10,? Chest hurts after these, could go more weight, but bench is only 5 inches off floor, hard to position

40 min. Ice tea time! Cool


Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on February 14, 2013, 04:31:39 PM
13th part:



Thanks Alwyn
Started with George Thorogood, finished with Jimmy Hendrix

220 3x10

Hack squats
83x10, 95x10, 128x10--these suckers are nasty!

Seated DB curls
43's  5x8

Lying French press SS/with bench press
43x10/10, 51x10/10, 8/8, 6/6       PR on 51's

Crossover French press
26x10-8, 10-8  2 sets nonstop, tri's are fried

Hammer curls seated/with backstop
55's  4x15  last set barely moving, last 5 reps partials

Wrist curls, DB's
55x30, 75x25, 20, 65x25    I'm done, so is Jimmy

65 min. Arms really pumped!



Sweatn n grinning
like summer in 'Bama
a little John Lee Hooker
some Carlos Santana..............had to put on some serious music to get my heart started today

DB press
48x5, 58x5, 68x5, 5, 5

BW 4x8

DB rows
80'sx8, 95'sx8, 8, 8, 8

DB bench
80x8, 8, 8, 8, 8

DB fly

45 min, tea time ya'll



Leg raise

Hack Squats
150x10, 172x10, 10


Lying crossover tri press
28x10, 37x8, 6

Lying French press+CG Bench DB's
50's x12/12, 8/8, 6/6

Curls seated DB's
37x10, 45's x10, 8, 8

Hammer curls seated
60's x10, 10, standing, 10, 10

Wrist curls, DB's
60x30, 70x25, Drop sets, 70-50's x20/10

HAnging wrist curl

60 min.



DB press
58x5, 70x5, 80x5, (PR), 85x3,(PR), 75x5, pulled hammie last nite in martial arts class, had to clean the weight practicaly on one leg, ouch.

BWx3, 25x3, 50x3, 75x3(PR), 50x5, bad chin bar, no knurling, and 1" diameter

DB row
70x5, 92x5, 108x5(PR) handles very slick, wrapped w/elec. tape going to straps, 108x10, 10, (PR)

DB bench
75x10, 85x10, 10, 10, 10 (PR) can do more, hard to get more on bar, lol

Hammer curl for fun
85x3 (PR) big plates on one side hitting my legs, need more large or small plates.

58 min. Good sweat!(n) Back to my ice tea! Cool



I'm putting everything in lbs. as I also log in on Draper's site.

Put on some John Lee Hooker, get that chain gang feeling going.

Squats, rigged up a rack to do back squats, funky but works, sorta.
165x10, 200x10, 222x10, left hammie giving me fits, call it good here.

Seated DB curls w/backstop
37x8, 48x8, 55x5, 5, 5, 5,  PR

Lying DB press(French press)
48x10, 51x8, 55x8, PR, 60x6, PR, 65x4, PR. 3 in a row, whoa!

BWx25, 20

Seated hammer curls w/backstop
65x10, 10, standingx15, 15  PR on seated

Hanging wrist curl, bar
165x10, DB's, 65x30, 20, 20, 20

60 min  Tongue



Put on the Stones, time to lock and load.

DB press ss/Monkey rows
48x10/10, 62x10/10, 10/10, nice pump

DB rows(one arm)
107x8, 115x8, 8, 8, (PR)

BWx 3x10

DB bench
95x8, 8,(PR) 6, 6, 81x15

43 min.


Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on March 10, 2013, 08:21:38 PM
14th Part:



128x3, 195x3, 250x5, 272x5, 5, 5  Left hammie tweaking a little, running out of room on 1" bar

Lying French press
62x15, 84x8, 105x8, 128x8+8 CG bench

Seated French press
105x8, 100x8, 8

82x10, 100x8, 110x8, 8, 8 Lack of sleep just showed up, running out of juice

Hammer curls
70's x 5x10

DB Wrist curl
53x50, 60x40, 70x25, 25+65x15 (drop set)

Now I'm ready to drop. 70 min.



DB Press
58x6, 67x6, 77x3, 80's x3 (PR) 85's x3, 3 (PR)

DB Bench
80'sx10, 85'sx8, 100's x5, 5, (PR) 90x8

35 x 4x5 (started coasting here, lol)

DB Rows
90's x 5x8

4o min.



Have impingment in left shoulder/back, stopped several times to work it out, slow workout.

Springsteen and Thorogood, back to back.

200x10, 250x 4x5

Curls DB's
35x8, 45x8, 55x8 (PR) 50x 4x8

Lying French press DB's
48x8, 50x8, 60x8, 55x 4x8

Hammer curls DB's
55x10, 65x10, 70x10, 81x5 (PR) 70x10, 65x 3x10

Wrist curls DB's
60x25, 70x25, 25, 25, 20, 20

80 min, Tea time and some food product!



Left shoulder still really out, will have a Doc check it tonite, think I need a Chiro, or some ball peen hammer work. lol. So no bench.

DB row
85x10, 95x10, 105x10, 113x10, 107x10, 10

DB press
48x10, 58x 4x10, about all the shoulder would take.

30 min.



Squat (all in lbs.)
128x5, 208x5, 252x5, 275x5, 5
SLD, Hammie is doing a little better
128x 3x10
65x10, 85x8, 105x8, 8, that's it for that, shoulder going gonzo on me.
BWx10. 25x10
Lying Tri press DB
45x 3x15
One arm seated French press
35x 2x20
Hammer concentration curl
35x 3x15
Hang wrist curl
50x30, 80x20, 20, 15

75 min. spent 15 min just finding exercises that didn't screw with my shoulder.



One arm OH Press
35x5, 52x5, 70x5, 80x5, BB 165x5, DB 75x5

One arm DB Row
75x5, 92x5, 118x5, 123x5,5,  (PR)

DB Bench (rehab)
75x 3x15

35 min.



Jukebox selection today, Rolling Stones

Romanian Deads
136x5, 192x5, 256x5, 5, 5, Left hammie doing a little better

BWx15, 25x8, 8, BWx10

BWx20, 35x10, 10, BWx15, shouder still tweaked, but better

Hammer curls
60x20, 72x15, 15, 15, nice pump, but breathing hard

Wrist curl
60x30, 72x30, 25, 60x25,

50 min. Sucked down liter of ice tea w/3 limes.


Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on March 11, 2013, 04:45:30 PM
15th Part:



Today is really squat day, but didn't sleep well, so went for some shoulder rehab, high rep.
Jukebox selection, Robert Cray, Strong Persuader.

DB press
35x50, 50x20, 20

DB rows
70x20, 80x20

DB flys
30x50, 45x30

Hammer curls, seated w/backstop (for grins)

Wrist curls

25 min



Started with Rod Stewart, finished with ZZ Top

140x5, 205x5, 275x5, 5, 5, running out of room on my 1" bar

DB curls
35x10, killing my shoulder, going to barbell
BB curls
60x10, 85x10, 105x10, 120x10, 10

Lying French press
85x25, 105x10, 120x10, 10, 105x8, 8,  seated French press 85x15

A real fluff and pump workout
45 min. Tea time!



Caijin music to start the heart, Joel Sonnier, finished with George Thorogood and a quart of ice tea.

One arm DB press
45x8, 62x8, 70x 3x8

BB rows
148x8, 162x8, 187x8, 207x8

BWx15, 40x5, 5, BWx10

142x10, 165x10, 10, shoulder acting up, switching to flys

45's x25, 25

Hammer curls
45x20, 70x 3x15

Wrist curls
55x55, 70x35, 25, drop set-70+55 x 25+10

65 min.



Weather cold, 55 degrees F. Uuughhh! Have a stomach flu or bad food, either way, the bathroom is my friend today.
Todays selection, Waylon Jennings, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger

140x5, 205x5, 300x 3x5, 1" bar really maxed out.

Curls, bar
84x8, 105x8, 130x8, 8, 128x8

Lying French press
84x8, 105x8, elbow tweaking out, going to DB's
DB's, 48x8, 60x8, 8,  One arm French press, non-stop- 32x 3x10

Hammer curls
55x 5x15  nice pump

Wrist curls
55x60 (maybe PR?) 75x25(PR I think)25, 25, 20, pumped!!  that's all she wrote!

70 minutes   Tongue



Little cold today, wearing three layers of shirts. Todays selection, The Eagles, don't ask why.

One arm DB press
32x20. 48x20, 60x10, shoulder says that's it.

BWx25, (PR) 15,

BWx30, 20, no protest from shoulder, weird.

Reverse DB curl
60x25, 15

Wrist curl
60x50, 40, nice pump on these.

30 min. I'm done.


NOTE: This workout was done by Kriss one year before exactly of the pass away of Reg in 2007.  Nobody suppouse the tragedie.



Todays selection, Mexican radio.

SL Deads
128x6, 208x5, 250x5, 5, 5

Curls, bar
60x8, 84x8, 106x8, 116x8, 8

Lying French press, bar
60x8, 84x8, 106x8, 116x8, 120x8. 8

30 min.



Today, a little ZZ Top

Reverse curl, bar
75x10, 97x10, 119x10, 141x10, 10, 119x10, 97x10

Wrist curl, bar
97x20, 119x20, 141x20, 15, 119x20, 97x20

30 min.

Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on March 23, 2013, 06:29:44 PM
16th Part:


Todays selection, John Lee Hooker and Bob Marley

OH Press
95x3, 142x3, 164x3, 186x3 (shoulder protesting here) 164x3, 142x5, 5

Cajin rows(bent up/row)
142x5, 164x5, 186x5, 5, 5

164x3, 186x3, 252x3, 295x 5x3

E-Z bar reverse curl
85x8, 106x8, 128x5, 150x5, 5

Hanging wrist curl
142x20, 164x10, 186x10, 205x7, 7, (PR)

60 min.



As far as the music goes, I'm an oldies and blues guy. lol.

Close Grip Bench
142x8, 164x8, 186x 3x8

BWx 5x8

Curls superset with French press
90x 2x12

18 min.



Still thinking my routine, but decided to do something.

85x5, 106x5, 142x5. 5. 5. 5
164x5, 186x5. 5. 5. 5
128x5, 208x5, 296x5, 5, 5
Reverse curl
110x20, 120x20
DB wrist curl
48x50. 75x40 (PR)

45 min



All sets done with 35 sec rest

BW 5x8

Pulldowns, incline
100 5x8

106x8, 150 4x8

35 5x8

Lying tri press
85 5x8

85 5x8

30 min, nice pump, I'm done!!



Cold today, colder tomorrow, so will lift today, rest mañana!
For the music freaks, Steve Miller Band, Greatest Hits '74-'75

All exercises, 30 sec. rest between sets

SL Deads
150x 5x8

Upright rows
85x 5x8

Reverse curl
100x 5x8

Behind back wrist curl
125x20, 20, 20, 15

14 min. 


Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on April 28, 2013, 02:10:14 PM
17th Part:



Jukebox says....Rolling Stones
Starting to hate this 30 sec. rest period between all sets

DB press
W/up 50's x8, 60x8, 8, 6, 4

BWx8, 8, 8, 6, 6, starting to really breath hard here.

BB rows
160x8, 8, 6, 6, 4 (next workout switch to DB's for better stretch)

Bench press
160x8, 8, 6, 5, 4 (these suckers were nasty!)

50's x5x8, ooouch!!

Wrist curl DB's
50x60, 75x35, 25

Hammer curl DB's
70x10, 10, 7

35 min.



Today, Jimi Hendrix, far out and solid man.
Didn't count the rest periods today.

128x5, 208x5, 295x 3x6, up one rep.

BWx6, 40x6, 6

40x6, 65x6, 6

Pulley pushdown
60x15, 70x10, 80x8, 6

Concentration curl
35x 3x10

35 min. and time for ice tea!

Counting rest periods is a conditioning thing. It's one of the ways Vince Gironda (trainer of Larry Scott, Don Howorth, even Arnold was sent to him by Weider) trained bodybuilders. 6x6 and 8x8 are two of the protocols he used. Mohamad Makaway trained with 8x8 under Vince for a Mr Olympia. You take a weight, say for curls, 25 pounds, curl eight times, rest periods going as low as 10-15 sec,(never taking hands of the dumbells) lift again, reapeat 8 times. Most guys can't do all 8 sets, even advanced guys. Not a training regieme for building big numbers on the wieghts, but will give good growth and an extreme pump. Not to be used permanently, I'm just doing a change of pace right now.



Jukebox, a little Johnny Rivers, Sam Cooke, George Thorogood.

DB Press,
37x10, 50x10, 60x10, 10, 10

BWx12, 10, 10, 10

DB rows
80x10, 100x8, 8, 8

128x10, 150x8, 172x8, 8, not pushing shoulder

50x15, 15, 15

Seated Hammer curl, w/backstop, fairly strict
60x10, 10, 10, 10

Wrist curl, DB
60x30, 70x30, 80x20, 20, (PR?) 70x20

60 min.



128x3, 205x3, 295x7, 7. (up 1 rep)

Lying tri press
85x15, 105x10, 128x6, 6

70x15, 10

85x15, 105x10, 128x6, 6

25 min.


Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on April 28, 2013, 02:12:55 PM
18th Part:


Little bit o Rod Stewart and Stones

BWx10, 25x3, 46x3, 68x3, 3, 57x3, 46x3, 25x3, BWx10

Close grip bench (about 8 inch hand space)
120x10, 164x3, 208x3, 230x3, 208x3, 3, 164x3, 120x30

Reverse curl
100x10, 120x5, 142x5, 164x5, 142x5, 120x10, 10

DB wrist curl
60x20, 70x20, 85x20, 20, (PR) 75x25, 25, 25

59 min. Going for the ice tea!!



Jukebox says..John Lee Hooker

DB press, shoulder rehab
50x 4x15

Upright row
50x 4x15

164x5, 208x5

SL Deads
164x5, 208x5, 252x5, 295x5, 5

Hammer curl

DB wrist curl

30 min. Tea time!!



Upper body workout today. Tunes, ZZ Top, Concrete and Steel. Haven't heard this disc in over ten years. Light on the top end, but got some rev's in today.

DB Press
50x20, 60x10, 70x6, 6

BWx15, 12, 10, 10, (last 3 reps negatives)

DB curl
35x10, 10

BWx20, 15, 10, 10

One arm French press
35x15, 10

Reverse DB curls
70's x20, 15, 10

DB wrist curl
63x40, 75x30, 25

45 min.



Today, ZZ Top, Afterburner (another haven't listened to in years.)

Squats, back a little tweaked, so will do lower reps.
128x3, 208x3, 295x 6x3, 230x10

20 min.



DB Press
50x15, 71x5, 81x3, 3

BWx5, 40x5, 80x3, 3

BWx5, 40x5, 80x3, 105x3

Reverse DB curl
50x5, 71x5, 81x5,(PR) 91x1 sloppy rep

Wrist curl DB
60x15, 71x10, 81x10, 94x10 (PR) 101x3 (PR) Nasty weight! 

30 min



SL Deads
128x5, 172x5, 208x5, 252x5, 296x5

8 min.

Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on May 13, 2013, 04:47:20 PM
19th Part:



128x10. 150x10. 172x6, 194x6. 6

128x10, 150x10, 172x6, 194x6, 6

18 min.



A little Stones with my arm workout.

Seated French press
65x10, 85x10, 106x8, 8, 8

55x10, 80x8, 90x6, 80x8, 8

65x10, 85x10, 106x8, 8, 8

Reverse curls (bar)
85x10, 106x10, 130x10, 10, 10

Wrist curls (bar)
130x20, 150x15, (killing my wrists, going to DB)
DB wrist curl
75x30, 30

45 min.



Too much party yesterday, feeling it today, cooked food and entertained 50 people....errhhh!

DB press
50x10, 60x5, 70x5, 5, 5, 5

Pullups, close grip
BWx15, 10, 10

Rows, barbell
150x8, 172x8, 215x5, 5

150x8, 172x8, 194x5, 215x3, 3, 172x8

35 min.



Cold today, 65 F outside, 55 in my gym
A lot of B.S. on the stereo (Bruce Springsteen)

128x3, 208x3, 252x3, 300x 5x3

85x3, 128x3, 150x3, 172x3, 150x3, 3, 128x3, 3

Seated Hammer curl
50x10, 58x10, 63x8, 65x8 (PR) 5, 60x8, 8, 55x10

DB wrist curl
60x50, 71x30, 81x10, 10, 75x25, 25

75 min.



BWx10, 25x6, 50x6, 6, 25x6

Seated DB curls w/backstop
50's  4x6

164x6, 186x6, 208x3, 3

Lying French press DB's
50's  4x10

Seated Hammer curl w/backstop
50's x30

Wrist curl DB

Sucky workout, shoulder and wrist hurting, weights down.



I guess I'm all alone working out, at the end of the year! lol.

End of the year, I'm not in the mood workouts!

SL Deads
172x5, 208x5, 252x 2x10

DB press
50's x10, 60's 2x10

Hammer wrist curl(like reverse wrist curl)
30 2x40

Hanging wrist curl
75x35, 25

25 min



Started the year with a "full body" workout, just for a blood pump.

DB lateral raise
30's 2x25

Stiff arm lat pulldown
55x 2x25

DB bench flys
50's 2x25

Front squats (shoulder can't take much weight)
85x 2x15

DB curl

DB Tri crossover
28x20, 15

DB preacher reverse curl

DB wrist curl

28 min. Got parties to get to---- : )



DB press, going for very lite workout today
50's  2x20

Bwx14, going for 25 but on rep 14 rep shoulder made audible pop. May have done it some good, maybe not.  Lost strength, so will call it good today, rest and maybe try tomorrow.

5 min! lol.



Shoulder really bad today, went for squats, but couldn't get left hand up to hold the bar. Life sucks some days.

-sooo-a little workout to get blood pumping.

BB rows
100x30, 120x20, 20

Close grip bench
100x30, 120x20, 20

Hanging wrist curl
120x20, 140x20. 162x20, 20

Reverse wrist curl
40x40, 62x20, 20, 20, at least forearms were pumped.

25 min. of sucky pain in shoulder.

Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on November 05, 2013, 11:00:50 PM
20th part:


Injuries SUCK! lol. Nothing major, just an impingment,will work through it. Reps are my friend.

165x10, 208x10, 230x10

Semi-bent up/row
85x10, 106x10, 128x10, shoulders said no to more.

Concentration curl
35x10, left shoulder protesting, switching to.....

Pulldowns, close grip underhand
55x20, 80x20, 105x20, 130x20

Close grip bench
85x20, 105x20, 128x20, 140x20

Reverse straight bar curl
60x15, 85x15, 106x15, 130x15

Hanging wrist curl (like behind back, but seated, easier on back)
130x20, 175x20, 20, 20, shoulder popped on last set, felt good, lol.

60 min. a little longer than planned,



130x5, 210z5, 250x5, 5, 5

Close grip bench
130x10, 150x8, 175x8, 7, 5, 150x10

Close grip pulldown
100x10, 133x10, 155x10, 177x8, 6, 155x8

Reverse curl
85x10, 106x10, 130x10, shoulder protesting these today.

DB wrist curl
70x40, shoulder feels unstable, switch to bar

Hanging wrist curl
175x20, 185x10

50 min.



60x12, 85x10, 106x8, 128x6, 150x6

Press BN
60x20, shoulder says enough, moving on

100x10, 133x10, 166x8, 180x6, 6, can't use more weight, pulling me off the floor,

C Grip bench
128x10, 150x8, 177x6, 200x4, 177x5, shoulder is so-so on these.

Reverse curl
85x10, 106x10, 128x10, 150x6, 106x10

Hanging wrist curl
155x20, 177x10, 200x8,(PR) 177x10, 155x10

55 min



128x3, 172x3, 208x3, 252x3, 296x3, 3, 3, one inch bar puts the hurt on the shoulder.

Clean and press
60x10, 85x10, 106x7, 128x5, shoulder's maxed at this point.

128x20, 192x8, 8

Press down superset with curl
60x20/15, 80/60x12/15, enough on the shoulder with the curls

Reverse curls
100x15, 120x10, 10, 100x15

Hanging wrist curl
150x20, 10, 128x15, forearms tired but nice pump

55 min. Ice tea time



Shoulders feeling a little better. Put on some ZZ Top to get the heart started, not much sleep last nite.

Pulldowns warmup,
BWx10, 10

Dips, testing the water here
BWx10, 15, 15, 10

Seated Hammer curl w/backstop, strict
50x20, 15, 15

DB hanging wrist curl
75x25, 20, 20

25 min. Where's my ice tea? Ahhhhhhhh......there it is.



128x15, 172x10, 194x8, 216x5, 5, 5

Stiffarm pulldowns
60x15, 15

128x15, 150x10, 172x5, 194x5, 172x5, 150x8

150x5, 194x5, 220x10, 10, 10, non lockout, smoked hams!

Reverse wrist curl

Hanging wrist curl

52 min



Feeling lazy today. When I feel that way I usually work arms,

DB press SS/with bent upright row
Bar press
85x8, 106x8, 128x5, shoulder very weak
DB press
50x10, 10
Bent upright row
50x10, 10, that's enough of that

Seated DB curls w/backstop (strict)
27x20, boring, 37x10, 10, 10, 10, about all the shoulder could take for curls

Pully pressdown warmup
Lying Rench press DB's
37x12, 12, 12, 12,
Pully pushdown

Seated Hammer curls w/backstop (strict)
50x15, 60x10, 10, Standing, 10, 10

Seated hanging wrist curl DB
60x30, 80x20, 20, 75x20, 70x20

50 min.



A little R. Stewart and Bad Company to set the mood.

128x10, 150x10, 172x10, 200x8, 8, 172x8, 8

Pulldowns close grip, wanted to do curls, shoulder says no.
110x10, 135x10, 160x10, 10

128x10, 150x10, 172x6, 200x4, 4, shoulder still "tweaked"

Close grip bench
150x10, 10

70x10, 10, 60x15

Reverse curl, straight bar
106x10, 128x10, 135x10, 128x10

Seated hanging wrist curl
150x25, 165x15, 15, 15, last set was 10+rest pause+5

60 min. And yes Nelson, it's ice freaking tea time!



Todays tunes provided by Ry Cooder, for your listening pleasure or disgust, great guitar, lousy voice.

SL Deads
150x5, 215x5, 300x5, 5, 5

DB press
50x10, 60x10, 10, sorta felt good.....not.

Seated DB curl w/backstop
37x10, 10, 10, max weight for shoulder

Lying DB French press
37x15, 42x15, 45x10, these felt pretty good.

