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Reg Park interview (1976)
« on: October 06, 2019, 09:15:42 PM »
This was from an interview with Larry Scott, Boyer Coe, and Reg by Robert Kennedy The questions were asked in the latter part of 1976. I have included only Reg's answers
Where where you born? "Leeds, England, 1928 (year of the dragon)."
How tall are you, and what do you weigh? "6 foot 1-1/2 inches - 218 pounds."
How old were you when you started training? "20 years and 3 months."
What inspired you to start training? "A fellow at our local pool, Dave Cohen; and pictures
of Grimek and Reeves."
Did you make progress right from the beginning? "Yes."
What in your opinion is the secret of success in bodybuilding? "Training hard (15-20 sets
per muscle group). Good food, lots of sleep."
What is your favorite exercise? "All of them."
What were your beginning poundages in the Press, Bench Press and Squat? "Press 40 pounds. Bench Press 60 pounds. Squat 60 pounds.
What are your best ever poundages in the same movements? "Press 300 pounds. Bench Press 500 pounds. Squat 600 pounds."
What are your thoughts on anabolic steroids? "I compare the guys who take them with fellows who rob banks!"
Are you anyones pupil? " No!"
Who has helped you most in the Iron Game? "When I fist started a guy called Dave Cohen, then Joe Weider. John Grimek and all the P.C. mags I could lay my hands on,"
Whom do you consider to have the greatest physique ever? "Grimek."
What supplements do you take? "Everything."
What is your favorite food? "Meats - steaks and beef in any form."
Do you favor any particular style of training? "Stict style (split-routine) using the regular set-system using 20 sets per muscle group."
Would you give a sample of your workout?

Superset Incline Situps with Leg Raises on chinning bar - 30 reps.
Calf Raises - Either 10 sets on calf machine or 5 sets sitting and 5 sets standing (Sometimes an extra 5 sets Donkey Raises).
Leg Press - 5x8
Hack Machine Squats - 5x8
Squats - 5x5

Supersets 2 sets each Flat Bench Situps - 100 reps Leg Raises off bench- 100 reps
Calf Machine- 10 sets
Chins - 5x8
Wide Grip Pulldowns to chest - 5x10
Wide Grip Pulldowns to back of neck 5x10
Base Pulley Rowing - 5x10
Hip Thrusts-5x15
Single Arm Seated Curl - 5x8
Barbell Curl over bench - 5x8
Lying on flat bench 2 dumbell curl - 5x8

Superset Incline Situps with Leg Raises on chinning bar -30 reps each.
Calf Raises - 10 sets on calf machine or 5 sets sitting and 5 sets standing. (Sometimes an extra 5 sets Donkey Raises.)
Steep Incline Press-5x8
Steep Incline Press behind neck - 5x8
Lateral Raise - 5x8
Bentover Laterals-5x8
Triceps on Lat Machine-5x8
Yoga Bench E-Z bar triceps -5x8
Flat Bench E-Z bar triceps-5x8
Single Arm Triceps extension-5x8
Note About once a week I do Incline Bench Press wide grip 5x5 and sometime some pullovers for chest with first day.