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Warm up:
Scarecrow snatch 10 kg Bar
Snatch pulls ramping up to 60 kg

Front squat ramping up to 1 RM
1x5 60 kg, 1x2 80 kg, 1x1 90 kg, 1x1 100 kg, 1x1 107,5 kg.

Deadlift 3x5 150 kg

Bulgarian split squat 3x8 14 kg (started off easy on these)
Back ext 3x8 20 kg
Good mornings 3x8 40 kg (misread... should have been 20 reps at 15-20 kg  >:()

2 cleans + 1 hang clean, 8 sets

BB side bends 100/side

Warm up:
Scarecrow snatches
Snatch pulls 2x1 60 kg, 80 kg

2 Snatch +1 hang snatch(from knee) 8 sets (4 sets 50 kg, 4 sets 55 kg)

Snatch balance
1x4 40 kg
2x4 45 kg
2x4 47,5 kg

2 Power jerks +1 squat jerk 8 sets 60 kg

I finally got the feel of the pull under in the snatch but it took me until the last set.  :) Got 3 good sets of jerks and one really good. The others were decent and one really bad.

Push press (do need some technique work on these)
40 kg x5
60 kg x2
70 kg x1
75 kg fail

BNP Snatch grip
1x3 40 kg +1x35 kg
2x6 35 kg

Seated DB press
3x8 15 kg DB:s

Decline DB tri ext
4x10 10 kg DB:s

200 pushdowns 2/3 with rubberband 1/3 in machine

DB swing
3x10 8 kg
BB curl 3x6 35 kg

Got some weird cramp in my neck on the left side so I couldn't go all out on "BNP snatch grip"
Otherwise an easy WO.  :D

Warm up:
Scarecrow snatch 10 kg Bar

Squat EMOM 2 reps 12 min 97,5 kg

Cleans 8x1 47,5 kg

Seated GM 1x15 20 kg 1x15 25 kg 1x15 30 kg 1x15 35 kg

Banded GM 50 reps green rubber band

Snatch high pulls EMOM 2 reps 6 min 66 kg

Clean high pull EMOM 2 reps 6 min 86 kg

Plank 3x1 min

Good WO, didn't even get DOMS as I did during last fridays WO. :)

Warm up:
Scarecrow snatch 10 kg Bar

Bench press EMOM 3 reps, 9 min, 57,5 kg

Dips 3x6 BW+30 kg

BB row Snatch grip 4x10 45 kg

200 pullaparts red rubber band

Push press EMOM 2 reps 6 min 57,5 kg

Superset BW:
Pull ups 3x8 BW+7,5 kg (did these very strict)
Push ups 3x20


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