Seated Hammer curl w/backstop
60x10, 10, (standing)60x15
Seated hanging wrist curl
120x30, 175x15, 15

50 min. went slow to let shoulder recoup between sets,   going for the tea!



150x5, 208x5, 252x5, 300x5, 5, weight moving faster today, stopping here, lower back a little!

128x5, 150x5, 172x5, 215x5, 5, 172x8, shoulder protested, but I won

BWx10, 10

172x5, 208x5, 230x5, 5

Reverse curl, straight bar
100x25, 25 (15+10partials)

Hanging wrist curl, seated
165x25, 25

55 well spent min. Where's the ice tea?


Started on SL Deads in earnest a couple years ago when I had access to an Oly bar and squat rack. They went up along with the squats. Last year I did the squat challenge. Squats went from 250 to 370x7 in I think it was 14 weeks. I then backed off the squats, and started hitting the deads and SL deads 1xweek, alternating. Couple months ago hit 441x2 on reg. deads, then didn't have access to the rack and Oly bars. Am now using a 1 inch bar, ouch! 300 is max weight I can get on the bar without more larger plates. I find if I hit the squats hard, the deads don't suffer even if I don't do them for a month or so. I started on the SL deads a couple months ago again, and find between squats and SL deads, I believe my reg deads will go up. I'll test that out soon.

Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Steff on November 24, 2013, 01:09:56 PM
From what I've read he was a great guy/friend/teacher.
Gotta look into these WO:s and set up something similar. Do a tribute week or month...
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on November 24, 2013, 02:53:17 PM
LOL! that's very good, Steff. Kriss old style workouts come to life again!!
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 02, 2016, 12:27:46 PM


Ok, Doobie Bro's and some Stones (I'm a 70's guy, so sue me)

SL Deads
165x5, 230x5, 305x8, 8, (PR) found a couple thin plates, added 5 lbs!

Cajin rows
128x8, 142x8, 8, bothering shoulder, going to press

60x5, 85x5, 105x5, 135x5, 5, these felt ok today

60x10, shoulder still says no on these, switching to pulldowns

Pulldowns, close grip thick bar
125x10, 150x10, 175x10, 7+3 partial, 6+4 partial, sucking ice tea here!

Close grip bench (8" space between hands)
128x10, 150x10, 175x6, 6, 6, 150x10

E-Z bar reverse curl
105x8, 128x8, 136x8, 8, (136, partials)

Seated hanging wrist curls
150x10, 172x10, 200x8, 5 (PR)

70 min.   ;)


Tried the shrugs, no pain, just feel it in the trap close to the neck.

High pulley pullbacks to warmup shoulder
20x20, 20

120x10, 150x6, 172x6, 194x3, 216x2, 226x2, 194x4, 172x6, 150x10, decide to get a little volume, shoulder no likie bench

150x6, 172x6, 194x6, 216x3, 252x3, 274x2, (PR) WTH going for it, 300x1 (PR) tried 2nd rep, got halfway shoulder popped here, felt good! 252x3, 194x6

Squats, non lockout
180x10, 208x10, 230x10, 10, sucking air here! Back is kinda tired. Huh?

Hammer curls
50's x10, reverse curl (bar), 110x25, 15

Hang wrist curl
165x15, 140x25, 15

70 min, think I'll sit down and slurp some tea!

After talking to Cajin today, got insspired to give the joints a break and do some bodybuilding, mostly compound sets. Not sure what split, 3-4 times a week, depends on energy.

pulley pullback, shoulder warmup
20x25, 25

Seated BNP superset bent lateral raise, very lite due to shoulder
60x10/27x10, 85x10/27x10, 10/10. 10/10

Spider curl superset close grip pulldowns
60x10/100x10, 60x10/125x10, 60x10/145x10, 10/10, all the weight my shoulder could do on curls

Close grip bench ss/pully pushdown
130x10/75x10, 150x10/70x8, CGBench/longpully tri, 160x10/45x20, 160x10/45x10, tri's are fried

Reverse curl EZ bar
100x20, 120x10, 10, 10, may use straight bar and superset with wrist curls next time.

Hanging wrist curl
150x15, 130x15, 15, 15, changed my 1 inch bar to 1 3/8 with some garden hose, fatter bar is tougher workout on these

45 min. but lost about 10 min screwing around experimenting with exercises


2nd Day new routine, will take a few workouts to get used to this!

Compound set for back

Chins, BWx6, 6, 6, 6
Rows 130x6, 175x6, 6, 150x6 (stay at 150 for now)
Stiffarm Pulldown 45x6, 55x6, 6, 6 back really pumped!

Compound for chest, wide grip bench to middle of chest+flys

130x10, 150x8, 130x8, 8
35x10, 8, 8, 8, ouch! best pump in years with almost no weight.

20 min


Squat with sissy compound

210x10, 10, 10
Ball x10, 10, 10 coulda skipped set three, had to sit down a few minutes. Quads pumped like pushing a car several blocks!

SL Deads
165x10, that's it, can't keep´balance, legs are fried, must do SL Dead on another day or first.

BB press, lateral raise, bent up/row, compound

BB 85x8, 108x6, 8
Lat 25x8 8, 8
Up/R85x8 108x6, 8

20 min. That's all she wrote.

Close grip bench w/long pulley tri, compound

CGB 105x10, 150x10, 160x8, 6, 8 (on 6 reps changed grip, too close)
LPT 55x10, 60x10, 8, 6, 6

Rope pushdowns
55x10, 10, 10

Close grip pulldowns, bb curls, wrist curls, compound

CGP 130x10, 160x8, 8, 8
Curl 60x10, 75x8, 8, 8
Wrist 60x20 75x15,10, 10, wicked pump. I've done 200 lb wrist curls, but arms were mush here.

Reverse Curl w/hanging wrist curl

RC 100x15, 15
HW 100x15, 15, really pumped.

Hammer curl with hanging wrist curl

Reverse wrist/hanging wrist curl

38 min. can hardly close my hands or use fingers to type! Thanks Cajin, your fault.


Neckid huh, just might!

High pulley pullbacks to warmup shoulder
20x20, 20

BWx10, 10, 10

Rows+stiffarm pulldown
150x10, 173x8, 8
60x10, 8, 8

Bench wide thumbless grip to upper chest+flys
130x10, 10, 10, 10
40x10, 10, 10, 10

23 min. awsome pump! Quik workout, but didn't feel like doing more (yet?)

g day

SL Deads
130x10, 210x10, 262x10, rest 2 min for squats

Squats ss/with sissy squats
130x10,(warmup) 210x10/10, 10/10, ouch, ouch, thighs rubbing together, tremendous pump, will add third set next workout.

14 min

Shoulder and arm day

DB up/row+press
27x15-15, bothering shoulder, going to bar

Barbell up/row+press
85x15-15, 105x10-6, 10-6, 10-6, should reverse this for more weight on press

Close grip bench+skullcrushers
105/60x10-10, 175/60x8-10, 175/75x8-8+8x, 175/85x8-8+8x, 6-6+8x (x is x reps or burns) using more wieght and more reps.

Scott curl+standing curl+wrist curl, compound set
60x10-5-20, 70x8-5-15, 8-5-15, shoulder protesting here, moving to Reverse curl

Reverse curl+hanging wrist curl
100x15-15, 15-15, 15-15, 15-15, wight fell from my hands on last set, whew! Great pump on arms.

50 min. Tomorrow rest day.


Chest, Back

Sternum chin (tried to start at top, and lower slowly, next time will positive and neg. as close as I can do them)
BWx5, 5, 5, 5, didn't come close to failure, easing into them

Row ss stiff arm pulldown
175/60x 6 supersets 6 reps each

Bench ss flys, wide thumbless grip to middle of chest, elbows flared
140/50x 6 supersets 6 reps each

18 min. Feels a little easier, weight is up

Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 02, 2016, 01:45:45 PM
Shoulder and legs

BB press+bent up/row
85x10/10, 105x10/10, oops, did shoulder 2 days ago, no wonder I'm weak! Skip to squats

Squats, non lock out+sissy squats, superset
210/BWx 12/12, 12/12, 12/12, 72 reps of shear pleasure.........NOT, quads really pumped, up 2 reps each exercise

12 min flat

Arm day. Am I a bodybuilder, or what, lol.

Close grip bench+pushdowns
130+60x10/10, 150+70x10/10, 175+70x10/10, 195+75x6/6, 175+75x8/6, 150+75x8/6, 130+65x10/10, last set all x-reps, highest weight up 20 lbs

Curl+wrist curl, up 25 lbs (shoulder so so)
85x10/20, 95x10/20, 10/20, 10/20, arms pumped!

Reverse curl+hanging wrist curl, up 8 lbs
85+118x15/15, 108+118x10/10, 108x10/10, 10/10, barely holding onto bar.

38 min.
Shoulder, back, chest, lite workout

Decided to do dumbells today

DB press ss/with bent up/row
50x20+20, 60x20+20, left shoulder bothering me big time, enough, moving on

BWx8, 8, 8

DB rows
70x15, 80x10, 10

DB bench
75x15, 15, 15, 15

25 min. nice pump. Lost a little time setting up DB deciding what was next,

Lite dink around day

210x15, 15, 15, breathing hard here

CG Bench
130x10, 150x10, 175x10, 8, 8, last 2 sets include French press with 40lb plate for 20, 10 reps, nice pump!

BB 85x10, switch to DB seated w/backstop, 40x10, 10, shoulder says no more, switch to hammer curl

Hammer curl seated, w/backstop
50x15, 15, 15

DB wrist curl, Draper/Sipes style
55x40, bothers shoulder, swtch to hanging wrist curl, 70x25, 25

50 min. A little longer than I planned on, but feel pretty good.


Shoulders, back, chest

DB press
37x10, 50x10, 60x8, 70x5, 5, shoulder feeling hincky going to...

Bent lateral raise
27x15, 15, 15, nice pump

BWx10, 10, 10, feeling pretty good on these

DB rows
80x12, 90x8, 8, 8, just a note, my legs were still sore from the last squat day, and rows reminded me!

DB bench
80x10, 70x20, oops, too lite, 75x15, 80x10, 10

50 min. Lost at least ten minutes just changing DB's, problem with lack of weights.
What we've got here is... failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach.

SL Deads
130x3, 208x3, 276x3, 318x5, 5, (PR)

Close grip bench, ss/with tri ext (plate)
130x8, 150x8, 175x8+40x20, 175x8+40x20

One arm DB ext.
30x15, bothers shoulder, swtiching to..

Lying DB ext.+bench x reps
40x10+10, 10+10

Pully pulldown+curls DB
curls,40x10, Pulldown 150x10+40x8, 10+8, 10+8

Hammer curls
60x15, 70x10, 65x10, 60x15 x-reps

Hang curl
60x40, 80x20, 15, 15, 15

55 min. A little long, but feel good.

52x10, 85x5, 108x5, 130x5, 150x5, call it good here on shoulder.

Bent up/row
108x15, 130x10, 150x10, 10, had to do something for shoulders

Bench press ss/with chins BW
130x8/8, 150x6/6, 175x6/6. 6/6, 6/6

Wrist curls, over bench (Larry Scott style)
85x15, 108x15, 130x15, 152x10, 130x15

Reverse wrist curl
62x10, 10, 10

40 min. Felt pretty good

208x5, 254x5, 308x5, 254x5, 208x15, yeah, these hurt!

Curl, straight bar
64x10, 86x10, 108x10, 10, 10x reps, shoulder limits weight, bummer

Skulls+bench partials, straight bar
64x10+10, 86x10+10, 108x10+10, 122x7+7,108x10+10, yeah pumped here!

Reverse curl, straight bar
85x10, 108x10, 130x10+5xreps, 10+5xreps, 108x15+5xreps, whoa, extensors crying for air.

Hanging wrist curl, straight bar
142x20, 15, 15, 15partials, smoooooking!!

50 min. I'm whupped. Great workout!

BWx5x10, last 3 sets 5 pos.+5 neg. each.

108x10, 130x6, 152x6, 130x6, 6

130x10, 175x8, 198x6, 6, 175x6

130x10, 153x8, 175x6, 198x5, 175x8

Wrist curl over bench
108x25, 130x25, 160x15, 10, 130x25

55 min, 86 degrees today, time for ice tea!!

Did not feel like lifting today, slow workout

Squats, having knee "issues", think it was the sissy squats
130x3, 208x3, 252x3, 296x3, call it good here, hit it hard next round.

65x10, 86x10, 108 3x10, 86x10

Skullcrusher+close grip bench
86x10+10, 108x 4x8+8, 86x10+10, reps fairly slow, nice pump

Reverse curl, straight bar
108x8, 130x8, 152x5 (used straps here, loose style), 130x8, seated hammers w/backstop 50's x25

Wrist curls on bench
100x50, 130x25, 152x15, 130x25, 100x25, bar fell from hands, forearms fried!

65 min. I'm done


Gearge Thorogood to start the heart

BWx 4x8, assisted chins, BW 4x8, awsome pump!

Bent/up row
100x15, 142x 3x8

142x10, 175x 5x8, 164x8

Wrist curls, bench
122x30, 150x20, 15, 130x20

Reverse wrist curl, thick bar, pulley
35x20, 45x 2x20, nice pump, hurten so good

48 min. Really good workout! Good pace. Starting to see some nice changes in chest and back.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 03, 2016, 12:14:24 AM

Gearge Thorogood to start the heart

BWx 4x8, assisted chins, BW 4x8, awsome pump!

Bent/up row
100x15, 142x 3x8

142x10, 175x 5x8, 164x8

Wrist curls, bench
122x30, 150x20, 15, 130x20

Reverse wrist curl, thick bar, pulley
35x20, 45x 2x20, nice pump, hurten so good

48 min. Really good workout! Good pace. Starting to see some nice changes in chest and back.


If Thorogood is dated, how about...Waylon Jennings for a little background.

Left knee really inflamed today, ? Life, age, lol.

166x5. 208x5, 252x 5x5

Curls DB seated w/backstop
37x15, 45x10, 10, 10, 10(5+5xrep) 10xreps

French press, DB+bench press, superset
37x15, 45x10+10, 51x8+8, 8+8, 45x8+8, 8+8

Hammer curls, seated
45x10, 55x10, 10, 10, 10xreps, 10xreps

Hanging wrist curl, DB
55x35, 65x30, 20, 70x15, 20, 65x20

60 min. Overall good workout, nice pump, weights up on curls, shoulder didn't protest so much today.


DB press
33x5, 50x5, 60x5, 70x5, shoulder feels hincky, dropping back, 60x5, 5, 5

BWx8, 8, 15lbx6, 25lbx5, 5, BWx8, assisted x8, 8

DB bench
60x30, 80x10, 10, 10, 10

Wrist rollers off pulley, forwards and backwards
60x20+20, 20+20, 20+20

Crappy workout, just didn't feel the love, lol.

40 min,


150x5, 230x5, 300x5, 5, 5

Lying DB tri press warmup
27x20, 37x10
Lying DB tri + dips
50/BWx8/10, 8/10, 8/10 ouch!

Curls, DB seated w/backstop
37x15, 45x8, 8, 8x reps

Hammer curls, seated w/backstop
60x10, 10x reps
60x15, 15, 10x reps

Wrist curl BB on bench
100x20, 132x25, 155x20, 15, 132x25

OK workout, will feel it tomorrow

50 min.


Shoulder a little, lol

SLD, Keystone, Romanian deads, take your pick
130x5, 210x5, 300x5, 5, 5

210x5, 5, 5, 5, 5

110x5, 130x5, 5, 5, 5

140x5, 188x5, 210x5, 188x5, 5

Reverse curl
90x10, 115x10

Hanging wrist curl
115x20, 20, out of juice, that's all she wrote

Let's not do this again real soon!

50 min


Going for da pump!

Lying tri press + seated curls DB's
30x20+20, 40x10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10

Pully pushdowns
55x20, 65x15, 15,

Pulley wrist and reverse wrist curls
65x20/20, 20/20 arms feel pumped, looked pumped, are pumped! Yah.

15 min flat


Well just for grins, had some time, worked the forearms a tad.

Wrist curls over bench

Reverse wrist curls
45x3x30 shoulda done more weight, but that was on a bar, and I was lazy.

Pulley wrist curls, 20 forward and 20 back

10 min, nice pump, would like more weight but shoulder said enough
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 03, 2016, 12:21:17 AM

doing some high reps for shoulders
65x25, 85x15, 110x8, 8, 85x15, 65x25

BWx10, 25x5, 50x5, 65x3+2neg., 42x3+2neg., 25x5, 4+1neg., BWx10, flew on these, 6+4neg.

142x10, 175x8, 210x5,4, 185x5, 165x10, 142x15
x reps.

Reverse curl E-Z bar
100x5, 122x5, 144x5, 160x5 (used straps on last set)

Wrist curl, just flushing a little blood through

50 min. Felt pretty good.


ZZ Top to start the ole ticker.

130x5, 210x5, 260x5, 300x5, 5, 260x5, 210x10

Lying tri press+CG bench E-Z bar
75x15+15, 90x10+10, 115x8+8, 125x6+6, 6+6, 115x6+6

French press E-Z bar
75x15, 15

Curl+Reverse curl, superset same bar(straight)
85x10+10, 110x10+10, 10+10, breathing hard here, bothering shoulder, moving on.

Wrist curl on bench
110x30, 140x20, 165x10, 140x20, 20, 20, on a roll today.

Reverse curl for reps and grins

65 min. I'm done (for)


Black tea, lots o lime, cloudy an cold!
I'll work on some straps, and use em for something diff. on ocasion.

Press, shoulder so so today.
85x5, 110x5, 130x5, pushpress 155x3, 175x3, 155x3, press 130x5

Pullups, palm forward
BWx10, 25x5, 40x5, 25x5, BWx10

One arm pulley row

144x10, 188x5, 210x5, 188x5, 166x10, 10 (odd numbers cause I use lbs and kilo plates together)

Wrist curls
108x20, 142x15, 166x10, 180x10, 10 (PR reps) 166x10, 142x15

reverse wrist curl, bar

58 min. Ice tea is calling me!


Not much sleep last nite, skipped legs, hit em tomorrow.

65x20, 86x10, 100x10, 10, 10 x reps. Shoulder maxed out at 100 lbs.

Skulls+CGBench E-Z bar
85x10/10, 108x10/10, 130x6/6, 6/6, 115x6/6, 108x6/6, 90x10/10, pressdowns 65x15

Reverse curl E-Z bar
90x10, 108x10, 135x8, 130x10, 120x10, 108x10, 10 x reps

Wrist curl on bench
118x20, 140x20, |50x25, 20, 15, drop set as fast as u can strip weight, 150x10, 140x6, 128x6, 118x6, 108x6, 86x6, 65x6, I'm dead!

50 min. Tea time and sun!


152x10, 210x10, 250x10, 10, 10, last 5 reps on last set with couple of breaths between reps.


Too much Chinese food for lunch, time to work it off.

130x10, 150x10, 175x10, 10, 150x10, 130x10 x-reps, 10 x-reps, bottom 1/3 of stroke

130x10, 150x10, 175x10, 10, 150x10, 10x-reps, 10 x-reps, middle 1/3 of stroke

Wrist curls on bench, done with a padded 3 inch board on bench.
130x15, 150x15, 175x10, 10, 150x25

33 min. Went through a liter of tea and a liter of water during workout.


3 days in a row, whoa!

Chins (for bi's)
BWx10, 25x8, 8

Curls, DB w/backstop
37x15, 15, 15 x-reps bottom middle third

Dips (for tri's)
BWx25, 50x10, 10

Lying tri press DB's
37x15, 15, 15 x-reps bottom middle third

Seated Hammer curl w/backstop (these felt great!)
50x20, 60x10,
Standing 60x10, 10 x-reps bottom middle third

DB wrist curl (these so so)
60x30, 75x15, 70x20

38 min. Ice tea with lime, drank l liter with this workout


Wasn't going to workout, not much sleep last nite, but couldn't stop myself from using the Weider brain confusion principle of muscle blasting.

Wrist curls, on bench
108x20, 130x20, 152x20, 164x15, 180x10, 201x2 (PR) 165x10, 152x20, 20, 130x20, 20

Reverse wrist curl, over knees
42x50, 52x30, 64x10, 72x6 (PR) 64x15, 50x20, 20, 42x25

33 min


Have martial arts demo and certificate presentation, so a lite workout.

100x5, 130x5, 152x5

BWx15, 10, 8

Bench press
122x15, 152x10, 175x10

Romanian deads
175x10, 222x10, 305x10, PR!

Reverse curl, straight bar
100 3x15

Hanging wrist curl
150x25, 15, 15

38 min


Couldn't help myself, arm workout-

CG Bench E-Z bar ss/standing long pulley ext.
155x15 175x10, 10, 10 x-reps
40x15 60x10, 10, 10 x-reps

Pulley pushdowns
60x10, 70x10, 10, Tris really blown up, nice pump

CG curls ss/reverse curl E-Z bar
100x10/10, 115x10/10, 8/8

Spider curls
70x8, 8, 8, pumped!

Pulley wrist roller for flexors

28 min.


Got up too early today, so will just hit the forearms. On a roll, so am putting the hurt to them while I feel like it.

Reverse wrist curl
50x30, 30
Pulley reverse roller, extensors
52x30, 30, 30

Wrist curl, on bench
100x20, 130x20, 150x20, 175x15 (PR for reps)10, 150x20
Pulley wrist roller, flexors.

20 min.


DB press+monkey rows compound
37x15/15, 50x10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10, nice pump

DB flys+pullover, 1 DB, compound
50x15/15, 60x10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10, will be sore tomorrow, or tonight!!

Chins+rows, compound
BW+60x10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10-x reps on last set, middle of stroke, Back fried, stopping here.

Major pump overall, breathing hard.

32 min
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 03, 2016, 05:04:32 PM

Caught an hour of sun today, strong stuff. Put on some Stones to get the motor reving.

100x5, 166x5, 220x5, 308x5
100x10, 10
Squats, bottom half of stroke
166x10, 10, squats just weren't showing the love today.

Wrist curls
100x20, 144x20, 176x20, (PR for reps) 190x10 (PR for reps) 208x5 solid reps! (PR for weight and reps), Sweatns a grinnen now. Leave a rep or two in the tank for next time.

37 min.


Not much sleep last nite, dang dogs and peacocks, then went to see an ex Navy Seal in Max. Security in the Fed pen today. A long visit, no lunch, no water for 5-6 hours. Soooo, little short on energy, but never the less, butt kicking time has arrived.

Seated DB curls, with backstop
37x20, 50x6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, if that don't do it, screw it.

Lying tri ext. + press DB's
50x10+10, 60x6+6, 55x6+6, 6+6, 6+6, 6+6, 6+6, same for tris, grow or die.

Pulley pressdowns
65x15, 10, tri's are fried

Hammer curls, DB's with backstop
55x10, 10, 10, 10, 10, so so, not my best.

Hanging wirst curl DB
66x25, 75x20, 15

Pulley wrist roller, flexors

I'm dead. If I don't get to sleep tonight, will visit Pappy's mason jar for a little white lighting.

40 min of sheer pleasure, lol


A little Doobie Bros, so as not to harsh my mellow.

Wrist curls, thumbless grip on bench.
100x20, 144x10, 188x10, 208x5 (former PR) 221x10, PR!, 225x6, another PR! That's what were talking about. Now over bodyweight. Getting tough to get bar off the bench. 175x20, PR! (for reps), 150x25, just for a pump.

Reverse wrist curl
42x40, 50x25, 60x20

22 min of sheer Machiavellian pleasure! Must have ice tea now!


DB press ss monkey rows
37x6+6, 50x6+6, 60x6+6, 6+6, 6+6

Flys ss DB bench
60x10+10, 70x6+6, 6+6, 6+6, 6+6,

Chins ss DB rows
25/70x6+6, 6+6, 6+6, BW/70x6+6, 6+6

Hammer/reverse DB curls
70x10, 10, 10xreps, shoulder giving me problems, and can really feel it on these.

Hanging wrist curl
150x20, 15, 15

42 min. OK workout in spite of shoulder.


Arthritis in wrist and finger acting up, so will hurt wether I workout or not.

Wrist curls on bench, thumbless grip
122x10, 166x10, 198x5, 220x5, 230x5, PR! At first felt like weight wasn't coming off bench. 150x25

Reverse wrist curl
62x15, 70x10, 62x10, 10

16 min


Changed the time over here in Mexico last nite, hate that, lost sleep, drats,

BWx10, 35x6, 6, BWx6, feeling tad weak on these today.

Curls, straight bar
85x10, 110x10, 10, 10x-reps, bi's doing ok today, fairly pumped.

Close grip bench, straight bar (8 inch hand space)
150x15, 185x8, 8, 165x12

Lying tri ext SS/CGbench x-reps
85x10, 110x8+8, 8+8, 8+8, tris really pumped!

Reverse curl, straight bar
110x20, 125x10, 10, 10, 10, 10 x-rep, 10 x-rep, coulda just done one set of 20, pumped!!

46 min. Overall pretty good in spite of lack of sleep.


Wrist curls, thumbless grip on bench

108x20 (wrists hurting today, not a good sign) 142x15, 186x10, 232x5, PR! 175x10, 150x25

Behind back wrist curl
142x 3x15

12 min.


Didn't feel like doing any big stuff, so doing some wrist rollers just to push the blood through the forearms.

Pulley wrist rollers, 1-1/2 inch pipe. You lean back, keeping very still, and let the flexors and estensors do all the work.
Flex/Ext. 45x60/40, 30/20, 20/20, 20/20, 25/20, barely moving on last set, nice pump, feels good. Let the healing begain. Must buy some grippers one of these days.

7 min.


Press, heaviest sets, push press.
65x5, 108x5, |30x5, 152x3, 3, 160x3, 3, 130x5

Squats, box
150x8, 208x8, 250 8x3

130x8, 174x8, 218x8, 260x3, 3, 232x5, 210x8

50x25, 60x20, 68x12, 12

58 min. Hommie be tired now, where be my ice tea?


Curls, straight bar.
50x15, 75x8, 108x8, 115x8, 8, 8, 8 xrep (partials at bottom) lot of warmup, but due to shoulder,

Skullcrushers compound w/CG Bench
62x8, 86x8, 108x8+8, 130x8+8, 8+8, barely.

Tri pushdowns
75x15, 15, tri's really pumped

Reverse curl, straight bar
86x8, 108x8, 135x8, 8, 8, 8, 25 x-reps, bottom of stroke, nice pump.

Wrist curls
135x35, 152x25, 15, 130x20, 20, wrists hurting today,, lol.

52 min. Arms wasted, love it. Seems way long for arms, too many warmups.


Light quick workout today.

135x20, 175x12, 10, 10

Pullup, close grip(palm forward)
BWx12, 12, 10, 15 x-reps, middle of stroke, contant tension

Press+Cajin row, compound
120x8+8, 8+8

Breathing hard, that's enough
15 min.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on April 08, 2016, 10:32:29 AM

George Thorogood to start the ticker. What can I say, old school.

E-Z tri ext.+CG press
86x10+20, 108x10+10, 130x6+10, going to straight bar, 140x6+6, 6+6, PR I think.

Long pulley tri ext. standing
75x10, 10, 10, 10, awesome pump!

Curl, standing
86x10, 108x10, 10, 10, 10, good pump, limit on weight due to shoulder

Reverse curl, straight bar
108x10, 130x10, 140x10, 130x10, 130x20 x-reps

Wrist curl on bench
130x30, 152x20, 165x15, 152x15, 130x20-5-3-3, 8 sec. pause last sets

40 min. Really good workout overall, Bad to the Bone.


130x10, 175x8, 200x4, 4, 4, 175x8, 8 (bench is sucky, need mega work)
BWx20, all the way down,low enough to kiss the Blarney Stone.

Pullups, close grip
BWx10, 45x5, 5, 5, BWx10, 8
175x10, 10

Reverse curl
100x30, just to flush a litle blood to forearms, boring
Hang wrist curl
100x50, these were boring too, lol.
38 min.


Ok, arthritis flaring up, so took 2 ibuprofen and thought good thoughts.

Wrist curls, thumbless grip, on bench
108x20, 144x20, 188x10, 210x5, 232x3, 240x3, PR!
250x0, tried twice, couldn't get bar off bench, lol, need to load up on twinkys for counterbalance. Maybe try again before bash.

Reverse wrist curl
62x15, 15, 15, 15

Rested well between sets.
27 min.


OH press
62x8, 108x8, 130x5, push press, 152x3, 170x3

Cajin row
108x8, 130x8, 152x8, 170x5

Lying tri ext.+ CG press
100x10+10, 122x8+8, 130x6+6, 6+6, 122x15

Curls, E-Z close grip
100x10, 122x8, 8, 8 x-reps

Reverse curls, E-Z
122x8, 144x8, 150x8, 122x15

DB wrist curl
52x40, 65x25, 20, 15, just to pump a little blood.

55 min, didn't rush it today, not a bad workout.


152x3, 210x3, 254x3, 308x5, 5, 5, 254x5, 5
Felt a little better today, nothing dramatic.

20 min.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on April 07, 2018, 09:47:50 AM

After lunch decided on a little experiment with wrist curls. Have been doing them Scott/Pearl style with a block of wood and towel on bench to keep them strict. Trying Sipes style, on legs, angled down, shoulders toward knees at less then 90 degree angle to keep tension on forearms.

Wrist curl
130x30, 152x20, 20, 20, last five reps last set I used a little leg action to get bar moving, nice pump!
Reverse wrist curl
62x20, lowering weight for more top contraction, 52x20, 20, 20, again, nice pump, will feel these tomorrow.

10 min.


Me neither Willie. He was most impressive in relaxed poses, made Arnold look thin next to him in the shot of him and Arnld in Vinces' gym.

BWx8, 25x8, 50x5(every rep started from floor) 60x3, 3 (last 2 sets last rep neg.)
BWx10, 25x6, BWx8

142x5, 175x5, 210x2, 222x2, 210x3
CG bench
166x8, 8, 8

Reverse curl
100x15, 130x8, 152x5, 5, 5, 130x8+8 x-reps

Wrist curl
130x20, 152x15, 15, 15, 15, 15+15 hang wrist curls

62 min. Overall good workout, shoulder popping a lot on chins, hincky on bench, but no pain.


Thurs. 19th. Couldn't post yesterday, internet problems. A very lite workout. Little sleep nite before, Shoulder and tweaked back kept waking me úp. Bitch and moan.

86x5, 108x5, 130x5 (used to be my warmup weight, bummer, lol)
Cajin row
130x10, 10
166x5, 210x5, 298x5
R deads
Reverse wrist curls, arms straight out, over back of chair,
50x40, 30, 25
Hanging wrist curl
130x40, 25, 20

36 min. Not feeling the love today


Got up early today, not enough energy for full blown workout, but always enough for forearms, so.....swig some killer ice tea...

Wrist curls
130x15, 160x5, 196x5, 226x5....that's it on weight for today, on to some reps, 175x15, 150x20,15, 140x15, 130x20.

Around 15 min. or so.


130x5, 175x5, 210x3, 240x1, 1,(PR) 210x3, 175x5, 5, 5, 5, 5

BWx5, 25x5, 58x3, 75x2, 2,(PR) 42x5, 25x5, 5, 5, 5, BWx10

40 min. Felt a little love today! 


Got my killer ice tea all ready, chug a lug!

Skullcrushers ss/CG bench
86x10+10, 108x10+10, 130x8+8, 8+8, 6+6, (up 2 reps)

35x8, 8, 8, 8, BWx20

Curls ss/CG rows
86x10, 108x8+8, 130x5+5, 5+5, 5+5

Reverse curls
130x10, 150x5, 160x5, 130x10, 10, 10 x-reps

Hanging wrist curls
130x25, 160x20, 15, 10, 130x20

45 min. Good workout, weights up overall, nice pump


Press+Cajin row, compound

Skullcrushers+press, compound
100x5x10/10, last set x-reps

Preacher curls
78x8, 70x4x10, last set x-reps

Reverse curl preacher, E-Z
70x5x10, last set x-reps

Wrist curl, on bench
152x30 (PR) 175x20 (maybe PR) 15, 15, 152x20

52 min. all reps strict. Yep, I'm done!


SL Deads
165x8, 210x8, 298x8, breathing really hard here, pant pant.

165x10, 210x4, 4, pathetic, tri's fried from last workout I guess, 188x6, 6

165x10, 210x6, 232x4, 4

Standing French press
85x8, 100x8, 8, 7

100x8. 8. 8

40 min. Shoulda just rested today, slap, slap!!


Bench Wrist curls
130x20, 152x20, 174x15, 200x8, 174x10, 152x15, 130x15

Reverse wrist curl
42x40, 64x15, 10, 50x20, 20

20 min. Something to do today, sore as heck from yesterdays workout, hams and upper back.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on April 07, 2018, 04:47:02 PM

Will have room for anybody that stops on down, no problem.

What I did with my Sunday

Press, n push press
108x5, 130x5, 152x5, 170x3, 152x5, 130x5

BWx5, 33x5, 55x5 (2+3neg) 5 (2+3neg) 25x5, BWx10, think I'm too fat to add more weight, lol.

French press, E-Z bar
100x4x10, forgot how much I like these, felt great.

Reverse curl, E-Z bar
100x10, 130x10, 150x6, straight bar, 140x10, 130x10, 108x25, smoke'n. Think I will start doing higher reps for a while, put on some size (ego)

Bench wrist curls
140x30, 170x25, 185x15, 160x20, 140x20, 20, barely got last few reps, can barely close my hands, lol. Forearms feeling good today.

70 min. a little long, but great workout, 1 liter of ice tea.


152x5, 210x3, 232x2, 254x1, 210x3, 175x10, 10

BWx5, 40x3, 80x1+2neg., 102x3 neg. stuff creaking and popping, and not just my body, 40x5, BWx10, 25x5, BWx8

Reverse wrist curl
50x40, 25

Hanging wrist curl
130x40, 25

37 min of sheer pleasure...not.


Front Squat
100x5, 142x5, 188x5, right knee feels "out of joint", switch to speed box squats
Box Squat
210x2, that's it, knees gone, barely bend it, switching to SL Deads

SL Deads
210x15, 15

15 min. Call it good today, drink ice tea, go to my happy place,


OH Press for speed reps, coulda gone with 115-120
100x3, 125x 8x3

Seated French press
95x 6x8
60x20, 75x10, 10

95x 5x8

Reverse curl
125x 4x8, 100x20

Wrist curl, bench
130x50, 160x25, 15, 140x20, 130x20

60 min. Felt good, didn't push too hard, but feel it


Should'a worked out, but had a certificate presentation for a private security company and students, with the obligatory beer, so decided to hit forearms, because......because I can......

Wrist curls, bench
150x50, (PR) 175x25, (maybe PR?) 198x10, 175x15, 150x25

Reverse wrist curls
50x50 (PR) 25, 20, 15

14 min of pleasure.


152x5, 196x5, 218x2, 238x1, 260x1 (PR) 200x5,
Close grip bench, 176x10, 10, need to up weight here.

BWx5, 40x5, 5, BWx10

200x8, 8, 8,

40x40, got tired of rowing, so just picked up a 40 lb'r and went at it, lats really pumped!

35 min. Pretty fair workout.


Front squat, 130x10, switch to back squats, knee is hincky
Back squat, 175x5, 230x5, 5, 5, 5, knee popped on last rep, that's all she wrote, but better than nothing.

13 min. come back tomorrow, too much going on today


Close grip bench
130x5, 160x5, 200x5, 5, 5, seated DB French press 40x15, bothers shoulder, screw these, CGB175x10

BWx20, 20

BWx8, 8, 25x6, 6, 6

Hammer curls
50x10, 10, 10, 10, 10

Wrist curl, DB
55x55, 65x25, 75x20, killing my shoulder, stopping here, kicked my own butt today. For some reason, didn't feel like much isolation work today.

48 min. Ice tea time.


Wrist curls, bench
140x20, 165x15, 190x10, 210x10, 232x5, 242x0, couldn't budge it, MIGHT get it with OLY bar, my bar is thicker, and no knurling, 210x10, 188x10, 165x25, actually got a pump on last set, lol.

Reverse wrist curl
50x30, 30, 20, 20

24 min
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on April 07, 2018, 04:58:51 PM

Got up early, kinda tired, but must train, so a light day.

140x10, 180x8, 210x6, 6

90x10+10, 115x10+10, 10+10

140x10, 188x8, 210x6, 6

90x10, 110x10, 10

Reverse curl
110x15, 125x15, 15

Hang wrist curl
125x50, didn't feel it till around rep 30, then ouch

40x45, forgot to do these earlier, forearms were wasted, had to regrip twice, but up 5 reps. Need larger plate, or go to bar.

38 min, need some more ice tea!!


Yes Ty, beer, breakfast of champions!

OH Press
115x5, 136x5, 160x3,3, lockouts really sucky today, 130x5, 5

Cajin rows
108x10, 130x10, 150x5, 5, 5, 108x15, don't think my elbows are forward enough.

152x10, killing both knees today, maybe bout of athritis, I don't know, hurt just sitting down as well. Switch to SL Deads.

SL Deads
152x15, 218x15, smoked ham, hang it up here today. Maybe hit a gym for some leg press for a change up.

32 min


Put some Robert Cray on the jukebox.

BWx10, 40x5, 65x5, 40x5, BWx10, 10

85x10, 110x10, 100x10, 10

145x10, 195x5, 225x5, 195x5, 170x10

Skullcrushers+CG bench
100x10+10, 120x10+10. 10+10, slow, strict, 85x10+10, 10+10, tri's smoked!!

Reverse curl
85x20, 108x15, 130x8, 140x5, 120x10, 10

Wrist curls
120x25, 150x25, 25, that's it, don't want no more.

70 min. long workout for me, great overall pump!


DB's, 50x20, 60x10
Bar, 150x3, 140x3, 130x5, shoulders still wasted from bench, could'a just skipped these!

130x5, 175x5, 210x5, 275x5, 5, 210x10. Knee felt better today. All squats ATG

Cajin (bent up/row)
85x25, 25, decided shoulders needed only something light on backside after crappy presses.

Reverse wrist curl
65x20, 15, 10

Hanging wrist curl
150x25, 15, 15

36 min.


Joined a gym today where I also teach Aikido. 200 pesos a month, about 18 bucks. Remember why I lift at home, lol. Looking forward to some different apparatus. Didn't see anyone use the squat rack for more than tricep dips, so I used it for reverse curls, screw it,

132x10, 198x10, 220x5, 5

Pulley rows, I think each plate is 5 kilo or 11lbs?
6 platesx10, 11 platesx10, 16 (stack)x6, 6

132x10, 176x8, 220x4, 198x6

48x15, 57x10, 10

Seated curls w/backstop (reversed scott bench)
22x10, 31x8, 40x8, 8

Incline skullcrushers
52x10, 84x10, flat bench skull+CGB, 101x8+8, 8+8
Thick bar pressdaown
55x10, 10

Reverse curls (in squat rack,
88x10, 99x10, 110x10, 132x10

Wrist curl, bench
132x15, 154x15, 176x10, 154x10, long bar not as stable as my short one, different feel for sure.

1hour 15 min, I'm wasted, overall pretty good workout.

 Visited Mexico many times, gave some seminars down here, liked the weather. The illegals are almost always the poorest, uneducated. However there are the middle class which you never hear about. Also Mexico is country number 4 in the world with billionairs. I have an unusual niche here as I train bodyguards and police, and trust me they need the training, as well as a martial arts school.


Couldn't get to gym today, not much sleep last nite, and am dropping calories, so decided a little wrist culs were in order. Jukebox says Sam Cook, and a little chain gang music to start the show.

Wrist curls, thick bar
130x40. 150x20, 175x10, 150x15, 15, 130x20, reps really down, but awsome pump, go figure

Reverse wrist curl, thick bar
62x20, 20, 20, on last set did 40 more reps of reg wrist curl, ouch, veins popping!

Around 18 min


All weights kilos

40x8, 50x6, 60x5, 70x5, 80x3, 70x5, Oly bar really feels good after thick short bar. Good for more weight, but in a bit of a hurry today.

Cajin row(bent upright)
60x10, 70x8, 80x5, 5, 70x8, forgot to do lateral raise, get'm next time.

80x6, 100x6, 120x6, 140x3, forgot to hang from chin bar for back stretch, next workout

Leg press
120x10, 10, lit weight, decided to ease into this, will be sore tomorrow, up the weight next workout

Reverse curl, funky aluminum e-z bar, just wanted to try it.
30x10, 50x10, looks cool, feels bad, Oly bar is better

38 min.


A little Rolling Stones to crank me up.
All weights kilos

BWx10, 10, 15x6, 6

Low pulley row
12 platesx8, 8, 8, 8

60x8, 80x8, 100x5, 5

26x10, 10, 10, 10

Curls, machine preacher
25x10, 30x10, 35x10, don't care for these
Oly bar curls
40x10, 50x8, 8

Skullcrushers+CG bench
40x10+10, 50x8+8, 60x6+3, 6+3

Japanese tri pushups
BWx10, 10, 10, tri's smoked

Reverse curl, Oly bar
50x10, 60x8, 8, 50x10

Wrist curls
60x25, 80x10, oops thought I had on 70, 70x20, 15

Wow, 1 hour 20 min. I'm a whipped puppy!


Jimi Hendrix to get the mojo work'n.

Decided to go back to shoulder/arm combo, still like it best. All weight in kilos.

Lateral raises, giving pressing a day off.
10x10, 14x10, 16x10, Drop set---16x10--14x5--12x5-- 10x5

Seated DB curl with backstop, did these in preacher curl with back to preacher, worked out well
12x10, 14x8, 16x6, 18x6, 22x6, 18x6

Lying tri ext. DB's
10x15, 14x12, 16x10, 18x10, Ext,+press 22x6+6, 6+6, 18x6+6, great having whole rack of DB's!

Seated hammer curls, with backstop
16x10,18x10, 22x10, 10, 18x10

Wrist curl DB
18x25, 26x25, 30x25, hanging wrist curl, 30x20, 15

45 min. Bitch'n workout! great pump, love the dumbell rack, too bad they don't go heavier. And for Ty, a cool 78 degrees, with a liter of ice tea!
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on April 07, 2018, 05:06:14 PM

All weights in kilos

Squats, bar high, close stance
60x5, 90x5, 110x5, 130x5, 150x2, 160x1, 130x5, 110x5, 100x5

Rows, bench lever bar
50x8, 70x6, 80x5, 5, 70x5, 60x6, like reg. rows better, but nice change of pace

Low pulley rows
10 platesx10, 12 platesx8

60x8, 80x8, 100x3, 110x1, 115x1, (PR I think)

Flys, flat bench
26x20, 30x15, nice pump for the secret bodybuilder in me

Reverse wrist curl
20x30, 25x25, 20

Hanging wrist curl
55x25, 75x12, 10, non revolving bar, very strict, but awsome pump,

About 65 min. Overall nice workout


Rain really came down today. No electricity nor anyone in the gym for the first half hour. Had the place to myself. All weights in kilos. To figure lbs just take the number and multiply 2.2, or double the number and add 10 percent. Example, 30 kilos doubled=60 + 6 (10%)=66 lbs. or real close.

DB press
10x10, 16x10, 22x6, 26x6, 30x6, 26x6, 22x6

Cajin rows (bent upright rows, about 30 degree angle bent forward, pulled to chest)
22x10, 26x10, 30x6, 6, 6

Incline tri extension
10x10, 14x10, 16x8, 18x8, 22x8, 6

Lying crossover tri ext.
12x10, 14x8, 16x8, 8, felt really good, nice pump

Seated DB curl, with backstop
14x10, 16x8, 18x8, 8, 8

Hammer curl, backstop
18x8, 22x10, 10, 10, 18x10, 10, 10

Barbell wrist curl
60x20, 15, didn't feel the love, going to DB's

DB wrist curl
30x20, 15, 15, 15, 15, felt pretty good today, that's as high as the DB's go, pathetic I know.

72 min. Spent to much time getting interrupted from other members, but good overall workout.


SL Dead, all weights kilos
100x5, 140x5, 170x5, 3, lower back pretty much fried here, PR at 170x5(about 375 lbs)

CG bench
60x10, 80x5, 100x5, 5, 80x8, 8

Reverse grip rows
60x10, 80x5, 100x5, 5, 80x8

Reverse curls
50x10, 55x8, 42x15, 50x10, was experimenting with diff. bars

Wrist curl
50x20, 66x8, 50x15, hanging wrist curl, 50x20

1 hour flat


Press, oly bar, all weights kilos
50x5, 60x5, 70x5, 80x3, 60x10, shoulder acting up a little.
Cajin rows
60x5, 70x5, 80x5, 5, 70x5

Squats, 1 foot between heels, bar high
60x5, 80x5, 100x5, 120x5, 5, front squat 60x10

Hammer curls, seated with backstop
18x15, 22x10, 26x5, 5, E-Z Oly bar 40x15

DB wrist curls, thumbless grip
22x25, 32x20, 20, 20, 20, these felt pretty good today.

65 min. 75 degrees 


Partial deads, about 7" off safety rack, all wieghts in kilos
100x5, 140x3, 180x3, 210x3, 240x2, 260x1, wrist strap busted here, 2 years in the jungle doesn't work well for leather straps I guess, well whada want for 3 dollars? I think I coulda done around 280.

Reverse grip rows
60x5, 80x5, 100x5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 80x15, I think the bi's got hit today, will know later.

CG bench
60x5, 80x5, 100x5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 80x15, rest pause last 5 reps

Crossover DB tri ext.
16's x10, 10, fried tri's here!

Hammer curls, seated with backstop, I lean against the backside of preacher curl
18x20, 22x10, 10, 10, Drop set-22x10-18x10

DB wrist curl
26x25. 32x25 (up 5 reps) 20, 20

75 min. Felt pretty good, and worked, both rows and bench up in sets.


If you guy's don't hear from me for three weeks, it's because I'll be without internet and phone service as I am in the middle of moving to the new house this weekend. I'll try to get some photos of the work in progress.
All weights kilos.
OH press
50x3, 60x3, 70x3, 80x3, 60x10, 4 hours sleep last nite not helping,

Cajin rows
60x10, 80x5, 5, 5, 60x10, felt good

Leg press, just to tired to squat, these are better than nothing
120x10, 160x10, 10

Pushdown+pushouts (tri's)
20x10+10, 30x8+6

E-Z reverse curl
42x10, 52x10, 10

DB wrist curl
30x40, 30, Hanging wrist curl 30x20


Too much reading about Sipes, gotta do forearms, been slacking.

Wrist curls on bench
142x30, 164x20, 186x10, 164x10, 142x20

Behind back wrist curls
142x15, 127x30, 15, 15, 15

Reverse wrist curl+standing wrist curl(like behind back, but in front)
50x30+20, 20+20, 20+15, flexors very pumped and tired here.

R wrist curl+wrist curl+standing wrist curl
50x20+20+20, can barely close hands, puuuuuuummmmp!

24 wonderful minutes...............not.


Moving furniture and large plants all day, decided to skip deads, as I had already done my share!
All weights Kilos

RG rows
60x6, 80x6, 100x6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 80x10

CG bench
60x6, 80x6, 100x6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 80x10, rest pause last few reps of 100 kilos

Crossover lying tri ext.
14's x15, 15

Hammer curls seated
22x10, 10, 10, 10,
Spider reverse curls, E-Z bar
30x8, 8, standing 30x15

BB wrist curls
50x20, 70x15, 10, 10,

DB wrist curls
30x20, 20, 24x20, 15

80 min. Not sure about this 3xweek stuff, brutal, and you can,color me dead, lol.

Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on April 07, 2018, 05:16:55 PM

Don't post for a day and can't find my thread, darn 3xweek workouts, lol.

DB press All weights kilos
18x10, 22x10, 26x7, 30x5, 5, 26x7

Cajin row(bent/upright row, elbows forward)
26x10, 30x8, 8, 8, 8, these felt great!

Squat, high bar, heels 1' apart, ATG
80x5, 100x5, 120x5, 140x5, 120x5

Reverse/hammer curls, DB's standing
22x8, 26x8, 30x8, 8, 26x8

DB wrist curl,(thumbles grip, Sipes style)
24x30, 28x25, 34x20, 20, 28x20

55 min. This workout was a keeper! Color me pumped.


Metamucil,ummmm, can that be mixed with whisky?

Ok, workout today, light, not pushing it. Weights, kilos.

SL deads
60x15, 80x15

CG bench
60x15, 80x15, 15

Crossover tri ext.
14x15, 15, 15, 15

Reverse grip row
60x15, 80x15, 15

Hammer curl, seated w/backstop, strict
18x15, 16x15, 14x15

Wrist curls Sipes style, thumbless grip
28x40, 30, 25

40 min.


Got pretty much moved into the new house, will be shutting down the computer, for how many days, not sure. Too tired to go to the gym, so hit some forearm work with DB's at home.

DB wrist curl
55x50, 62x50, 65x50, ouch!

Seated hammer(like reverse)wrist curls
27x50, 50, 50, smok'n

Tic tocs
27x30 (both sides) forearms are fried! Crazy workout.


Short on time, long on tired, so shoulders, arms.

DB press, weights in kilos
22x10, 26x5, 30x5
Cajin row, DB
30x10, 10
Seated bent lat raise
8x20, 20

DB curls seated
12x10, 16x10, 18x8, 8, 8

Lying tri ext, DB
16x20, 18x15, 22x10, drop set, 22x8-18x6-16x4

Seated hammer curls, backstop
18x10, 22x8, drop set, 22x8-18x8

Wrist rockers, hold 2 DB arms hanging down, inside of kness, bells touching, curling up together
22x20, 20, forearms fried from last nite.

32 min. Beer time (it's late!)


Last 2 workouts, kilos

DB press
16x10, 18x6, 22x6,6, 22x10

Lateral raise
14x10, 16x10, 18x10, 10, 10

Machine row
60x10, 75x10, 90x10, 100x10, 10

50x10, 60x8, 8

Machine bench
40x15, 50x10, 60x10, 70x10

14x20, 18x20, 20

Hammer preacher curl
10x10, 14x10, 16x8, 8

Standing wrist curl
50x20, 70x20, 80x15

1 hour

Tues, 21

100x10, 120x10, 140x6

DB tri ext plus CG bench
16x15/8, 18x10/5, 22x10/5, 26x5/5, 22x8/4, 6/6

Incline tri ext. DB
14x10, 10, 10

Preacher DB Curl
14x10, 16x10, 8, 8, 8

Reverse/Hammercurl Preacher
16x8, 8, 8, Seated hammer curl, 16x15, 15

Wrist curl, DB
22x50, 30x30, 25, 20, Hang wist curl, BB, 60x15

60 min.


Standing press, all weight kilos,just multiply x 2.2 for pounds.
60x10, 70x5, 60x10

Cajin row
60x10, 70x10

Lateral raise
16x10, 18x10, 10

60x10, 70x8, 8, 8, 8

60x10, 70x8, 8, 8, 8

Reverse curl
35x10, 40x10, 45x10, 10

Wrist curl
60x30, 70x15, 15, 60x20

47 min, dinking around, giver hell next time.


Betsy,just a little rain from Dean. I live 6000 ft up, no huricane here.
Yep Al, I now belong to the old fart club!!

Todays workout, kilos

Squats, high bar, close stance, about 1 foot.
60x5, 100x5, 140x5, 160x1, 140x5, 100x5, 5,( 11 min. total)

Curl, DB seated with backstop
14x10, 16x10, 18x8, 8, 8

Lying DB tri. ext.
14x10, 16x10, 18x10, 22x8, 8

Incline tri. ext.
14x10, 16x8, 8, 8

Seated hammer/reverse DB curl
16x8, 18x8, 22x8, 8, standing x 12, 12

DB wrist curl (Sipes style)
26x30, 36x15, 15, 32x15, 15

60 min, pretty fair workout


Everything in lbs. for people who can't do math good nor noth'n.

132x10, 220x10, 264x10, 220x10, back was feeling better.

85x10, 105x10, 118x8, 8
CG Bench
172x8, 8, 8
Incline tri. ext. 2 15 kilo plates (66 lb.s)
66x12, 12, 12, up 6 lbs. from last workout-

Curls, oly bar
85x10, 105x8, 118x8, 8, 105x10

Reverse curl, E-Z bar
80x10, 105x10, 123x8, 8, 105x10

Wrist curl, oly bar on bench
132x20, 154x20, 176x12, no love here, switching
Hang wrist curl
154x20, 20, these felt good

65 fun and exciting minutes, 


DB pr coming up, hmm, next workout, ok?

BN Press
55x10, 75x10, 105x10, now I remember why I don't do these anymore.
110x5, 132x5, 5
Lateral raise
30x15, 35x15, 40x12, 12, up 2 reps from last time.

132x8, 176x8, 220x3, 3,(wow, no love here, shoulder no likie) 176x8, 8
50x15, 15, 15
Cable flys
35x15, 45x10, enough of that crap

132x8, 176x8, 220x8, 8, 176x8
Close grip pullups
BWx10, 8
One arm pulley rows
80x10, 10, ok, fatboy's tired now, go home.

58 min of try'n to get er done. 
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on April 07, 2018, 05:23:15 PM

OK, PR coming up,

DB wrist curl, thumb under, Sipes style.
50x20, 75x20, 85x15, 101x7, each hand. PR. First 5 reps pretty easy, then got tougher. Didn't even get a pump, all tendon I guess,

5 min.


132x5, 220x5, 264x5, 308x5, 264x5, 220x5

85x10, 107x10, 128x8, 140x5+5 CG bench, 105x8
E-Z incline tri ext.
65x15, 75x10
DB inline tri. ext.
30's x10, 10

Machine preacher curls
50x10, 60x10, 70x10, 80x10, 90x8, 105x8, 115x6
Hammer curls seated
30x10, 40x10, 50x10
Machine reverse curl
90x6, 70x10

DB wrist curl, Sipes style
62x40, 71x25, 80x20, 62x20

1 hour 20 minutes


SL deads
132x5, 220x5, 308x5 374x5, last set with straps due to athritis
BWx5, 22x5, 33x5, 44x5, 5 (last 3 reps neg.) BWx5, 5
BWx5, 22x5, 44x5, 5, BWx10, 10
Incline tri. Ext. DB’s
27x20, 20, 20
Hammer curl, seated w/backstop, strict
35x8, 40x8, 49x8, 8, 58x5, 49x8
Wrist curl
53x40, 70x25, 20, 15, 53x30

75 min. Will be sore tomorrow,


Sore, uh huh.

Squats, all in lbs.
176x10, 264x8, 8, 8, up one rep or add set next workout.

VG CG bench
132x10, 176x8 (wow these are toughies)154x8, 8
Incline tri. ext.
62x10, 85x8, bothering shoulder, switch to...
Long pulley tri. ext.
90x20, 20, pumped!

Spider curls, thumbless grip
50x10, 85x6, 6, 6
Preacher curl, thumbless grip
Spider reverse curl
50x15, 72x8, 6
Preacher reverse curl
72x8, 50x15, nice pump

Behind back wrist curl
178x10, 154x15, 10, 132x15, 15

64 min. felt good


Got exactly 3 hours sleep last nite, just one of those nites. So cheated and used machines,

Machine press
75x10, way too lite, 100x10, 145x10, 180x10, 10, nice pump.
Lateral raise, bent foreward
27x15, 35x15, 40x15
Machine cable row
120x15, 180x15, 225x10, 10, 190x10
Pullover, 44 lb plate x 50
Neck press
40x10, to find groove, 85x15, 105x15, 15
Reverse preacher curl
55x15, 80x10
Wrist curl, small bar, too tired to load Oly bar
125x40, 25, small bar hard on hand.

55 min. Good workout in spite of lack of sleep.


Can't get to gym, so workout at home. Squats tomorrow.

VG CG bench
100x15, 120x12, 145x10, 10, 10, 120x10, 10
Seated French press
60x15, 15, 15, 15
Spider curl+reverse spider curl, superset
65/60x10+10, 10+10, 10+8, 65/55x10+10, 10+10
Reverse curl, straight bar
65x15, arms toasted!
Wrist curl
142x20, 20, 20, 20

40 mins.


132x5, 220x9x5

Standing press
110x5, 132x5, 154x5, 5, 132x5

Cajin row
132x5, 154x5, 176x5, 5, 5

Lateral raise

Reverse wrist curl over back of preacher bench
40x40, 40

DB wrist curl
62x40, 30

53 exciting minutes, 


OK here we go,

CG bench
132x5, 176x5, 198x5, 5, 5, 5, 189x5, 5, 176x5, 5, dropped weight to keep bar speed up.

Incline tri. ext, two 33# plates
66x15, 15, 15, these things just feel good, who knew?

CG pulldowns, palm back
105x5, 150x5, 180x5, screw this, going to-
BWx5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5
Machine preacher curls
110x7, 7, up 1 rep

Reverse curl, Oly bar
88x8, 110x8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8

Wrist curl on bench
132x8, 176x10, 198x8, 220x5, 198x6, 176x10, 132x30, 20

70 minutes of predetermined fun, forethought of malice, and just an all around darned nice time.


132x5, 220x3, 264x3, 308x2, 352x1, 264x5, 5, 5
Lower back not co-operating today.

One arm press
40x5, 50x5, 57x5, 67x5, 5, left shoulder no likeie heavier weight.
Cajin row, DB's
57x10, 10, 10

Reverse/hammer curl, one arm
50x8, 58x8, 67x5, 5, 5, felt pretty good

Wrist curls, DB
63x40, 75x25, 25

53 min. of adulterated nasty good times. 
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on April 07, 2018, 05:42:06 PM

Ty, it's the 45 degree inward tilt double handed extensor curl hurt and suck thingy, lol.

DB press, limited due to shoulder, bitch and moan.
40x20, 50x10, 68x6, 6, 58x6
Lateral raise
35x15, 40x15
Bent over lateral raise
22x15, 15, smoken!

Incline DB tri. ext.
30x10, 35x8, 40x8, 50x6, 6, 40x8
Lying crossover tri. ext.
35x8, 8, 8

Standing DB curl
30x10, 35x8, 49x8, 50x6, 40x8
Standing reverse/hammer curl
40x10, 50x10, 10
Seated r/h curl w/ backstop (strict)
40x10, 10

DB wrist curl
53x30, 67x25, 85x20, 15, 75x15, 70x15

65 min.


I agree on that one Cajin.

Goal this workout, 30 reps per exercise
220x10, 10, 10

Pullups, trying for sternum, very tough
BWx10, 8, 6, 6, neg. on last set

DB bench
68x10, 10, 10

66x15, 15, (two 15 kilo plates)

Reverse/hammer curl
68x8, 8, 6, 5, 3

Wrist curl, DB
72x30, 80x30, this might be a PR.

43 min.


Man felt those chins from the last workout today, ouch! A little tired, got up too early.

One arm press
40x10, 50x10, 58x8, 8
Bent laterals
35x15, 15

Lying tri. ext DB's
35x10, 40x10, 50x8, 8,
Incline tri. ext. DB's
35x10, 10, 10

Curls standing, alternate (DB's)
30x10, 40x10, 50x6, 6 40x8, 35x8
Standing Hammer/reverse DB curl, alternating
50x10, 58x8, 8, 50x10, 10

Wrist curls
70x30, 80x20, 85x15, 80x20, nice pump today.

40 min.


Dang, take 3 days off to rest, and get some freaking stomach bug, nuts!

Squats, all 1/2 squats (bottom half,
132x10, 220x10, 264x5, 5, back crack'n on every nasty rep.

CG bench
132x15, 176x10, 198x5, 5, 5, 5
Skulls+CG bench
132x8+8, 5+5, 5+5, tri's pretty much used up here.

Sternum chins
BWx5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, last couple reps neg., sternum chins getting easier, within 3 inches of touching chest.

Reverse curls, E-Z bar
110x15, 122x10, 10, 10

Wrist curl, Oly bar on bench
110x40, 154x15, 15, DB 80x20

60 min. flat


DB press
50x8, 58x8, 67x8, 8

Cajin row DB's
67x8, 8, 8

Reverse/hammer curl DB's
40x8, 50x8, 58x8, 67x5, 5

DB wrist curl
80x25, 88x15, 80x20

about 30 min.


132x3, 220x3, 308x3, 352x5x1, 264x2x5, back and hips really feel tweaked, ouch.

220x10, 264x2x10

Neck crunch

For grins and giggles
Reverse wrist curl
32x60, 40
Hang wrist curl, DB
Wrist curl

30 min.

Laid on decline bench for 10 min. for back.


Have been a little under the weather for a week of so, didn't feel like going to gym, so set up chin and dip bar at home. Spent more energy on that than the workout,

SS Sternum chins + dips, BW on both
5x6+6, haven't done dips in months and it shows, really breathing hard after 3rd set.

Hammer curls seated w/backstop
50x 4x10

Wrist curl DB
65x50, 30, 25, awsome pump on these today

About 25 min.


 Over the bug but have been moving the dojo to a new location. Negociated the price down like a one armed pirate. Been busy and bone tired for the last 3 days. It shows on todays workout, but glad to finally be back at it.

132x5, 176x5, 264x5, 308x5, 5

110x5, 132x5, 154x5, 176x2, 2, 154x5, not much love on these.

Cajin row
132x5, 176x5, 198x5, 176x5, really felt these in bi's and forearms, who knew?

Bent lateral raise
40x15, 15, hurt me, hurt me, hur....

One arm Reverse/hammer curl
50x10, 58x10, 62x8, 68x6

DB wrist curl Sipes style
62x25, 68x25, 90x15, 78x15, 68x15

55 min. Go home now, kill soemthing, eat, then curl into fetal position.


I don't know Yeti, not as primitive as I once was.
Al, this from the dip and chinup King?
Thanks Betsy, catch me on a good day, we'll find out.

Head cold went into chest, almost lost my voice, Debated on working out today, heck of a flu.

Sternum chins(can't quite touch chest, but getting there)
BWx7, 7, 7, 7,(5+3 neg) 7,(4+3 neg)

BWx10, 10, 10, 10, 10(6+4 neg)

Seated DB tri ext.
35x10, 10

Reverse/hammer DB curl, one arm alternate
45x10, 65x10, 10, 10, 10 X-reps(partials)Still sore from last workout.

DB wrist curl aka Sipes style
65x40, 75x30, 25, 20

Can't beleive I actually made it through the workout, lol, will stumble to easy chair now.

43 min.


Man still really low on energy, but felt better after last workout. Just gonna pump the blood through the veins a bit.

132x5, 220x5, 5, 5, 5

One arm DB press
50x10, 58x10, 10

One arm seated Cajin row
58x10, 10, 10, man these are great, saved my back, and really locked into the move

Reverse/hammer curl DB
58x10, 10

Wrist curl, DB
85x30, a PR I think! 85x20

30 min. Got a sweat going, good enough.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on April 08, 2018, 09:51:43 AM
 I have been working on wrist curls hard for about 2 years now. Used to throw in a set or two as an afterthought, couple sets of 15-20 with a hundred lb barbell. Decide to treat them like any other move. I think you can make great gains if you spend a little time with them. I started mostly with barbell, but have gravitated toward more dumbell. My all time high was a bb with 242 lbs, one rep. Tried 250 but don't weigh enough to counterbalance the weight up. This was Larry Scott/Bill Pearl style, with forearms resting on small bench and levering up the weight, thumbless grip. When you can use 2 45's on each end of an OLY bar, people really freak out.


Bought a 6 ft chain, weighs 5 lbs, gonna try it out today. Still got the flu, hacking up all the bad stuff, workout will kill me or cure me.

BWx5, 25x5, 35x5, 25x5, 5, BWx5, 5
Seated DB curls

BWx5, 25x5, 45x5, 55x5, 45x5, 5, 25x5
Seated tri ext. DB's
35's x15

Hammer/reverse DB curls
Seated, 58x6, standing, 58x10, 10

Wrist curls, DB
104x10, PR, 90x15, 15, worked out at home, only had short DB's, so about ground off the skin on my thumbs, ouch,

58 min.

10-14-07 05:43 PM - Post#360501     

132x3, 198x3, 220x3, 264x3, 308x3, 352x3, 308x3, 264x3, 220x3

Cajin row DB seated
50x10, 58x10, 85x5, 5, 5, 5, pump big time.

DB press 1 arm
50x5, 58x5, 67x5, 75x3, 67x5, 58x5

Seated hammer curl
50x10, 10, 10, standing, 50x15, 15

Wrist curl, DB
88x10, 98x10, 115x1 + 2 neg. PR, 85x15

65 min. Feeling a bit better today, one nasty flu!


BWx10, 38x5, 5, 48x3, 3, 38x5, 5, BWx10 (7+3 neg)

BWx15, 38x5, 55x5, 5, 38x5, 5, 5, BWx15

Reverse/Hammer curl, DB
71x5, 5, 65x5, 5, 60x8

Wrist curl, DB
65x40, 25, 15, 15, nice pump!

47 min


Another one o those, I don't feel like lift'n, but it's good for ya days. So put on Bad to the Bone to get the heart started.

132x5, 220x5, 253x5, 264x5, 5
Leg press

DB press
40x15, 67x5, 5, 5, 5

Seated Cajin row
67x6, 8, 8, 8, 8, shoulda warmed up first I think.

Hammer grip wrist curls
22x50, 31x25, 25, nice pump

Wrist curl DB Sipes style
58x40. 25, 25

45 min.


BWx5, 15x5, 25x5, 45x5, 55x3, 75x3, 3, 65x3, 55x3,3,3, 45x3,3

45x5,5, 65x5, 75x5,5, 65x5, 55x5, 50x5,5, 30x5,5,5

Reverse/hammer DB curl, seated w/backstop
50x8,8,8,8, standing, 50x8,8,8,8

DB wrist curl
55x50. 75x25, 90x15,10, 75x15

75 fun filled minutes, 


Quick lite day.

Squats, bottom half
132x10, 220x10

Romainian deads
220x10, 10

One arm DB press
50x15, 58x10

Seated DB Cajin row
58x15, 15, awsome pump

Hammer grip wrist curl DB's
27's x50, 50, ouchies

Hanging DB wrist curl
50's x50, 50

23 min.


Trying some rest pause today. Each dash ( - ) represents 10 sec. rest pause.

BWx15-10-5, 10-5-4, 8-4-4

Seated BB French press
65x12-6-4, 12-6-4

BWx8-4-2, 6-3-2, 5-3-2

Reverse curl, BB
95x15-8-4, 10-5-3

Wrist curl, BB
130x30-10-10, 20-10-5

29 min. Arms wasted!


Reverse hypers, 2x20

132x5, 220x5, 264x3, 330x2, 264x5, 5

Leg press, 6 platesx10, 8 platesx10, 10 platesx6/ss with sissy squat 10 reps.

DB press, dash (-)= 10 sec rest pause
40x15, 50x8, 58x8-4-2, 8-3-2, whoa, breathing hard on these!

Cajin row seated, DB
67x10-5-3, 10-5-3

Hammer grip wrist curl, DB
30's x50, 50, rest paused couple times on second set to finish

DB wrist curl
80x30, 70x30, left wrist a little tweaked, calling it good here.

49 min.


Put on Waylon CD, just for oldog, as I'm sure he's a Texan at heart!
This turned out to be a real butt kicker, though didn't feel like it at the moment.

BWx25, 50x5,5,5,5,5, BWx20

Seated DB French press, 2 bells
35's x15, 15

BWx5, 25x5,5,5,5, BWx5,5

Hammer curls
55x10,10, 60x10,10,10

Wrist curls
72x40, hurt'n last 10 reps, couldn't put em down on fast enough on last 5 reps!!
80x25, 90x20, 75x20

56 min. Ice tea time, or maybe a nap?
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on April 08, 2018, 09:57:52 AM

132x5, 220x5, 264x5,5,5, 220x10

OH Press
110x5, 132x5, 154x5, 176x3, 154x5, 132x5

Cajin row
132x5, 154x5, 176x5,5,5

Reverse wrist curl (40# OLY)over preacher bench
40x40, 40

DB wrist curl
71x40, 40

46 min.


Go'n to try a little Gironda style conditioning for a while.

BW 6x6, last three set assist, 30 sec. between sets.

Stiff arm pulldowns
60 3x10, 30 sec.

Bench, med. wide grip
130 6x6, 30 sec.

35's 3x10, 30 sec.

20 min. Will be sore tomorrow!!(sore already)


Drive-thru........hmm. Sounds like a money maker!

Arm day, all sets with 30 sec. between. Straight bar, slightly thicker than OLY bar.

65x20, 85x 6x6, need to add 5 lb. next workout.

Pulley tri ext.
55x 6x6, need to add 5-10 lb.

65x15, 75x 6x6, add 5 lb.

Reverse curls
85x 6x6, weight close to right

Wrist curls
130x15, 15, 15, 15, 8, 6, just ran outa juice on last 2 sets,

28 min. Need to up the weights, but just gett'n my bearings on this routine.


130x 6x6, 30 sec. add 10 or more lb. next WO

OH press
90x 6x6, last set push press, about right

Bent lateral raise
30's x 6x6, add 5 lb. next WO

18 min. including tea and bathroom break, quick and dirty,   add SLD next WO.


30 sec rest between all sets

90x6, 130x6, 140x 6x6

Pullover, bar
65x 6x6, add 5 lb next WO

Stiff arm pulldown

140x 6x6

40x 6x6, add 5 lb next WO


Arm day, all 6x6 with 30 sec. rest between sets

75x10, 85x10, 90x 6x6, add 5 lb next WO

Seated French press
70x6x6, add 5 lb next WO

Pulley pressdown (for grins)

Standing BB curl, fairly close grip
70x10, 80x10, 90x6x6

Standing reverse curl
90x 6x6, last 2 sets tough

Wrist curl
135x 6x15, made all reps, last set tough, up 5 lbs and finished all reps from last WO.

35 min. Can you spell puuuuummmmmmped!!


Leg shoulder day, 30 sec. between all sets

95x 6x6 up 5 lb.

Bent lateral raise
40x 6x6, up 5 lb.

142x 6x6, up 12 lb.

SL deads
142x 6x6, really breathing hard here. Small weights really kick'n my butt!

18 min.


Thanks Zircon, guess I'm a little behind!

Todays music, George and his Destroyers
30 sec. between all sets, and about as fast as I could change plates.

130x6, 152x 6x6, las couple reps sorta tough

50x 6x6, up weight next WO, too light

152x6, 152x 6x6

70x 6x6, really felt the lats, up weight next WO

19 min flat. Was in a pool of sweat at the end.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on April 12, 2018, 09:08:13 AM

OK, some ZZ Top and Doobies, and a little arm work.
All 30 sec rest between sets.

80x10, 100x 6x6, up 5 lb. add 5lb next WO.

Seated French press
75x 6x6, up 5 lb. add 5 lb next WO

BB curl
75x10, 95x 6x6, up 5 lb. last set sloppy, stay at this weight, slow down reps.

BB reverse curl
95x 6x6, weight about right, worked hard for these

Wrist curl
140x15, 15, 15, 15, 10, 8, up 5 lb. I'm man enough to say that groans and whimpers were emited on last 2 sets, ouchie!!

Arms were pumped!
30 min flat.


Didn't work out yesterday, stomach bug laid me low,could hardly keep my balance, start'n to feel a little better, just 2 exercises today, so sue me.

All 30 sec. rest between sets
152x6, 176x 6x6, up 24 lb. from last WO

OH press
86x6, 100x 6x6, up 5 lb. from last workout

14 min flat, and so am I.


Chest and Back day, 30 sec. rest between 6x6 sets
ZZ Top Recycler, cause I'm feeling recycled!

130x6, 152x6, 160x 6x6, up 8 lbs

60x 6x6, up 10 lbs per arm

135x6, 157x6, 165x 6x6, up 13 lbs

80x 6x6, up 10 lbs

27 min. and a pool of sweat, starting to hate this routine, 


30 sec. between sets
DB 35x15, BB 85x10, 108x 6x6, up 8 lbs, last set tuff, will leave weight here for now.

Seated French press, BB
75x 6x6, wicked good pump, up 5 lbs

75x10, 95x6, 100x 6x6, up 5 lbs, felt great, started with wide grip, worked my way to narrow, last set partials, hurts so good, leave weight here for now

Reverse curls
100x 6x6, up 5 lbs, these suckers hurt'n the extensors, still sore from other day! Feel maxed out on these

Wrist curls, 30 sec. between sets
140x 6x15, made all sets, last set was willpower and grunt'n.

35 min.


Well, I think my mind is going on this routine. Hate you Cajin!

All sets, 25 sec rest, cutting 5 sec all sets.

86x6, 108x 6x6, whoa. accidently upped weight 8 lb, mistake, lol. Breathing hard like wind sprints

Lateral raise
40x 6x6, may need to cut weight, last sets gett'n sloppy.

175x 6x6, just like runn'n! 3/4 squats, no lockout at top.

SL deads
175x 6x6, thats it, I'm dead..uh...done.

19 min

Never planned on working out every day, but with 20-30 minute workouts, seems doable, and I feel like I have time and energy to hit everything. Am now cutting time, leaving weights where they are. Starting to see some physique changes. Soon will start tightening the diet.


Chest back, all rest times, 25 sec

130x6, 160x6,6,6,6, stripping 10 lb. 150x6,6, and barely made those.

60x 6x6

130x6, 160x6,6,6, stripping 10 lb. 150x6,6,6, man last reps were SLOW

Pullovers, dropping 5 lbs
75x 6x6

20 min, fried. It will reamin to be seen if I can keep the weight up and drop the rest time. Never did catch my breath all the way through this workout! I'm starting to have doubts, hehe.


Armed and dangerous day. Today, a little Rock'n Rod Stewart.

25 sec rest between all 6x6 sets, about 2 min. between exercises.

85x15, already pumped, 100x 6x6, cut 5 lbs and 5 sec.

Seated French press
75x 6x6, same weight, cut 5 sec.

85x10, felt heavy, 95x 6x6, cut 5 lb and 5 sec

Reverse curl
95x 6x6, same as curls, forearms very heavy!

Wrist curls
140x 15, 15, 15, 15, 12, 8, same weight, cut 5 sec, heavy duty pump!

28 min.


Today, Rolling Stones for my listen'n pleasure.

Trading back and chest day, legs tom. then shoulders and arms same workout, to give shoulders more recoup time.

130x6, 150x 6x6, 25 sec. rests

75x 6x6, 20 sec. rests, cut 5 sec.

130x6, 150x 6x6, 25 sec. rests, rest paused last rep.

60x 6x6, 20 sec. rests, cut 5 sec. whining on last set.

24 min. Pool of sweat and pumped, 26 sets in 24 min. flat.


Squats, non lockout, 20 sec. rests, cut 5 sec. off last WO
130x6, 175x 6x6

SL Deads, 20 sec. rests, cut 5 sec. off last WO
175x 6x6,

Ready to puke now, is that allowed in Vices' Gym Cajin? lol

13 min.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on April 12, 2018, 09:16:06 AM

Puker turtle, yup!

Arm day. For grins switched to DB's, good, bad, don't know. 20 sec rests on all exercises.

OH press, non lockout
37x6, 50x 6x6, cut 8 lb total, cut 5 sec.

Lateral raise
37's x 6x6, cut 6 lb total, cut 5 sec.

Lying tri ext. DB's
37x15, 45x 6x6, grunt'n hard, had to press up last 3 reps. cut 10 lbs total, cut 5 sec

Seated tri ext. DB's
35x 6x6, pressed up last 2 reps. Cut 5 sec.

Curls, DB's, seated with backstop, strict
35x6, 40x 6x6, cut 15 lbs total off BB, cut 5 sec. but these are much stricter.

Reverse/hammer curl, DB's
40x 6x6, awesome pump

DB wrist curl, alternate, approx. 20 secs sets.
70x 6x15, lost count did extra set maybe for 7x15. Piece of cake, up weight next workout or cut to 15 sec!

39 min. long I know, but a lot of plate changing, :) Arms pumped


Switched to DB's today, all exercises

DB bench
75x 6x6, 20 sec. rests, cut 5 sec off

55x 6x6, 15 sec! cut 5 lb and cut 5 sec off.

Row, DB's
75x 6x6, 20 sec rests, cut 5 sec off

Pullover, DB
75x 6x6, 20 sec rests, cut 5 sec off

19 min flat. Didn't take hands off bells for bench, flys or pullover, no time to wipe sweat, and was in a pool of water when I finished, happy Cajin? lol.


Arthritis in knees, especialy right knee give'n me fits. Got up early and lower back feels hincky, in other words, fell like crap. Limit to squats today.

175x 6x6, 15 sec rests between sets, (cut 5 sec off) breath'n rather hard I must say!

About 4 min. but who's counting? :)


Shoulders & Arms. May change shoulders to chest back day, arms are enough by themselves.

DB press
37x15, 50x 6x6, 15 sec rests, cut 5 sec, same weight.

Cajin row, DB one arm seated (lat raise bothering me)
50x 6x6, alternate non stop, pumped!!!

Lying tri. press DB's
35x15, 45x 6x6, 15 sec rests, cut 5 sec, same weight. Had to bench press up last couple reps.

Seated DB tri. ext, 2 DB
30x 6x6, 15 sec rests, cut 5 sec and 5 lbs, really pumped here!

Seated DB curls, backstop
35x 6x6, 15 sec rests, cut 5 sec and 5 lbs, about right, last set partials.

Hammer curls
45x 6x6, 15 sec rests, cut 5 sec, same weight, last set partials, very tuff.

Wrist curl, DB's, alternate non stop.
75x15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 10, ran outa juice, up 5 lbs.

38 min. Kinda long, kinda tucker'd, kinda pumped, :)

I just kept cutting time with weight cuts where needed to get the time down. DB's seem a better fit for some of the stuff. I rest the DB's on the legs while waiting for the next set, really no time to take hands of the bars. It's different. A lot of time today was changing the bells. Coulda done a 25 min workout with more bells setup. Vince knew his stuff.


Chest & Back

One arm DB row. (With 2 arms, big plates nailing legs), 12-15 sec rests per arm.
75x 8x6, for last set 30 sec rest.

DB bench
75x 8x6, 15 sec rests, last 2 sets 30 sec rests.

Pullover, DB
75x 8x6, 15 sec rests, last 2 sets, 30 sec. Upper chest as well a lats hurt'n last 2 sets.

Approx 12 min. up 2 sets each exercise. Pant, pant, time for ice tea!


OK, squat day, my favorite.......not. Today George Thorogood, after first set, didn't hear a thing. :)

175x 8x6, first 6 sets 15 sec rests, last 2, 60 sec each. Trying to work my way to 8x8, 15 sec.

5 min. Huffy puffy!


Word up!

Armed and dangerous

Seated DB curls, with backstop
35x 8x6, 15 sec, last 2 sets 30 sec restx.

Seated DB tri. extensios
35x 8x6, 15 sec, last 2 sets 30 sec rests.

Seated hammer wrist curl (DB's held hammer grip, wrist curled up)
35x 8x15, 15 sec rests, last 2 sets really tuff.

DB wrist curl, one arm alternate non-stop
75x 8x15, 15 sec. rests, last 2 sets, 30 sec rests, last set all forced reps, hehe, ouch, best forearm pump all year!

23 min. Ice tea is calling my name!


OK; chest, back, and shoulders

One arm DB row, alternate non-stop,
75x 8x6, straight through

DB bench
75x 8x6, 15 sec rests, last 2 sets, 25 sec rests, cut 5 sec last 2 sets, breath'n so hard chest hurts, :)

Standing flys, or as Al prefers, lateral raises, giddyup!
35x 8x6, 15 sec, straight through, whoa Nelly!

15 min, includes plate changing, 2 min rest between exercises. Gotta rename my log, Sweat'n and hurt'n!


Leg day, hate it. Todays selection, CCR, got through one song, :)

175x 8x6, 15 sec. all sets, rest pause 3-4 breaths last 3 reps of last set. Hurt me, in fact could feel my calves after.

4 min. of unadultrated pain.


OK, arm day
Adding 1 rep to each set, 8x7

Curls, DB's
35x 8x7, 15 sec rests, last set a killer, was curling very slooooowly

Seated tri ext, DB's
35x 8x7, 15 sec rests, pressed up last 4 reps, may go to lying tri ext as this is straining shoulders...wimp

Hammer grip wrist curls
35x 8x15, 15 sec rests, felt a little better this workout

DB wrist curl
75x 8x15, 15 sec rests first 6 sets, then 30 sec rest, then 1 minute before last set, forearms really fatigued today!

24 min.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on April 14, 2018, 10:18:12 PM

Almost did legs again, forgot to log last leg workout in logbook, whew!

DB rows
75x 8x6, alternate non-stop, 15 sec rests per arm.

DB bench
75x 8x6, 15 sec, all sets this trip.

Standing flys
35x 8x7, 15 sec rests, up one rep per set, shoulders really fried!

15 min.


Leg day. My favorite.

Squats, couple deep breaths, and....
175x 8x6, 15 sec rests all sets, legs really started pumping up at set 6, tired at 7, fried on 8.

About 4 min. :)


Freaking arm day! Except for wrist curls, upping time 5 sec. and upping 1 rep per set to 8x8.

DB curls
35x 8x8, 20 sec. rests, estra 5 sec. really makes a difference!

Lying tri. ext. DB's
35x 8x8, 20 sec rests, helped shoulder lying down.

Hammer wrist curl, DB's
35's x 8x20, 20 sec rests, up 5 reps per set.

DB wrist curl
75x 8x15, alternate non-stop

24 min.


Chest, back, shoulders, going for 8x8 today.

DB Rows, 15 sec rests all sets
75x8,8,8,8,8,8,6,6, up 2 reps first 6 sets, took 3 minute break, feels like wind sprints, and you know hate running!

DB bench
75x8,8,8,8,8,8,6,6, up 2 reps first 6 sets, 2 minute break, breathing so hard started coughing and hacking up lung cheese, :)

Standing flys
35x8x8, up 1 rep all 8 sets, that's it, done, crawling into a chair now.

20 minutes of running in place, fun, fun, fun!


175x8,8,8,8,6,6,6,6, 15 sec rests. Up 2 reps first 4 sets, going for 8x8.

Don't try this on a full meal, unless your barfing for distance.

Around 4 minutes, and that's all I have to say about that


Arm day

DB curl
35x 8x8, 15 sec, last set partials, ouch!

DB lying tri press
35x 8x8, last set very tuff

Reverse DB wrist curl
27x 8x15, 15 sec rests, more pronated grip, less weight, not really feeling the love on these, so adding...

Reverse DB preacher curls
27x 8x8, 15 sec rests,pretty much an ouch! And just to really do in upper arms....

Pulley pushdowns
50x 8x8, 15 sec rests, need to up to 60 lbs.

DB wrist curls
85x 8x15, Up 10 lbs, alternate non-stop, rested 20 sec after set 7, got all reps! Not expecting to.

36 min. A little long, but heck of a pump!!


DB bench
75x8,8,8,8,8,6,6,6, 15 sec rests except last set, 25 sec. Left shoulder wanted to give out on set 5, but I said no,no,no,no...

DB rows
75x8,8,8,8,8,8,6,6, 15 sec rests, except last set, 25 sec. Pulled the bells off a bench today, a lot better than off the floor, great pump, I think I can get it into position better somehow.

Standing flys
35x 8x8, 15 sec rests all sets

can't...rise...arms...must drink..must sit...

20 min


And Happy New Year. :)

Decide to mix it up today on squats.

165x5, 210x5, 255x5, 290x5, 210x10,10

9 min. Still pretty quick for "long" rests.


Arm day.

Lying tri. ext. DB's
40x 8x8, maybe tad lite, 30 sec rests.

65x 8x8, maybe trade for DB seated ext. 30 sec rests. awesome pump.

DB curls
40x 8x8, last set only partials and felt very heavy, 30 sec rests. Pumped..can you hear me?PUMPED I SAID!

Reverse curls, DB's, pronated about 40 degrees
40x 8x8, tad lite, 30 sec rests.

DB wrist curls, alternate, little to no resting.
1x85x15, 5x91x15, 2x80x15, jumped weight up, killer.
Bought some non-slip stair tape and wrapped around DB's, what a difference, grab a bell, and your good to go, like sandpaper, :)

43 min.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on June 10, 2018, 10:37:48 PM

I think I'm starting to burn out on this routine. HAve been on it 6-7 weeks. Went pretty fast on getting to 15 sec rests I think, and nailed everything but DB bench. Last 2 sets (on bench) starting to bother shoulder. Have seen a nice change in muscles though. Will play around a little, and give myself a little more time on rests between sets. Good stuff Cajin!

DB bench
75x8,8,8,8,8,8,6,6. All with 15 sec rests.
DB rows
75x8x8, all with 15 sec rests.
Standing flys
35x8x8, all 15 sec rests

16 min.

 Can flex the chest now, due probably in part to DB bench as opposed to bar. Shoulders have a little meat on medial deslt. Have added a bit to forearms, 13" unflexed, arm straight,14" flexed. Have gained a 1/2" since last year. Upper arm, 17 inches cold, no gain, (actually larger last year) but look more defined. Chest 49" flexed, seemed to have gained a bit there. Have no idea what these numbers mean, but will see what happens as I change the routine. Will do a bit more warmup pyramiding the weight. That's all I got man, hope it makes sense.


OK, changing up a little

DB press
40x10, 62x8,8,8, felt heavy, not pushing today.

Cajin rows, seated, DB
62x8,8,8,8, felt light, but that's ok.

130x5, 210x5, 252x5,5, arthritis acting up in right knee, and right hip creak'

18 min.


One arm DB row
62x10, 85x10, 102x8, 128x5 (used strap this set) 102x8,8
Curls, DB's

DB bench
62x10, 85x10, 95x7,6,(left shoulder give'n out) 85x10, chest pumped though.
Lying tri. ext. DB's
40x15, (Tri + partial CG bench) 50x8+8, 8+8, 8+8, tris deep fried!

DB reverse/hammer curls
50x10, 55x10,10, 50x10,10,stair step grip tape really helps!
DB wrist curl
78x25, 100x15, 90x15, 78x15, 25, put the hammer down on it last set, was gett'n lazy.

60 min. Arms smoked.


BB press
100x8, 120x8, 135x5, 150x5, 135x8

135x5, 210x5, 245x5,5, One legged lunge(other foot on bench behind)x10, arthritis in right knee kill'n me, right leg wanted to buckle on these.

One arm (DB) Cajin row

30 min. of fun and pain.


Good call. Have a Costco here, will look. Thanks Cajin.

Todays fun and games....

DB rows
62x20, 84x15, 106x6,6, two arm rows, ROM not as good as one arm for me.
BWx10, 8
DB curl
40x10, 8, 8

DB bench
62x20, 84x10, 10, left shoulder protesting, finish with.....
BWx15, 10, 10, full dips, none of that half dip sissy crap, ;)
Lying tri. ext. DB's
40x15, 15, 10, tri's pretty smoked.

Reverse DB curl
40x20, 15, 15, 12
DB wrist curl
90x15, 15, 15, 75x30, no warmup, just got to it.

55 min. Overall good workout


2 too many tequila shots last nite, cats woke me twice, not motivated, and knees hurt, but can still kick my own ass ;)

SL deads
165x5, 210x5, 255x5, 290x5, 310x5

One arm DB rows
65x5, 84x5, 107x5, 128x5, 5

Bench flys
62x 3x15

25 min.


Rolling Stones, for a little voltage to the ticker.

DB press
40x20, 50x15, 62x10, 55x10, may have done a 5th set, but didn't write it down if I did. :)

Hammer curl, one arm alternate
40x20, 50x15, 55x10, 50x15, 15

DB tri. ext. seated
30x35, 40x12,12,12,12, might save 30lb as a final set next time.

DB curl

DB wrist curl
80x40(PR?) 91x25(PR?)15, 80x25

40 min. Awsome pump, but aren't they all? :)


OK, who's work'n out today? Raise your hands...that's what I thought....slackers!

BB rows
135x15, 180x10
DB rows
90x10, 98x10, 108x8,8,8
180x15, 215x15, 250x11
135x15, 180x8,8, shoulder no like, switch to...

30 min. Felt like a real puker, :) now back to Xmas.


Good on you Gary!
Yes Wed. it is Cajin.

Ate some pecan chocolate fudge I made to start this workout off right!

DB press
40x10, 50x10, 62x8, 75x5,5, (push pressed these)
62x8, 50x10

Lying tri. ext. DB's
40x20, 50x10,10, 40x10
Seated one arm ext.
Lying one arm crossovers

DB curls
40x10, 50x8,8, 40x10

Reverse DB curls
50x10, 60x10,10, 55x10, 50x10, 50x10 x-reps

DB wrist curls
84x10, 100x10, 117x6, 123.8 x3, PR! (It was the fudge) 80x40,25,25, didn't get a pump till I hit 80x40.

1 hr.

12-29-07 05:46 PM - Post#389931     

Took yesterday off and then hafta search for the dang log!

135x10, 165x10,10,10, 145x15,15. Shoulder bothers me a bit, go back to DB's, better pump also.

145x15, 165x10,10, 190x10,10, 145x15. Not as good a stretch as with DB's.

SL Deads
145x3, 210x3. 290x3, 325x5. All the iron I could get on the 1" bar.

BB wrist curl, for fun. On special forearm bench, also used as a chopping board, ;)
145x20, 180x15,12, 165x15,12. Haven't done these in months, and shows.
DB wrist curl
80x20. Better pump, and hits flexors more. BB seems more wrist than flexors. Starting to think DB's are my future, doh!

40 min. of fun and games. Going for ice tea, must have drink!
What we've got here is... failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach.


OK. I guess this is the last workout of the year, as I'm taking tomorrow off.
Shoulders and arms fried from yesterday, so light weight blood pumping workout.

DB press
40x40, 30

Lying tri. ext, DB's
40x20, 20, 15, 15, could actually feel cross striations in tri's.

DB curls
40x20, 15, 10, 10, surprised myself on first set.

Reverse/hammer curls, DB's
40x20, 20, 15, 15, that's it, I'm fried.

Will rest flexors today, maybe try for new PR DB wrist curl in Jan. Goal, 125x3-5.

36 min.


Decided to make a wrist curl PR.
85x20, 100x15, 127.6x5! PR! 90x25! Heavy sucker, but exceeded goal of 125. What to do for next year? Hmmm.

10 min.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on June 10, 2018, 10:48:50 PM

Off and running, pump day!

SL Deads
130x15, 210x15,15

DB bench
62x15, 85x15,15

DB row
85x15, 107x15,15, that's it, cardio done for the day!

19 min.


Thought about shoulder/arm workout, but a kinda cold here. Hit the forearms a little instead, and "save" myself for tomorrow, :)

DB wrist curl
80x50, 100x25,15, 80x25,20. Pumped!

Around 12 min.

01-03-08 06:23 PM - Post#391660     

Armed and dangerous day.

DB press
40x10, 62x5, 70x5,5, 65x5,5, 55x5,5

Lying tri ext. DB's
40x10, 50x8, 55x6, 60x5,5, 50x8, 45x10,10, 40x10

Curls, DB's
40x10, 45x8, 50x6, 55x6,6, 45x8,8

Hammer curls, DB's
50x10, 55x10, 60x8,8, 55x8, 50x10,10,10, 40x25

58 min. Armed and dead.


A little flexor work.

DB wrist curl
90x45, PR this weight on reps
80x50, last ten reps...killer!

Around 6 min.


210x10,10,10,10,10,10, set no.6 made me wish I didn't!

DB bench

DB rows

30 min.

 I've been thinking of doing an experiment with flys for chest development, as my shoulder always bothers me with any kind of weight for presses. Should see some kinda results with a heavier weight, huh? I wanna see a nice split, cleavage, digg, lol.


OK, more usual goings on. a workout.

One arm press
40x10, 50x10,10,10,10,10

One arm curl

One arm tri. ext.
40x15,10,10,10,10, two DB'sx15. What a difference pressing 2 bells at the same time makes.

Reverse DB curls, 2 arms

Wrist curl, DB
91x30, 98x20,20, 80x25

45 min.


Worst head cold I've ever had. Feels like brokken ribs been coughing so hard.

BWx8,8,8, actually didn't think I'd get one rep the way I feel.
DB curls

BWx15,15,15, surprised myself here too.
Tri ext. DB's

Tic tocs

21 min, got to go fall down now, :)

01-16-08 06:45 PM - Post#397356     

Arthritis so-so today, so decided to do a few squats, my legs are shriiiinnnking!

85x5, 130x5, 175x5, 210x5,5, ATG, only hurts at midpoint.

40x40, 35, 30

Cajin Rows, one arm DB seated
65x15,15,15, coughing has made back sore, so opted out of reg rows.

Wrist curls, DB
65x50, 80x30, 98x20, 108x20, surprised myself on last set. Pumped.

43 min. A bit long, still very tired from cold, but a little here, a little there, :)


DB press
40x40, 55x15, 10

DB curl
40x15, 15, 15

Lying DB tri.
45x15, 15, 12, 40x15

Reverse DB curl
45x25, 20, 20

31 min. Hacking and coughing real bad, had to have been a good workout, not sure, 


Didn't have juice to do a reg workout, so forearms will do till tomorrow.

Reverse wrist curl

DB wrist curl
75x30, 95x20, 113x10, 124x8 (opposite hand helped last 2 reps each side) 95x25, 90x20, 80x25

About 18 min.


175x15,15,15, had to rest pause last set of 10 reps! Hack n cough!

DB rows
85x15,15,15, felt pretty easy.

Bench flys
50's x25,25,25, had to rest pause last set of 5.
Bench press, what bench press, we don't need no stinking bench press. My tiny pecs are fried, fried, fried!

20 min, unadulterated..or!


Seems like a lot of people here are having seconds on this "cold".
Thumbless shrugs. Yep, tried those, but can do so much more with those freak'n straps. ;)

DB press
50x15,15,12,10,8,8, shoulders wiped!

DB curls
40x15,12,10,10,8,6, even did a few sets that a vein I see through my sweatshirt?

Lying tri. ext. DB's
45x15,12,10,8,6,6, really felt these by set 4
Bench dips
BWx20,20, beaten, battered and dip fried tri's!!

Reverse DB curl
45x30,20,15,12, look, wisps of smoke coming off the ole Popeyes!

DB wrist curl
91x30,20,15,15, uh huh, that's right!

48 min. Rate this workout an A- awesome pump!! I think my meds are workiiiiiiiiiinnnnggg!


Still coughing, WTH? Didn't "feel" like a workout, but screw it.

DB rows
68x25, 90x15, 112x8, 123.5x6,6, used straps last set.

40x50, 62x20, 15, 15, 50x20,
"And how do we arrive at cleavage Mr. Starbuck?"
"Flys Captain Blye, flys."
"Very good, carry on Mr. Starbuck."

Squats, box
130x10, 210x5, 5, 5, 5, working on the sea legs, arrgh.

36 min. of suckage and hurt me.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on June 10, 2018, 11:20:52 PM

I'll try those Cajin. I actually use an inverted 5 gallon paint bucket without the lid.

Todays workout. Went with a bar just for a change.

BN press
65x20, 100x10,10,10, Front press, 100x10,10

85x10, 100x10,10,10,10

Bench dips

65x10, 100x10, 90x10,10

Reverse curls

Wrist curl on bench
143x20, 165x15, 187x10, 165x10, 142x15, haven't done these in months, it shows.
DB wrist curl
80x20, as you can see, flexors aren't hammered as much with bar wist curls, as still had some juice left for DB's.

50 min.


Switching shoulder to chest/back day. Hit a couple sets today even though I hit them last workout. DB press is so much kinder to me.

DB rows
80x10, 92x5x10, pretty nice pump.

DB press
50x20, 20, had to take couple deep breaths for the last 5 reps.

Bench flys
50x25,20,20,20, don't want floppies as Dan Martin would say, I want cleavage!

25 min.


OK Ty, lol.

Skipped squats, right knee bothering me, try to hit them tomorrow.

Lying tri. ext. DB's
40x30, 50x12, 55x8+8 CGB, 6+6 CGB, 50x8+8 CGB

Lying crossovr tri. ext.
40x8, tad heavy, 30x12, 12

Standing DB curl
40x20, 50x8, 45x10, 10, 40x10

Reverse/hammer curl
50x15, 15, 15, 15 x-reps

DB wrist curl
95x25, 20, 75x30, 25

44 min.


Quick wokout, have an awards ceremony to get to.
No squats, doing deads, knee still killing me.

DB row
75x10, 95x10, 107x10

Bench flys
50's x40, 30

Romanian deads
210x10, 10, 10

15 min, I'm outa here!


Yesterday was last day for injections for this cough and cold I've had, buttcheeks feel like a pincushion, ouch. Starting to feel a bit better.

Dips, upright
BWx10, 27x10,10, BWx20,20

Lying tri. ext. DB's
50x8,8,8, 40x15,10

BWx8,8,8,8 (last set 2+6 negs) rusty on these (read, fat)

DB curls
40x10,10,10, con. curl 30x15

Reverse/hammer curl DB's
56x10,10, 50x12,12

Wrist curl
108x15, 90x25, 85x20, 68x25

50 min.


Bourbon type workout today,

DB press
40x5, 50x5, 61x5, 72x5,5, 61x5, 50x10

DB row, one arm alternate
85x5, 107x5, 120x5,5, 107x5, 85x15,15

DB flys
62x20,20,15,15, if ya can't bench, then flex I always say.

DB wrist curl

40 min.


Lookout, work'n out 2 days in a row... 

Romanian Deads
210x5, 252x5, 290x5, 325x5, 347x3, wanted 5 but set bar down to regrip and that's all she wrote.

Lying tri. ext. DB's

Crossover tri. ext.

DB curls, one arm

Reverse curls, DB's
50x20,15,15, last set of 5 reps rest paused

DB wirst curls
102x25,(PR this wieght on reps)15+5 negs. 91x20

32 min. Nice tight workout. My tri's were hammered, and my hammers were tried. Dipped, battered, and double deep fried. Giddyup!

I did mostly full body 3xweek from age 49 till around 55, that's 6 years, with an extra forearm workout here and there. Mostly squat, dead, chin, row, dip and press. Like the others said, you got to work up to it. I do on occasion workout 5-6 times a week(like when I was in my 20's) when I have the time and energy, but all in all, you can build a lot of muscle not to mention strength, on 3xweek. Stick with it a couple years, you'll see, 


Yep for performance work, it's hard to beat 3xweek. A push, pull, and a hip or quad dominate exercise. Get freaky strong.

Coughing today still. Weird. Very busy and a little tired, so will hit forarms and do a real workout tomorrow.

DB wrist curl, alternate, Sipes style.
80x45, 100x25, 110x15,(PR?) 91x25, 80x25

About 12 min. of fun.......not.


Long day, seems I do more work on my days off, huh? Got most of my plates repainted though. I have nonslip step tape on my DB's and bar, nasty stuff, so I painted the handles, smothed out the sandpaper effect, but still has a good grip! Nice.
Late start for a workout, and a little tired, so will blast it like I have no brains,

DB rows
75x10, 97x 4x10, nice pump

DB press
40x10, 55x 4x10, a bit weak on these today.

55x25, 65x15,15, last few reps were tough.

Hammer/reverse curl
65x8,8, 60x8,8, suckers strain the back a bit!

35 wonderful and fun filled minutes!(cough-not-cough)


Just me and Waylon in the garage gym,   

DB curls
40x15,15, 45x10, 50x6, 40x10

DB lying tri. ext.
40x35, 50x15, 55x8, 45x15, 40x20

DB wrist curls
102x25, 90x30,20, enough of that! 

25 min.


Check and double check!

Butt Day

165x10, 210x10, 255x10,10

10 min. Over and out.


Not much sleep last nite, and got carried away building stuff in the workshop, so kinda forced myself into this workout.

DB press
40x10, 55x8,8,8


DB rows

16 min.


Am buying a new compu soon(I think, )as this ones fading, then I can have sound, camera the whole 9 yards, until then everything is silent pictures, then I can check out that Aussie country sound.

Went a little nuts today, but that's normal.

CG bench
100x10, 178x10,10, shoulder no likie.

Lying tri. ext.
100x10, 115x10,10, 100x10

Seated French press

BB curl
65x10, 85x10, 100x10,8, 85x10

Reverse E-Z curl
90x10, 110x10,10, 90x10,10

Behind back wrist curl
135x30, 165x20,20, 150x20
Reg wrist curl

45 min.


DB decline bench rows, strict.
62x15, 76x10,10,10, 65x10, nice pump, these will keep you honest.

DB incline press
65x10,10,10,10,10, shoulder didn't protest much, :)

DB wrist curl
75x50, 91x25, ouch ouch.

Reverse wrist curl

24 min.


I'm a whiner,   

Todays workout. Not much sleep last nite, but went pretty well anyway, I think.

Romanian deads
130x3, 210x3, 254x3, 289x3, 324x3, 346x3, that's all the 1" bar will hold.

Lying tri. ext. DB's
Decline, 40x10, 50x10, 55x6, Flat, 55x6,6, 50x6, Incline, 50x6,6

Curl, DB's
40x10, 50x8,8,6,6

Reverse/hammer curl
50x15, 55x10, 60x6,6, 55x10,10

DB wrist curl
80x20, 113x10, 120x6, 98x15, 80x25

65 min. of fun, fun, and a little more fun.


DB rows, one arm alternating
80x10, 93x10, 104x10, 120x5,5, 98x10,10

DB bench
62x10, 85x10,10,10

Bench flys

25 min.


Ok gonna try to tear it up a little.

Press, cleaned off'n the floor.
108x8, 143x5,5,5, whoa, outa condition. Puff pant.

Cajin row

CG bench, E-Z bar, 5-6" grip width
125x10, 165x8,8, 185x5, 165x8,6

Reverse grip rows, E-Z bar
130x10, 165x8, 185x6,6, 165x8,6

E-Z reverse curl
90x15, 110x10,10,10

Behind back wrist curl
143x15, 175x15, 200x10, reg wrist curl, 143x25

45 min. Got the barbell bloat today, I'll have some ice tea and rest, bloat should disappear shortly, :)


Time to get the Popeye on. A little ZZ Top to kick the ticker.

BB wrist curl over bench
144x25, 166x15, 188x15, 210x10

DB wrist curl
113x10,10, 85x25

Hang wrist curl
150x20,20,20, last 5 reps were rest paused (really need phat bar on these)

Reverse BB wrist curl
42x30, 50x30, 60x15, 50x20, 42x20,15,10

30. Not a great pump, but will feel these...hmmm...soon!


CG bench
140x10, 175x5x10

E-Z reverse rows
140x10, 175x5x10

E-Z reverse curl

E-Z hang wrist curl
130x40, 25, forearms pretty fried form yesterday, hehe.

35 min. A rather E-Z day :)


100x5, 135x 5x5

SL deads
200x 4x10, pull'n quick on these.

Bench wrist curls
135x30, 175x20,15 even though I've done more per arm on DB's, the BB is suffering, different animal I guess.

25 min.

Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on December 20, 2018, 01:15:03 PM

Put on some Reggie, cause I be feel'n sooo mellooow man.

Reverse grip row
150x5, 185x5, 200x 5x5

CG bench
135x6, 165x5, 200x 5x5

Reverse curl, straight bar
85x40,30, rest paused last set of 10 reps of both sets.

Hang wrist curl
Reg. Wrist curl
125x40, rest paused last set of 15 reps.

40 min.


OK, not feel'n like work'n out, familiar tune.

85x3, 120x3, 155x3, 178x3, shoulder tweaky, 155x3, 130x3,3,3,3

Squats, bottom half
135x10, 200x10,10,10, haven't done these in couple months due to arthritis, felt light, but will pay tomorrow, :)

Cajin row
120x10, 135x10,10

Wrist curl on bench
135x20, 165x15, 200x10,10, 165x15

40 min. Didn't turn out too terrible.


Actually, I really like the drier weather here in general Rayme.

Reverse grip row
165x10. 200x 5x6, up 1 rep.

Close grip bench
165x10, 200x 5x6, up 1 rep.

Reverse curl, straight bar
100x 8x10

Wrist roller for flexors. This is a pick handle, 1.5" used both hands, ROM is about double of reg wrist curls.
60x35, 75x20,20,20,15, smoke'n!

Reverse roller for extensors

40 min. Can barely type, ouch!


Romanian Deads, E-Z bar
165x5, 210x5, 245x5, 280x5,5

Standing press
100x6, 135x6,6,6,6, up one rep per set.

Reverse curl, E-Z bar
65x8, 100x8, 135x8, look'n sloppy, 125x8,8

Wrist curls on bench, Pearl/Scott style
130x30, 165x20, 200x12,12, up 2 reps, 165x20,20, these are starting to feel easier again.

42 min.



Forward and reverse wrist curls with my pick handle, rope and a bucketful o weights.
Forward/back 75x50/50, 20/20


RG rows (reverse grip)
165x7, 200x7,7,7,7,7 up one rep every set.

Curl ss/with RG rows
100x10/10, 10/10, didn't really need these.

CG bench
165x7, 200x7,7,7,7,7 also up one rep every set.

Skulls ss/with CG bench
100x10/10, 10/10, again, pretty redundent.

Reverse curl, straight bar
108x5, 130x5, 140x5,5 (used straps) 108x15

Wrist curl on bench
150x15, 165x15, 200x13, 150x25,
up one rep on the 200, but forearms a bit fatigued from yesterday.

55 fun filled minutes, :) Time for mango juice!


Yep Jason, don't screw with the Cajin!
Kinda dragg'n today, not much sleep.

OH press
108x8, 135x 4x8, up 2 reps per set.

170x5, 205x5, 250x5,5,5, that's all the knees will take.

Cajin row, one arm (DB)
85x 3x8

Reverse curl

Wrist curl

40 min. A little slow, but good enough.


RG rows
150x8, 200x 5x8, up 1 set and 1 rep all sets

CG bench
150x8, 200x 5x8, 165x20 x-reps mid stroke, up 1 set and 1 rep all sets

Reverse E-Z curl
120x10,10, 140x6, 150x4, 120x10, will go to DB or straight bar as E-Z bar torques out of the hands.

Wrist curl on bench
143x15, 178x15, 200x15, up 2 reps, 178x15, 143x25

55 min.


Pick handle wrist rollers, both hands same time, forward/back.
100x 25/25, 25/25, 25/25, 25/25. Around 8-9 minutes.
Could hardly move fingers after these.
Measured forearms after set 3, straight out(pumped) 13-1/2", flexed, 14-1/4. That's over a half inch gain since I measured them a year ago. One of these days, I'll look like I lift, know what I mean?


OH press
108x3, 143x3, 165x3,3,3,3, 143x5,5, boy, don't do these for while and you go downhill quick(at least at my age, lol)

143x3, 178x3, 244x3, 266x3, 288x3, 244x3,3, about all the knee would take today, snap, crakle, pop.

Cajin row
143x10, 165x8,8,8

Pick handle wrist rollers (froward and back)
107x25/25, 125x20/20, 20/20

40 min, so-so workout.


Pick handle wrist rollers. Both hands, forward/back.

125x30/30, 30/30, all I could do to finish the set. Up 10 reps.

A couple of minutes.


That's right, forget high school Spanish, not worth a peons paycheck,

RG rows
165x5, 210x5, 232x5,5, 210x5, hell'va grip workout

RG DB row
85x8,8, Rayme, don't whine about not hitt'n bi's on these, :)

BWx8,8, bi's are fairly fried.

CG bench
143x5, 165x5, 210x5,5, 178x8,8,8

Reverse/hammer curl
40x30, 50x15,15, missed these

DB wrist curl
90x20, 103x15,12

50 min. Tired :)
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on December 20, 2018, 01:26:35 PM

Forearm pump, pick handle wrist rollers.
125x40/40, 150x25/25, 125x25/25.

About 7 min.


DB press
40x10, 60x10,10,10

DB curl, seated with backstop
40x10,10,10,10 x-rep

Lying DB tri. ext.
40x15, 50x10,10,10, 40x15 x-rep, 15 x-rep.

Seated Hammer curl with backstop
40x15,15,15,15 x-rep.

DB wrist curl
90x25, 108x15,15, 90x20

43 min. Pappy mov'n kinda slow, but Pappy's happy.


175x3, 210x3, 245x3, 290x3,3,3, 245x3,3,3,3,3, that's all the knees will take, will pay later, :)

Pick handle wrist rollers
120x25/25, 25/25, 25/25, 25/25, great pump. Will have to do flexors first, as it gets hard to hold if I do extensors before, note to self.

28 min.


Not much sleep last nite, but here goes.

BWx8,8,8,8, changed 1" bar for 1-1/2" bar, nice.

Curls, thumbless


Skulls+CG bench
90x8/8, 8/8, 8/8

Reverse curls, E-Z bar

Wrist curls, bench
130x20, 175x15,15, wrist rollers yesterday did me in on these.

35 min. A bit light, but felt good.


DB press
40x5, 62x5, 70x5,5, 80x3,3, 70x5

Seated Cajin row, DB, love these suckers
70x8, 80x8, 85x8,8

175x5, 228x10,10, knees say enough for today, will hit deads next leg day, give knees a rest.

Wrist rollers, first forward, then back.
125x35/35, 25/25, 20/20

45 min.


BWx25, 27x10, 50x8, 66x8 (last 3 reps neg.) 27x10

Lying tri. ext.+CG bench, DB's
40x12/12. 12/12, 12/12, tri's pretty smoked.

BWx8, 25x6, 40x6, 6 neg., BWx6

DB curl
40x12, 12, 12

Reverse/hammer curl DB's
50x15, 15, 15 x reps

DB wrist curl
86x25, 108x15, 86x20

45 min.


Somebody say dip? With chips?

1 arm DB press
55x10,10,10, 75x5,5, 55x10

Seated 1 arm Cajin row
75x10,10, 97x5,5,5,5,5

175x5, 210x5, 245x5, 300x5, 245x5,5, knees a tad better today.

Wrist rollers
102x20/20, 132x20/20, 172x10/10, very tuff to get into place!,140x15/15, 110x20/20.

47 min.


Friends from S. Mexico left, and left me with a sore throat and a banging headache, fun.

BWx5, 23x5, 40x5, 75x1+4 neg., 1+4 neg., 40x5, BWx5,5,5, had great speed on last sets.

Hammer/Reverse curls
50's x15,15,15 x-reps

BWx10, 45x5, 90x2+3 neg., 2+3 neg., 40x5,5, BWx5,5,5, fast reps on last sets

DB lying tri. ext.
50's x10,10,10

DB wrist curl
90x40,30, surprised myself!

50 min. of straight banging fun!


Havanas, straight from the factory, I always say.

Still not 100%. Hack, cough, spit. Decided to superset with light weight. SS=Nazi workout. Wished I hadn't, hack hack.

SS/crunch, leg raise. 20/20, 20/20
Reverse hypers, 20,20

SS DB press/Cajin rows
40x10/10, 55x10/10, 10/10, 10/10. Kept DB's pointed in towards body(thumb side) to keep elbows out, it helps, could feel 'em pretty good.

SS pullups/DB bench incline
BW/65x10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10, last 5 reps pullups were negs.

Wrist roller, both hands, forward and back

33 min. The SS's sucked what little poop I had in me, out. :)


Hack, cough, flem.....yuck. Not quite there yet, :)

Todays fun and exciting psuedo workout...

Reverse hypers SS bench leg raise
25/25, 25/25

175x10, 255x 5x5

Skulls SS curls
55x30/30, 90x15/15, 100/90x 15/10, 15/10

Reverse curl SS CG bench to neck partials
90x15/30, that's it, feeling no love.

Pickhandle wrist rollers, back and forward, both hands.
125x50/50, ouch, up 10 reps.

40 min.


A little Stones to start the ticker.

BWx3, 23x3, 40x3, 58x3, 75x2+1 neg, 1+2 neg, 3 neg, 3 neg, 3 neg.

23x3, 40x3, 58x3, 75x3, 100x1+2 neg, 1+2 neg, 3 neg, 3 neg, 3 neg.

Wrist rollers, both hands, forward/back
110x50/50, 25/25

43 min.


DB press, one arm
40x5, 50x5, 60x5, 75x5, 85x3, 96x3, good for maybe another 10 lbs, but left shoulder says no. 75x5

Cajin row, one arm seated
75x8, 97x8,8, 75x8,8

175x5, 255x5, 277x5, 255x5,5, knees so so today

DB reverse curl
Reverse wrist rollers

DB wrist curl
60x30, 91x25, 108x15

1 hour.


Playing around with wrist rollers.
Pick handle, both hands, forward, then back.

132x30/30, 15/15, thought the calluses would tear off. 110x20/20, 70x30/30

Static hold pinching 2x5 kilo plates each hand until they fell out 2 sets.

7-8 min.


BWx5, 23x3, 40x3, 58x3, 75x3, 103x1+2 negs, PR(ssh don't tell Gary) 85x2, 67x2+1 neg, 50x3, BWx10

BWx10, 23x5, 40x3, 58x3, 75x3, 103x2+1 neg, 85x3, 67x3, 50x3, BWx10

Lying tri. ext. DB's

Reverse curls DB's

DB wrist curl

55 fun and lovely min. of torture. Go'n for ice tea now!


A little ZZ Top, feeling lazy, it is Sunday, right?

Tri set, DB press, monkey rows, shrugs
40x5-5-5, 60x5-5-5, 75x5-5-5, 5-5-5, 5-5-5.

Romanian deads
130x3, 210x3, 252x3, 287x3, 325x3, 346x3,3, that's all the weight I can fit on my 1" bar.

Pick handle wrist roller, both hands, forward-back.

33 min. Upper back and shoulders pumped, battered and fried. :)

Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on December 20, 2018, 01:48:31 PM
04-08-08 02:27

Gonn'a have to go light, still fried from last chin and dip day.

BWx10, 25x5,5, 40x5, BWx10

BWx10, 25x5, 40x5,5, BWx10

DB reverse/hammer curl

DB wrist curl

30 min.



Pickhandle wrist rollers, both hands, forward-back
125x15-15, 15-15, 15-15, 100x15-15, 15-15
Some leverage work with 5 kilo plate on DB


130x5, 175x5, 255x5,5,5 that's enough for the knees, :)

Romanian deads
130x5, 175x5, 255x5,5,5 these felt pretty good today, so sue me.

18 min.


Thanks Rob, I did catch that one, :)

OK Ladies and germs, todays torture session....

One arm DB press
40x10, 55x10, 65x5, 85x5(push press)up 2 reps, 65x5

BWx5, 45x5, 70x3, 90x1,1,1, 45x5, BWx5,5,5,5

Dip and chips(plates)
BWx20, 45x5, 70x3, 90x3,3, 45x5,5,5, BWx20

Seated hammer curl w/backstop(strict)
40'sx25,20,15,15 (kinda boring)

DB wrist curl
75x25, 108.5x20(PR?) 15,15

58 min, ice tea, here I come!


Wasn't going to workout today, damn Yankee weather came south, brrrrrr!
Putt'n on the Doobies, you know, to get my freak on.

130x5, 175x5, 255x5, 290x3, 325x3. 290x3, 255x5, knees hurt bigtime, where's that Jack Daniels?

165x5, 210x5, 255x5,5, these went fairly easy today.

Wrist rollers, forward then back both hands
125x50-50, up 10 reps.

30 min. Going to play couch potato now!


Still cool today, put on Stones to start the ticker.

One arm DB press
40x15, 55x10, 65x10, 75x5,5, 65x10, up 2 reps per (75)set.

BWx10, 30x6,6,6, BWx10

BWx20, 30x8,8,8, BWx10

Reverse/hammer DB curl
55x10, 65x8, 70x6,6,6, 60x10, these felt good today

DB wrist curl
90x15, 107x12, 124x8, 139x1+1 neg. PR,
102x15, 90x15. Rep on PR took around 3 sec each arm. Won't be trying this again too soon!

65 min.


Decide to go dark side for a while, mold this dough.

DB press, 40x20, 60x10,10,10, still wasted from Wed.
Bent laterals 30x12,12,12

DB skulls 40x15, 50x10,10,10
Seated French DB's 30x15,15,15,15

Scott curls, DB's 30x10, 40x8, 6+4x, 6+4x
Scott reverse, DB's, 40x6+4x, 6+4x, 30x15,15

DB wrist curl, 85x35,30,25

48 min. Smok'n guns....:)


130x5, 210x5, 245x5, 290x5, 325x5, 210x10,10, bottom half squats. Knees finally warmed up, but legs are fried by then.

Incline pulley row. By using bench, I achieved a 45 degree angle of pull, :)
60x10, too light, 100x10, 130x10, 150x8,8,8, awesome pump, lats are hurt'n.

DB bench
40x10, too light, 60x10, 72x10,10,10,10, feeling my way on these, up weight next time.

Reg. reverse wrist curl
33x15, 44x15, 55x15
Pick handle wrist rollers
100x50, extensors, 100x50,30, flexors

1 hour. Losing a lot of time changing weights.


Seated DB(2)French press, 30's x40

DB skulls
40's x15, 50's x15,15 x-reps


30x10,10 x-reps, awesome pump on tri's!

30's x30, 40's x10,10,10

Concentration curls
30x15,15,15 x-reps, biceps on fire here!

Reverse DB curl
50's x,10,10,10

Preacher reverse DB curls
30's x12,12,12 x-reps

DB wrist curl
72x20, 95x20,20

45 min.


DB press
50x8, 60x8, 70x8, 85x5, 65x5

Romanian deads
130x5, 210x5, 255x3, 290x3, 325x3, 353x3, bar only holds 247 so wrapped on a 5 lb chain.

24 min.


Got up early, not much juice, but will do something.

CG bench
130x15, 165x10, 200x6,6, 165x8

Yates row
130x15, 165x10, 200x6,6, 165x8

20 min.


A little arm blast

DB skulls
40x20, 50x10,10,10

Seated DB tri ext.

Lying crossovers

DB curls

Concentration curl

DB reverse curl
50x15,15,15, will put these first next time and add some weight as a warmup for reg. curls.

DB wrist curl

36 min.


Ok, knees hurt, not going to push it, whine...whine...

140x5, 210x5, 255x 5x5

Pickhandle wrist rollers, flexor/extensor
125x50/50, 25/25, 25/25, awesome pump, forearms hurt'n today, yowie!


Ok, onward and upward.

DB press
50x8, 61x8, 72x5, 83x3, 1 arm, 94x3, 72x5,5, screw it, 106x3, PR, good for maybe 2 more. Left shoulder, no go, so left side, 72x5

Hammer/reverse curl, DB's
50's x10, 61x10, 72x6,6, 61x10, 50x10,10

Wrist curl, DB (one arm for those that wonder)
90x30, 108x15,15, 90x20

40 min.


BWx5, 25x5, 50x5, 75x3,3, 50x5, 25x5, BWx5,5,5,5,5

BWx5. 25x5. 50x5, 75x5,5, 50x5, 25x5, BWx5,5,5,5,5

Wrist rollers, both hands
115x60/60, 100x25/25, wrists fried!

38 min. Smoked this workout.


It were a good day, sometimes that happens, today, so-so.

1 arm DB press
40x10, 62x10, 75x5,5,5,5, 62x10

Butt Blasters (SL deads)

Reverse DB curl

DB wrist curl

23 min.


BWx3, 23x3, 40x3, 57x3, 75x2, 85x1,1,1,1,1, 110x 1/2 rep, lol, BWx5,5,5

BWx5, 23x5, 40x5, 57x3, 75x3, 85x2,2,2,2,2, 110x2, BWx10,10,10 x-reps. Take that Yeti, reps no matchie on dips and chins today, nyk nyk!

Wrist rollers
110x60-60, 35-35.

50 min. Dedicate this workout to some sadistic SOB who gave me the idea....(Cajin) :)


DB press
40x10, 62x10, 75x6,6,6 (up a rep) 65x8

175x10, 255x5, 290x5, 315x3,3, 290x5,5, killing the old knees, would give them up if I had something to replace them with.....the knees or squats, take your pick :)

Reverse/hammer DB curls
40x10, 65x8,8,8, 50x20, 10+10 x reps

DB wrist curl
85x20, 90x15, 108x15, 90x30

55 min. A bit slow, hammer was down, wheels just spinning. 


Cranked up ZZ Top, needed the mood buster....

BWx10, 30x8, 45x6, 65x3,3, 30x5,5

30x10, 45x8, 65x6, 80x3,3, 45x8,8 x-reps

One arm tri. ext.
35x20,20,20 x reps, bottom half for stretch, long head pumped!

Bent forward DB concentration curl
35x20,20,20 x-reps, bottom half for stretch, ouch!

One hand wrist roller, 55 lbs.
Forward 30,30,30, back 30,30,30, oh Mommy! Giddyup! I hate these.

47 min.


Freak'n animals around here, :)

Just about wrote off todays workout, no giddyup, must be that time of month, whenever that is.

DB OH press
40x10, 62x10, 75x7,7, up 1 rep, 65x8,8

Reverse/hammer DB curl
55x10, 65x8,8,8, 55x10,10, last 2 sets...nice pump.

Wrist curl, 1 DB
80x30, 90x30, 108x20

30 min. Was going to do deads, but was dead myself, will pull 'em tomorrow, giddyup


OK, time for me to man up, lol.

SL Deads
165x5, 210x5, 255x5, 325x5,5,5

Skulls, BB
90x10, 110x8, 120x8, 130x6,6, 110x8

Curls, BB
85x10, 108x8, 115x8, 108x8,8

35 min. diped, battered and fried.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on December 21, 2018, 12:01:37 AM

Light goof around day.

BWx15, 45x6,6, BWx10,10, (last 3 reps neg.)

BWx25, 45x8, 60x6, BWx15,15, (last 5 x-reps)

One hand wrist rollers, non-stop
Each hand, forward 60x25,20,20
back 60x25,20,20

25 min


DB press
40x8, 60x8, 75x8,8, PR

Lying tri. ext. DB's
45x10, 60x8,8

Seated one arm ext.

DB curl
40x10, 50x8,8,8

Hammer/reverse DB curl
50x10, 65x8,8,8,15 x-reps

DB wrist curl
100x25, PR, 15, 80x30, Sipes style

40 min. Was still sore from yesterday, whatever, :)


I threatened myself with squats today, just didn't threaten how much, ;)

130x5, 175x5, 255x5, 325x4,4, up one rep, 255x5
Back a little tweaky today, knees hurt per normal.

13 min.


BWx10, 62x3, 84x2, 111x 1/2 rep + 1 neg. 75x3, 50x5, BWx10

BWx10, 50x5, 90x3, 110x2, 145x1, PR, BWx25

Seated DB tri. ext SS with DB curl
40's x20/20, 15/15

One hand wrist roller, forward & back each hand
80x25/25, 25/25, last sets killers, but felt good today.

45 min.


Huh? Don't post for a day and can't find my log, hate that. Woke up at least 6 times last night, female cat's in heat, she's going in Mon. for the "cure". Not feeling 100%, maybe 80%...need sleep..eyes heavy..slap..slap!

DB press
40x15, 62x10, 75x10,(PR)7,7, 62x10

DB reverse/hammer curl
40x15, 62x10, 75x8(PR)6,6, 62x10

DB wrist curl
90x30, 120x10, 95x25

40 min. I was going to do tri's and bi's today, but too tired. Time for ice tea.


130x5, 175x5, 225x20

6 min.


Back and chest still sore from DB press 2 days ago, this should be fun....

BWx10, 45x3, 63x2, 80x2, 97x1, 120x2 neg, 2 neg, 80x3, BWx10

BWx10, 55x3, 77x3, 98x2, 115x1, 133x 2 neg, 2 neg, 98x2, BWx25

Wrist roller, each hand, forward/back
90x20/20, 20/20, 20/20

47 min. Man, really sore now!


Sore all the time now, don't really feel it till I start lift'n. 

DB press, one arm
50x5, 70x5, 85x3,3,3,3,3,3, 75x5. Actually was feel'n good around the 5th set.

SL Dead
175x8, 250x8,8,8

Reverse DB curl
55's x10,10,10,10,10

DB wrist cul
75x40, 95x20, 75x20, so-so on these today.

50 min.


Really didn't feel like work'n out, lack of sleep, but what do Ï know? 

BWx30, 75x5,5,5,5,5, BWx20

BWx10, 25x5,5,5,5,5, BWx8

Wrist rollers, both hands, forward/back
125x40/40, 25/25, 15/15, didn't want to do these, but nice pump. 
34 min.


Got a good nights sleep, didn't "need" to workout, just screw'n around.

DB curls
40x15, 50x8,8,8 x-reps

Lying DB tri. ext.
50x15, 60x8,8,8 x-reps

15 min.


BB row
130x10, 175x10, 210x6,6

Cambat chins

Bench press
130x10, 175x10,10,10

130x5, 175x5, 265x5,5,5, that's all the knees want

37 min.


DB press, one arm
50x5, 62x5, 75x5, push press 85x2, 105x1, PR, press 75x5,5,5,5

DB reverse curl
55x15,15,15,15, last 5 reps RP 5 sec.

DB wrist curl
98x20, 120x10,10, last 5 reps neg. 98x20, 80x30

45 min. Lot's of sweat'n, :)


Feel'n sorta bodybuilderish today, and being short on sleep, will work...hmm...ARMS!

65x15, 100x15, 130x10,10,10, Calif. pressed last 5 reps

Seated French press
65x15, 100x10,10, 85x10,10, awsome pump on tri's today.

Close grip curls
65x15, 100x10, 115x10,10, 100x10, pumped here too.

Reverse E-Z bar
100x10, 115x10,10, 100x10,10+5 x-reps-ouch!

Wrist curl across bench
120x15, 165x15, 200x10, hang wrist curl, 165x15, 130x20, no love on these today.

53 min. Rate this workout almost a 10, ;) Grampy tired, need nappy.


Romanian deads
130x5, 175x5, 210x5, 245x5, 325x5, 345x5

12 min. Yeah baby! Pumped, feel the burn...oh wait, these are deads.


Bench alternate with pullups
Bench 155x8, 190x8, 210x8,8,8,8
Pullups BWx8,8,8,8,8,8

65x15, 85x10,10

20 min.


Press BB
100x5, 135x5, 155x5, push press, 180x2, 200x2, 155x5

French press SS curl
85x10/10, 100x10/10, 110x8/8

Crossover tri. SS concentration curl
35x15/15, 15/15, pumped.

Reverse DB curls
50's x10,10,10,10,10,10, really pumped today.

Wrist rollers, flexors, both hands,
140x25,25,25, 115x25,25, extensors 115x25

Forearms had nice pump today. So I measured, :) straight out, no flex, 13-1/2", right angle flexed, 14-1/4", up a little over a 1/4" in 3 months, so much work, so little gain.

44 min.   


Thanks Wicked, I was just teasing!
Thanks Al and Ty.

Alternate, Bench, Pullups
Bench, 130x5, 175x5, 210x5, 245x2, 225x3, 210x5
Pullup, BWx5, +20x5, +30x5, +40x5, +40x5, BWx10

BB pullover
100x8,8,8, lats hammered.

130x5, 175x5, 255x3, 290x3, giving knees break, switchng to....

Good mornings
130x8, 175x8,8

47 min.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on December 21, 2018, 12:30:50 AM

DB press
50x10, 75x8,8, 65x8,8, gett'n old, need more warmup

Lying DB tri. ext.
40x15, 50x10, 60x6,6,6, last 4 reps Calif. press

DB crossovers
40x10,10,10,10, whoa!

DB curl
40x10, 50x8,8,8, 40x15, smok'n!

Reverse DB curl
55x10, 60x10, 65x8,8+2 cheat reps, 55x15

DB wrist curl
85x30,25, bones in left wrist feel "out", switch to..
Wrist roller, flexors

57 min. felt ok strength wise, just moving kind'a slow, :)


Decided not to do reg. workout today, too tired, will give it hell tomorrow. So am wasting a little time on wrist rollers. Bought some non-slip stair tape for traction.

125x50/50, 150x25/25, 160x25/25, PR

About 6 min. Nice, now Ï can hardly type.


I can still feel sore muscles from last arm workout...hmmmm.. 

Good mornings
130x10, 175x8, 200x6

200x6, 245x3x6

Bench alternate with Pullups
Bench 130x8, 175x8, 220x4,4
Pullups BWx8, 35x8, 50x4,4

Straight arm pullover

36 min.


OH press
100x8, 135x8, 150x8,8, 135x8

Skulls+CG Bench, same weight
75x15-15, 100x 3x10-10

Crossover tri. ext. DB
43x 3x8, up 3 lbs.

Seated DB curls+hammer curls
40x 3x10-10

Reverse DB curl
40x 3x10

DB wrist curl
75x40, 80x30, 90x20, 75x25

55 min. Arms and shoulders pretty fried. The older I get, the more I lean toward using DB's, is it age or maturity? Don't answer that! 


Chins and dips, alternated

Chins BWx15, 45x5,5,5, BWx8,8
Dips BWx30, 80x5,5,5, 40x8,8

Wrist roller, flexor-extensor
125x50-50, 30-30, 20-20, can't do another   

33 min.


OK dumbell freaks, here we go...

DB press/push press
40x3, 50x3, 65x3, 75x 3x8

Cajin row, DB, seated
75x 3x8

130x10, 175x10, 220x10,10

Reverse DB curl
55x8, 60x8, 65x6, 70x5,5, 55x15,15 x-reps

DB wrist curl
80x30, 100x20, 90x20,15

54 min. Lots of plate changing!



Quickie forearm workout

Pickhandle wrist roller, forward-back

4-5 min. 


Good Mornings
130x10, 175x10, 210x8

210x5, 265x5, 290x3, 325x3, 290x3, 265x5, kness feeling a little more up to speed, lower back...not.

Pullups alternate with dips
Pullup BWx10, 50x5,5,5, BWx10,10 (5+5 neg)
Dip BWx10, 75x5,5,5, BWx15,15 (10+5 neg)

43 min.


Todays' presentation, for my listening pleasure...Waylon Jennings, Jo-El Sonier, George Jones...

DB press
40x15, 60x10, 85x5,5, 1 arm, 75x5,5, 55x15, last one a moneymaker, pumped.

CJ row, DB seated (lazy man method)
75x12,12, up 2 reps

Lying DB tri. ext.
40x20, 50x10,10,10

Crossover tri.
40x10,10,10, really felt these

Concentration curl, DB
40x8,8,8, saving some juice for...

DB reverse curl
50x10, 60x10, 65x8,8, 60x10, 50x10,10

DB wrist curl

62 min.


175x5, 255x5, 290x5, 325x5, 255x10

One hand wrist roller, flexor/extensor
80x30/30, 30/30, 30/30, each arm

23 min.


Pullups/row SS DB bench

Pullup BWx8,50x8,35x8,8,BWx8,DB row,85x8,8,8

DB bench 85x8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8

25 min.


A little George Thorogood to start the heart....

DB press, one arm
40x10, 62x8, 84x5, 97x1, 108x1, PR, left side hincky, although normally stronger side, right side coulda pumped out 2 more reps, but won't get greedy today.

Seated DB CJ row
75x15,15, up 3 reps

Lying DB tri. ext.
45x20, 50x15, 55x8, 60x6, 65x4,4, last 2 reps neg.

DB crossovers
40x12,12, 35x20, tri's blown up today

DB curl
40x12, 50x8, 55x4,4, 50x6,6 x-reps

DB reverse curls
50x10, 60x10, 65x6,6,6, Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

DB wrist curl
100x20,15, 90x20, 80x25, the 80's were the pumpers.

65 min of mind numbing fun!


All right, stand back.....

BWx15, 50x7,5, last couple reps neg.

DB rows, one arm
85x8, 120x6,6,6, 106x10

DB bench
50x20, 85x12, 106x5x5, 95x8, 85x10

28 min. 


Todays jukebox selection, Robert Cray, John Lee Hooker....

Good mornings
100x15, 165x15

165x5, 210x5, 255x5, 300x5,5,5, bout all the knees will take today.

Lying tri. ext. DB's
40x20, 50x10, 60x8, 65x5, 2+3 neg. 55x10,10

DB crossovers
40x15,12, up 3 reps first set

Reverse DB curl
55x10, 60x8, 65x8, 70x6, 75x5,5, Sweat'n is feeling his Wheaties on these!

DB curl
40x10, 50x6,6,6, con. curl 40x10,10

DB wrist curl
80x30, 103x15, 85x20,15, arthritis acting up, no love on these

76 min.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on December 21, 2018, 11:06:38 AM

Not much sleep last I put myself into a Aikido lock and slapped myself with my free hand to get started....

1 arm DB press
55x20, 90x5, left arm acting up..going to...

DB bench
90x10,10,10,10,10 x-rep, 10 x-rep, smoke'n

CJ row, 1 arm seated

DB row, 1 arm
105x10,10,10,10, pumped!

35 min. Will sleep good tonight.


Day off tomorrow, so will do some vanity work, 

Skulls, E-Z bar
85x15, 100x15, 135x8,8,8

Seated French press, E-Z bar
75x15,15,15, Skulls 75x25, fried tri's!

BB curls
90x15, 112x8,8, 100x8,8, realy didn't need more than a 100 lb.

Reverse Curls, E-Z bar
85x15, 105x10, 125x8,8,8,Straight bar, 90x20

BB wrist curl
135x20, 160x10,(need more w/up) 15,15,15, 135x20, not many reps, but pumped! 

53 min.


Good Morn'n
90x5, 135x5, 200x5, 225x5,5

225x 4x10, 3/4 squat, non-lockout at top, trying to keep size without huwt'n my wittle knees. Nice pump.

20 min.


KISS principle today.......ZZ Top, crank it up..

Pullup SS Bench
P BWx10, 35x5,5,5,5,5,5, BWx10,10,10, last few reps were rest paused.
B 132x10, 200x5,5,5,5,5,5, 175x10,10,10, last set x-reps.

33 min. Pumped.


Rest day, so a little forearm work in order... 

Pick handle wrist rollers, one hand
W/Up 80x15,15, 80x30,30, forward
80x30,30, back

A few min.


Don't encourage them, Kris!
No, no, must not encourage...

Shoulder and left elbow no in the groove today, so will lighten up and go for the "burn", lol

DB press SS standing fly
Press 40x10, 50x10
S Fly 27x12,12,12

Lying tri DB SS seated tri DB
Lying 45x15, 50x10,10,10,10
Seated 27x10,10,10,10 Will reverse order next W/O and up seated tri, same weight for lying tri.

DB curl SS Reverse curl
Curl 40x10,10,10,10 last set x-reps
Reverse 40x10,10,10,10 last set x-reps, bi's and forearms HURT'N bigtime

DB wrist curl one arm
80x30, 90x25,15, 80x20

37 min.


Yo, down to bidness...pump and burn, who's your Daddy now?

DB bench
60x25, 90x10,10,10,10 x-rep

50x25,25,25 x-rep, bottom middle

Dips, BWx25

BWx10,10,10, scap pullups, BWx10,10, bottom half

DB row, one arm

Pullover, stiffarm
50x30, 2-15 kilo plates, 66x15,15

43 min. I'm outa here.


Lower backed tweaked, so no squats, will try tomorrow...arms instead...
OK, down to bidness

Lying DB tri ext.
40x20, 50x12, shoulder doesn't feel right, switch to..

Skulls, E-Z bar
100x12, 120x10, 140x8,8, 115x8,8

Seated French press E-Z bar
75x15, 85x10,10,10, 95x8

CG bar curl
75x10, 85x10, 95x10, 105x8,8,8 x-reps

Reverse curl, E-Z bar
95x15, 115x8,8, straight bar 95x15,15 x-reps

Wrist curl over bench
130x10, wrists object..going to...

Wrist roller, flexors
115x30, 150x30, 160x30,20,20 oh Mama! 140x20

52 min. More than I planned, but good workout. 


Some John Lee Hooker to get in that chain gang mood...

140x5, 210x5, 255x5, 290x5, 325x5, 290x5, 255x5, 210x5,5,5, close stance.

23 min.


ZZ Top..Rythmeen..

DB press
50x15, 60x10, 75x5x5, left shoulder tweaky, go to..

Slightly bent forward standing flys

DB bench
75x10, 90x10,10,10,10,10 x-reps, mid range

Pullups, palm forward
BWx10, 35x5, 50x5,5

DB row
90x10, 100x8, 112x6,6, 100x10,10, last ones were the moneymakers

48 min.


Some Stones, and away we go...

Lying DB tri. ext.
40x30, 50x20, 60x10, 65x6, 70x5 neg, 65x5, 55x10, 40x15, Dips, BWx20

DB curl SS hammers, seated, backstop
40x10-10, 45x8-8, 50x6-6, 45x6-6, 40x8-8

Reverse DB curl, seated, backstop

Wrist rollers, flexors
125x30, 145x30, 160x20,20, 145x30,25, pretty fried.

50 min. Must find chair, must sit, rest...good!


125x3, 165x3, 210x3, 290x3, 325x3, 345x3, 290x3,3,3

20 min.


Slapped myself hard, twice, to start my heart, must be a clogged colon or something,

OH press
85x10, 108x10, 130x6, 155x5, 175x3

Cajin row

130x10, 155x10, 175x10, 196x8,8

130x10, 155x10, 175x10, 210x8,8

BNP, to loosen shoulders

36 min.


Arm workout....

E-Z bar tri ext.+ skulls + CG bench
50x20-15-10, 85x10-10-10, 100x6-6-6. 6-6-6. 6-6-6, hell'va pump,know what I mean? 85x10-10-10

E-Z curl + reverse curl
50x20-15, 85x10-8, 100x6-6, 6-6, 6-6 x reps, 85x10-10

Wrist rollers, flexors
150x50, 175x20, 150x30,25, 20

37 min. Arms battered, dipped and fried. May try this with DB's next workout, hmm...


Do they make DB's heavy enough?

Not here, I have to roll my own.... 

Todays diversion..

DB wrist curl SS wrist rollers(extensors)

80x50, 25

150x50, 25

About 8 min.

Oh oh, I've created a monster that doesn't exist! The DB was 80 lbs for wrist curls, it's 150 lb WRIST ROLLERS, both hands, same time. This is a pickhandle, hole drilled in center, buckect hanging below, all hung on some bar dips. I'll have to take a photo to give you guys an idea of what I speaketh!


Sunday is for

One arm DB row
80x20, 102x10, 120x8, 128x6

DB bench
60x20, 85x10, 95x8, 105x6

165x10, 210x10, 255x10

29 min


Yo yourself stranger!!

Todays bag of fun.....

DB press
40x20, 62x10, 78x8, 75x8,8, 78 was my bad, can't count.

Cajin row, seated, DB, pinky forward
75x10, 90x8,8,8, love these bad boys!

Tri set- seated DB tri-lying DB tri-x-rep DB bench
37x15-10-10, 50x7-6-6, 7-5-5, 6-4-4

Bi set- DB curl-hammers
37x10-10, 50x7-7, 7-7, 6-6 x-reps, 2nd quart of water and 2nd towel,   

Standing reverse DB curl
50x15, 15 x-reps

DB wrist curl
80x20, 108x15, 90x25, 80x25

57 min.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on October 14, 2019, 10:55:10 AM

Todays workout, have no idea what I'm doing, well, I have an idea, it is.

165x10, 225x8,8,8,8, will add a set next workout

DB skulls
40x20, 50x10, 55x8,8

BWx20,20,20 x-reps

DB Reverse curl
55x10,10,10,10,10 x-reps

BWx10,10,10 assist

Wrist roller

50 min.


DB press
50's x10, 60's x10, 70's x8, 85's x5,5, elbow feeling better today

Cajin row, DB seated
85x10, 100x6,6,6,6

Pullups, palm forward
BWx10, 35x6,6,6, BWx10, pullups after CJ rows hurt'n Sweat'n. Sweat'n hate'n the Cajin,  Awesome lat pump, I mean like, they hurt!

DB bench press
85x15, 100x8,8,8, 90x15

45 min. Great workout today, a keeper.


Todays love fest.....

SLDeads, DB's, 'cause they were already set up
90's x10, 100's x10, 105's x10,10,10, had me sweat'n bigtime, grip workout included free.

DB skulls
40's x25, 50's x12,12,12, last 2 reps negs.

Crossover tri

Seated DB curl
40's x12,12,12,12 x-rep

Reverse DB curl
50's x25,20,15

Wrist roller
170x40,30,30, drop set-170x30 + 150x30

48 fun min......not...


Back kinda tight from painting yesterday...let's loosen it up a bit...

DB press
40's x50, oops, GONZO, 62's x10, 85's x5

Cajin row, DB
85's x10, 105x6,6,6, (PR) up 5 lbs.

DB bench, incline
85's x10,10,10,10,10

DB row, 1 arm
85x10, 105x10, 128x6, 150x5, (PR) 85x30

35 min.


Squats, non-lockout
130x5, 165x5, 235x8,8,8,8, decided to up weight rather than add set, lazy I guess

DB curl
35's x20, 45's x10,10,10

Incline DB tri ext.
35's x20, 45's x15, 50's x10,10,10,10

Incline crossovers
25's x20,15,10

Reverse DB curl
55's x20,15,10,8,6,6

Wrist rollers
150x60, 170x40,30,20,20

1 hour


Riiiight Rayme, you funny, I like you, I kill you first..

Todays playtime fun...high rep day..

DB press
50x30, 60x15, 70x10,10

Cajin row, seated, DB
70x20, 97x10,10,10

DB incline bench press

DB bench rows
85x15,15,15,15, pumped!

32 min.


Leg and arm day, but will put legs tomorrow, not much energy, and I have to break in a new cops class today....

DB skulls SS long pulley tri.
40x30, 50x12, 55x8,8,8
55x15, 55x10, 65x8,8,8 freaky pump.

Seated DB curl SS Reverse DB curl, (w/backstop)
25x15/15, 40x10/10, 10/10, 10/10

Standing hammer curl

DB wrist curl
85x30, wrist not happy....switch to..

Wrist roller, flexors

35 min. Great pump, really feeling it today.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on December 01, 2019, 02:28:28 AM

Skipped yesterday, even though I sleep 9 hours, fatigue had set in, got to know your limits, :)
Some Doobie Bros to start the ticker....

OH press
100x5, 135x5, 180x3,3, 145x5

Cajin row
100x10, 145x10, 180x5,5

165x5, 210x5, 245x5, 290x5,5

Wrist roller
175x50 forward, x50 back, PR

35 min.


OK, todays phuntyme...

DB bench, incline
85x20, 105x8, 90x15,15,15 x-rep last set, pump city

Long pulley tri. ext.
65x20, 75x15, 85x10,10, 75x10, tris dead and ready to bury.

DB rows
90x15,15,15,15,15 x-rep last set, dug deep, grind 'em out

DB reverse curls
55x10,10,10,10,10, hmmm, nice!

Concentration curl
25x10,10, fried!

DB wrist curl
80x25, 90x25,20, rusty on these

55 min.


DB press
50x20, 60x10, 75x5,5,5,5

Seated DB CJ row
75x10, 85x10, 113x5,5, 95x8

175x5, 210x5, 245x5, 350x1, thought I was good for reps, no go today.

Squats, just to stay in the groove,
130x5, 175x5, 210x5, 245x5

50 min.


Same here, no coffee, no brain...

Dips, V-bar, facing out for tri's
BWx20, 35x15, 50x10,10, haven't done these in a while, tuff..

Long pulley tri ext.
65x20, 75x15

75x10,10, pumped

BWx10, 25x8,8, BWx8, rusty

Incline pulley curl to forehead
55x12,12,12, awesome pump, not that there's anything wrong with that

DB reverse curls

DB wrist curl

46 min.


Backs a little tweaked, so going low reps, and I mean loooow...

165x1, 210x1, 255x1, 325x1, 345x1, 255x5,5

Lying tri ext. DB's
40x30, 50x15, 55x10, 60x8

CG bench
165x10, no love, shoulder says move on, so..

Crossovers, DB

Concentration curl, DB

Reverse DB curl
60x10,10,10, felt pretty good on these

Wrist roller, flexors
2 hand, 145x50
1 hand, 102x20,20,20

55 min.


Looking forward to the photo Merv...
Thanks Jim..

Not much sleep, so will fart around with wrist rollers and give it hell tomorrow..

Both hands, forward-125x100, back-125x100

One hand, forward-102x20, back-102x20, each hand

Both hands, forward-125x50, back-125x50, can hardly type

Around 12 min. I'm guessing.
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 30, 2021, 11:32:44 AM

Yes sir yo yo, you are correct sir!
True Rayme, I am ashamed....perhaps I can do better today......this ones for Rayme...

DB bench
85x15, 100x8,8, 90x10,10,10

DB skulls
55x10,10,10, negs last 3 reps.

BWx20, upright for tri's

BWx10, 35x6, 60x4, BWx8,8,8, barely...:)

DB reverse curl+55x10, 65x8,8, 55x10,10,10

DB wrist curl
90x25, 100x15+5 negs, 10+5 negs, 90x20,15, ok, Popeye's pooped!

58 min.


Changed my mind, will start on a Gironda style workouts for a while, molding the blob a bit...

165x 8x6, 20 sec. between sets, seems to save my knees and back.

Incline flys
27's x30, 50's x5x15+10 second static hold, 45 sec. between sets

DB bench rows
75's x4x10, 30 sec. between sets, back actually cramped in lower lats after last set, sweeeeet...

Stiff arm pulldown
55x 4x12, 30 sec. between sets, awesome pump, hurt'n now, worse tomorrow....:)

30 min. flat. 22 sets...about right I guess..


Thanks all, here's birthday fun for today....

Bent forward flys
27x15, 35x8,8,8,8,8, 40 sec. rests

Standing flys
27x8,8,8,8, 40 sec. rests

DB skulls, + x-reps
40x10+8, 45x8+4, 8+3, 8+1, 8, 8, 40 sec. rests

Long pulley tri. ext.
75x8,8, 60x8,8,8, bit off more than Icould chew,   40 sec. rests

Spider curls, DB's + x-rep
27x8+4, 35x6+6, 6+6, 6+3, 6, 6 x-reps, 40 sec. rests

Spider reverse DB curls + x-reps
35x6+6, 6+4, 6+3, 6, 10 x-reps, 40 sec. rests

Wrist roller flexor
155x50-30-25-20-20, 30 sec. rests.

42 min. 38 sets 


Todays bag '0 fun...

175x 8x6, 30 sec. rests, take me to the hospital!

Incline flys
60's x 5x15, last set all x-reps, 30 sec. rests

DB bench rows
80's x 5x8, 30 sec. rests

Stiff arm lat pull downs
65x 4x10, 30 sec. rests

30 min. Was going to stop after squats, but I figured what the heck and slapped myself to man up...


Am working out today, rest tomorrow, I think I'll need it....

1 arm DB press, alternate, non-stop
40x1x15, 55x3x6, both arms, 55x3x6, 30 sec rests.

Bent over flys
40x5x8, 30 sec. rests.

DB skulls+CG bench partials
40x1x15, 50x6x6+6, 30 sec. rests.

Long pulley tri. ext.

DB preacher curl+partials
37's x4x6+3, 1x6 partials

DB reverse preacher curl+partials
37's x4x6+6, 2x8 partials

DB wrist curl, alternate
97x20,15, 90x20,15

47 min. 39 sets, weights slightly up.


165x6x8, 30 sec. rests

DB bench, incline
85x5x8, 40 sec. rests

DB bench rows
85x5x8, 40 sec. rests

Stiff arm pulldown
75x5x8, 40 sec. rests

Wrists rollers, one hand, alternate
80x5x20, forward, 80x5x20 back, each hand

30 min, 21 sets + 20 sets forearms, breathing hard entire workout....
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 30, 2021, 11:38:18 AM

Wanna show me how that's done there Cajin,  Will torture myself next workout!

Todays bag of fun..

Bent flys
30x15, 40x 6x8, 40 sec. rests

Standing flys
30x 6x8, 40 sec. rests

Lying DB skulls
40x15, 50x 6x8, 40 sec. rests

Long pulley tri. ext.
70x 6x8, 40 sec. rests

Preacher curls, DB's
30x15, 40x8,8,8,6+2x, 5+3x, 4+4x (x=x-rep)

Preacher reverse curls, DB's
40x8,8,8,8,6+2x, 4+4x, standing 40x20

DB wrist curl

Wrist roller, forward, both hands
175x30,30,30,30, 5 kilo plate fell out of the bucket, found my big toe, shades of the Cajin....sweeeeeet tater pie...ouch!

55 min. 45 sets..........


I'm going all bodybuilder on my buttocks!

Press to neck
100x15, 130x8,8,8,8, 110x8,8,8,8, pause at bottom, flex at top, upper chest pumped!

Med. wide grip rows, bent 90 degrees, stretch at bottom.
110x10, 130x8, 140x8,8,8,8,8, pumped and hurt'n

Pullover SS/with stiff arm pulldown
70+70x 8+8, 8+8, 8+8, Cajin torture at it's finest, free tricep pump!

33 min. 22 sets. Didn't time sets today.


Squats. just slapped some weights on, figured the weight after.

130x10, 200x6x10, 3/4 squats, bottom 3/4, non-lockout

BB reverse wrist curl

Behind back wrist curl
135x35, 25

20 min. didn't time sets, but was book'n. 


Thought I posted this yesterday, but it's not showing up on this borrowed computer, while mine is in the shop.

Bent flys
30x 3x15

BN press
55x20, 90x12, 110x8, hurt the hell outa the shoulder, but felt better after
Standing press

Skulls, squeeze at top, pause at bottm
90x15, 110x 3x10

French press, BB
75x 5x10, slow reps


75x15, 85x 3x10, slow reps

Reverse curl
85x 6x10, slow reps, last set x-reps

Wrist curl, over knees
120x40, 150x25,20,15

57 min. 32 sets


Today's bag of sweat....

BWx15, 35x8, BWx10

BB rows
135x10, 180x8,8,8

Stiff arm pulldowns

Bench, med. wide grip, pause and squeeze, mid chest
135x10, 155x8,8,

Neck press
135x8,8,8,8 x-reps, chest was hurt'n....nice...

28 min. 17 sets


BN press, shoulder re-hab
55x 3x20, hurt...ouch

Squats, high bar, close stance
165x5, 210x5, 245x5, 290x5

130x10, 165x5, 210x5, 245x5, 290x5

BB wrist curl
BB reverse wrist curl

30 min. 14 sets
Title: Re: Kris Kangas workouts!!
Post by: Sergio on January 30, 2021, 11:47:23 AM

Almost skipped today, got up early, but....

BN press SS/Cajin row, same weight
75x15/15, 90x10/10, 110x8/8, 8/8, 110 really to heavy yet for shoulder...old stupid will lighten it up next time.

Skulls SS/CG bench x-reps, slow
90x10/10, 100x10/10, 10/10, 10/10

BB curls
75x10, 90x10,10,10 x-reps

Reverse curls
75x15, 90x10,10,10 x-reps

Wrist curls
155x25,20,15,15, over couple boards on bench

37 min. 8 super sets, 12 straight sets. All reps slow and controlled, no hitching or cheating. Rate this a B+ or A- workout, felt great after.


Today was more grunt'n than grinn'n.

Pullups(palm forward)
BWx15, 35x5, 50x5 rest pause reps.

DB rows
75x 8x8

DB bench
75x 8x8

23 min. 20 sets


Close stance, high bar box squats
130x3, 175x3, 255x3, 290x3, 325x3, 290x3, 245x3,3,3,3,3

Wrist rollers, both hands, forward/back
150x50/50, 195x20/20, 20/20, 175x20/20, 20/20

35 min. 21 sets......


I could say poor, but if'n I had money, I'd still be che..uh frugal!

Today's phuntyme.....jukebox is Thorogood..

DB press
40x20, 50x15, 60x10,10

Slightly bent forward laterals
30x 5x10, 30 sec. rests

Seated over head tri SS curls, DB's
30x15/15, 40x8/8, 8/8, 8/8, 8/8, 8/8, really got to rock'n by 3rd set.

Skulls SS seated hammers, DB's,
40x10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10, yeah baby!

DB wrist curl
90x30, 80x30, 75x20, I'm done!

45 min, 34 sets, I'm feeling how a bodybuilder looks....pumped! Now where's my ice tea?


Jukebox..Allman Brothers..a little mellow..but nevermind.

Pullups(palms away)
BWx18, losing a couple belt sizes seemed to help, 40x6, 50x5, 50x5 negs.

One arm DB rows
85x10, 105x8,8,8, went a little overboard on those

BWx30, 50x10, 85x5,5, uh..haven't done those in a while

Incline DB press

36 min. 16 sets, Grandad's a little slow today...


Not much sleep due to neighbors, but guilt says move....

220x 3x10, 60 sec. RI

5 min. 3 sets....


Woke up early...bad habit... 


DB press SS Reverse DB curls
40x15/15, 50x10/10, 60x8/8, 75x5/5, 62x8/8, 50x15/15

Overhead DB tri ext SS DB curls
35x10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10

Pushdowns SS hammer curls with backstop(70/2x35's)
70x12/12, 12/12

DB wrist curls
80x35,20,20,15+5 forced reps

43 min. 32 sets, 63 degrees, 100% sweat, go figure!


Stayed up to watch a movie last night, dummmy!
Jukebox....Bad Company...because I am...

Dash represents rest pause of 5-6 breaths

Pullups, palm forward
BWx15-5-3, 35x5-3-2, 4-3-1, BWx10-4-2, pumped

DB row
85x 5x10, sorta easy

BWx30-10-5, 50x10-4-3, 5-3-1, BWx10-5-3, chest fried

Incline DB press
85x 3x8, heavy today

Incline flys
40x25,25 x-reps, that's it, enough..

38 min, 34 sets(counting rest pause)


Jukebox...ZZ Top

225x8,8,8,8,8, wanted 6 sets, but 5 felt too good.. 

Wrist roller, forward, alternate hands
100x 5x15
back, each hand
100x 5x15

14 min, 25 sets....


Left shoulder and elbow hurt'n so dropp'n the presses...jukebox, oldies mix...

Cajin/upright rows, E-Z bar
85x15, 105x10, 125x8,8,8, nice pump.

Skullpoppers, E-Z bar
85x15, 105x10, 125x8,8,8

Long pulley SS pushdowns
75x6/6, 6/6, 6/6, didn't need the pushdowns,   

BB curls
70x15, 100x8,8,8,8 x-reps

Reverse curls, E-Z bar
90x10, 105x8,8,8, straight bar, 65x20,20, some pumping going on..

Wrist curls, BB on bench
145x25, 175x15, Strip sets, 175x15-165x7-155x7-135x7, 135x15

55 min, 34 sets


No jukebox...Alex Jones radio instead...

Incline DB bench
75x10,10,10,10,10,10, 10 x-reps, 10 x-reps

DB rows
75x10,10,10,10,10,10, 10 x-reps, 10 x-reps

25 min, 16 sets, smoked, baked, fried..


150x15, 195x10,10,10,10

7 min.


All sets in the 30+ sec. range. All sets include x-reps or static holds in stretch position.

Upright(Cajin row, E-Z bar
95x15, 105x10,10

BN press
65x15, 85x10,10, just skip these for now, shoulder says no.

Skulls, E-X bar
95x15, 105x10,10,10, CGB x-reps, 105x20, pumped

French press

Perfect curl, close grip, elbows to gut
65x10,10,10,8, surprisingly tuff.

Reverse curl, same as perfect curl
65x10,10,7,7, ouch!

Wrist curl over bench, slow reps
140x30, 175x15, 140x15,15, 120x15

48 min.